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Questions and answers:

Tom asks: Thank you for your last answer, can she get a calling card and use that? That is if she is in a cell service area, we are really having a hard time staying in touch with each other, like I stated before she has to travel 3 hours by bus just to email me, so Skype is not the answer. Is cell service that bad in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
As I know the cell service is well developed in Ukraine (in 2009 about 80% of people in Ukraine were using cell phones) as well as Internet is available almost everywhere and it is not a problem to get in contact with everyone inside or outside the country if the person really wants it. And of course there are stationary phones that also can be used to make international calls.
Tom asks: My girl friend had to go to Ukraine, not sure what town, but she says that her cell phone will not work, but she can use a computer in the business center in a town 3 hours away, if she can use a computer there why can't she use her cell phone there?
Expert's answer:
She can't use the cell phone having the contract with her current cell company because I think it is not represented in Ukraine but when she comes to Ukraine she can buy the contract with local cell operator and will be able to use the phone again and make international calls of course. Also such services as Skype can be also used in Ukraine.

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J Gilyanna
Your Site

I have been visiting your site for almost 2 years. Your accurate, proper and direct information given to the people that ask questions is amazing. I myself have asked questions and received very useful information from you.

I have also recommended your site to my friends that are becoming interested in knowing about Ukraine. I would like you to know that we appreciate your candid help. Sincerely, Joseph

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