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Questions and answers:

Dana asks: News articles cite the Russian troops in Crimea are there to protect Russian citizens who live there. Is this a translation glitch? How many actual citizens of Russia live in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
I haven't found exact figures about the number of Russian citizens on the territory of Ukraine or in Crimea but if we are speaking about Russians as an ethnic group, they make up about 17% of total population of Ukraine (more than 50% in Crimea and 70% in Sevastopol).
anna asks: What was the system of Ukraine in 1996- presidential-parliamental or the other way round? And what is it today?
Expert's answer:
From 1996 till 2004 Ukraine was presidential-parliamentary republic and from 2004 it is parliamentary-presidential.
jay asks: What is Ukraine's president and how long has he been in office?
Expert's answer:
The current President of Ukraine is Viktor Yanukovych being in office since February 25, 2010. The President of Ukraine is elected for the term of 5 years.
Harry asks: I have a holiday apartment in Sevastopol for past 4 years. I hear many speak that Russia will never «give up their Fleet» in the Crimea and will do as they did in Georgia. Should I be worried and sell now?
Expert's answer:
You shouldn't worry about the situation you have described. According to the Russian-Ukrainian agreement about Russian Black Sea Fleet it will stay at Sevastopol base till May 2017. So it is enough time to prolong the agreement, have another agreement and so on. Also from my point of view the war between Russia and Ukraine is almost impossible.
Lorraine asks: My father came over to the UK in 1946 as a refugee after the end of the 2nd world war (along with many others) could you tell me why some people had to do this?
Expert's answer:
A lot of people from Soviet Union and Eastern Europe after World War II didn't return to their homes because they could be repressed as enemies of the Soviet state. For example thousands of Soviet army prisoners of war released from Nazi Germany concentration camps were immediately transferred to Gulag (prison camps system) in Siberia.
annalee swan asks: Where in the Ukraine are Peace Corps volunteers being sent?
Expert's answer:
I have found the official site of U.S. Peace Corps in Ukraine. I hope you will find all the info you need there.

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