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Abhinav vats asks: I have heard somewhere that people of Pripyat were told that they were evacuated only for few days. Why they were lied?
Expert's answer:

Yes, it is true. Here is the quote from the official announcement of the evacuation: "...in connection with the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the city of Pripyat, an unfavorable radiation situation develops. The Party and Soviet bodies and military units take the necessary measures. However, in order to ensure the complete safety of people, and especially of children, there is a need to conduct temporary evacuation of city residents to the settlements of the Kiev region."

There were several reasons for declaring temporary evacuation. Firstly, to prevent a possible panic that could begin if people realized that they were leaving their homes forever together with all their belongings. At that time, Pripyat was one of the richest cities in the USSR in terms of living standards of residents.

Secondly, it was not completely clear at that moment, just several days after the accident, if it would be possible to clean the city and how serious the level of radioactive contamination was in Pripyat. After the evacuation, in interviews, the participants of dosimetric groups who measured the level of radiation in the city expressed confidence that soon the city would be cleaned and people would return back.

Carlos asks: Is it allowed to visit Chernobyl? How can I go there from Kiev? Is it expensive? Thanks in advance.
Expert's answer:
Yes, the trip to Chernobyl is possible. Here is the site of the organization offering such trips with all the costs, schedules and other useful information.

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