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Catholic Church of St. Anna in Talne

Talne is a small town with a population of about 13.5 thousand people located in the Cherkasy region, about 140 km south-west of Cherkasy.

One of the main architectural attractions of the town is the Catholic Church of St. Anne built in the Gothic style in 1702 and restored in the 1830s. Talne on Google Maps. Photos by: Maxim Ritus.

Catholic Church of St. Anna in Talne, Ukraine, photo 1

elegant Catholic church

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Church of the Transfiguration (Spaso-Preobrazhenska), built in 1830-1839, is located in the village of Moshny in the Cherkasy region, about 30 km from Cherkasy.

It was the key element of the non-preserved palace and park ensemble of Count Mikhail Vorontsov. The author of the project was the Italian architect Giorgio Torricelli, who was the city architect of Odessa. Moshny on Google Maps. Photos by: v1snyk.

Unusual Orthodox church in Moshny, Cherkasy region, Ukraine, photo 1

unique Orthodox church

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The landscapes of Korsun-Shevchenkovskiy Park

Korsun-Shevchenkovskiy Park is a beautiful monument of landscape architecture located about 150 kilometers from Kiev in Cherkassy oblast. This park is the part of Korsun-Shevchenkovskiy historical and cultural reserve, landscape art monument of national importance.

The park in the style of English landscape parks was founded in 1782. The park is situated on three islands and the right bank of the river Ros. Bridges connect the islands to each other and to the banks of the river. Photos by takie_tam

Korsun-Shevchenkovskiy Park, Ukraine photo 1