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Timothy asks: Is there a city in Ukraine known as Huzna Wzna (sp?). Thank you.
Expert's answer:
I haven't found any place in Ukraine with this name and it doesn't look Ukrainian, more like Polish. Maybe it was located on the territory of western Ukraine, which was part of Poland until the Second World War. You can try to contact Polish archives to get more info.
Albert asks: I had family in a village called Kreshupa in Ukraine in 1912. It was about 20 minutes by horse from Odessa.
Expert's answer:
I have not found the information about present state of this village but I suppose that this territory is the part of present Odessa city or one of its suburbs. Here is the satellite picture of the area with the city and villages located nearby. May be it will be useful.

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J Gilyanna
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I have been visiting your site for almost 2 years. Your accurate, proper and direct information given to the people that ask questions is amazing. I myself have asked questions and received very useful information from you.

I have also recommended your site to my friends that are becoming interested in knowing about Ukraine. I would like you to know that we appreciate your candid help. Sincerely, Joseph

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