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Questions and answers:

daniel asks: Is it possible to obtain a visas at the airport with an invitation letter, as there is no embassy of Ukraine in Cameroon. Thanks
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Russia to Cameroon. They also perform the function of the embassy of Ukraine to Cameroon.
Ali asks: I am living in Afghanistan, I want to apply for Ukraine visa. since there is no embassy in Kabul-Afghanistan, Please kindly inform me, How can I apply for a visa ? and in which country?
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Ukraine to Turkmenistan.
Jorg asks: Hi, I would like my Ukrainian girlfriend to come and visit me (German national) in Germany for more than just a few days. What are the best ways to get the necessary Schengen-visa for her (Ukrainian national), ideally with multi-entry. I keep hearing that the German embassy almost automatically declines visa for females if invited by a male... Thanks!
Expert's answer:
You are right about German embassy that is why it is recommended to obtain Schengen visa in Poland or Czech Republic embassies. Here is the site devoted to the issue that may be useful. The site is on Russian but you can get the translation by using the following service.
Doja asks: Being in Nigeria, is it possible to send my passport and inv letter from lsmu to a friend in Ukraine to process a Ukrainian student visa and then send the documents back to me with a visa.
Expert's answer:
I am not sure about this procedure, you should contact the officials of Ukrainian embassy to Nigeria. Here is the contact info of the embassy.
Jude Nnebo asks: How much does it cost for Ukrainian student visa from Nigeria?
Expert's answer:
I could not find the cost of Ukrainian visa obtained by the invitation of Ukrainian Education Ministry (student visa) but the cost of the visa is up to 100 USD.
Mohammad asks: Does an Egyptian guy need a visa to go to Ukraine and what are steps to get and the cost of traveling to Ukraine and staying there for 2 weeks.
Expert's answer:
If you are the citizen of Egypt you need to obtain Ukrainian visa. Here is the information about all the documents, payments required from the official site of Ukrainian embassy to Egypt. The costs are about 1000 USD for one way flight and about 1000-1500 USD for the hotel for 2 weeks and 500-1000 USD for food, souvenirs, etc.
Robert asks: My girlfriend lives in Ukraine and wants to visit USA. She got a tourist visa in March 2010. Is it still good to travel to USA in September 2010? And is she required to show to USA custom or anyone that she has money to travel with in USA?
Expert's answer:
The tourist visa to USA B-2 or B-1/B-2 is valid for the term of 60 months. There is no such a rule to share with the customs information about your cash money if the sum is less than 10,000 USD.
Dennis asks: What Visa I am a US Citizen when do I get one before or after I arrived?
Expert's answer:
The citizens of USA have the right to stay in Ukraine for up to 90 days without visas.
Mike asks: Where in Kharkov can I find a photography place to take a photo for a visa or passport?
Expert's answer:
I have found one of such places. It is located on the Constitution Square of Kharkov (Metro station «Sovetskaya»). The photo studio is located in the «Kodak» photo center basement neat the shop 12V.
johnwise1 asks: I want to invite a friend over to visit me in England for 3 to 4 weeks what is the easiest way to get a visa for her?
Expert's answer:
I think she should contact the UK embassy in Ukraine for all the info and documents required. The other way is to get in contact with various firm/travel agencies that are helping to obtain the visa for additional fee of course. There are a lot of such offers available online.
Greg asks: To go from Moscow to Ukraine and back, we require a double entry visa. What is the best way to obtain an invitation from Moscow?
Expert's answer:
For such complicated situation I think the best way is to consult with the specialists from the travel agency arranging the trip.
Mike asks: I have a friend with a passport from Belarus and is in Ukraine with a visa there and wants to visit the US for vacation. Is there any requirements other than obtaining a US visa?
Expert's answer:
I am not sure if you can receive the visa to US while being not in the country you are the citizen of but I think that you will receive all the answers contacting the embassies of US in Ukraine and Belarus respectively.
Mohammad asks: I'm traveling to Ukraine for tourism, I have 2 month visa 9 Dec till 9 Feb 2010 the travel agency in Lebanon told me that the customs in Ukraine may not let me in why?
Expert's answer:
I think you should contact the embassy of Ukraine in Lebanon to solve the problem. Address: Sin El-Fil, Jisr Al-Bacha,Al-Bacha Gardens, Bloc B, PO Box 431, Beirut, Lebanon. Contact phones: +961-1-510527, +961-1-510531, +961-1-511971. Contact emails: emb_lb@mfa.gov.ua and ukrembassy@inco.com.lb
Ricardo asks: I live and work in the USA, I have a passport, will I need a visa to visit a friend?
Expert's answer:
The citizens of USA have the right to stay in Ukraine for up to 90 days without visas.
Tim asks: I am planning a trip to Ukraine for 12 days in early 2010, I intend to fly from London to Kiev (Borispol International airport). I live in England and have an British passport. Please may you let me know if I need a visa to visit?
Expert's answer:
The citizens of United Kingdom have the right to stay in Ukraine for up to 90 days without visas like the citizens of all other counties of European Union. The only term is that your visit should not have the purpose of working in Ukraine.
Dave asks: I am planning third trip to Ukraine next spring. Local Ukrainians that live here tell me that I now need Visa to enter. Is this true? How much is it & where do I contact to start the process? Thanks.
Expert's answer:
According to the info from the official site of Ministry of Foreign Affairs pf Ukraine citizens of US have the right to visit Ukraine without visa and stay in the country for 90 days. To be sure for 100% you may call the Embassy of Ukraine in USA (Washington, DC, phone number: 1-202-333-0606).
Visitor asks: Well, I am in Turkey spending couple of weeks and I'd like to visit Ukraine. Can I apply for a visa here? or I can't , since I hold Algerian passport , does it require to apply from my mother country?
Expert's answer:
I think that you need to apply all the documents to Ukrainian embassy in Algeria
Luis asks: I am from Venezuela and i need to get a visa but in my country there isn't Embassy to Ukraine, so, i would like to know how could get it. Thanks.....
Expert's answer:
I think you should contact embassy of Russian Federation in Venezuela. Address: 60313, Qta. Soyuz, Calle Las Lomas, Las Mercedes, Caracas, Venezuela. E-mails: rusemb@cantv.net and rusconsec@infoline.wtfe.com Phones: 993-45-31, 993-43-95. I think they know how help you. Good luck!
Jay asks: If a friend of mine wants to visit me in Denver, Colorado for 3 weeks, what does he need beside a passport to come and what is the easiest type of visa to get.
Expert's answer:
I think your friend should get «guest visa». This type of visa is only available if someone from USA invites someone from Ukraine to visit USA. From your side your friend should have invitation and copy of your passport or driver's license. The full list of requirements is here (Guest visa info) on Russian language. I hope this info will be useful for your friend.

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