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Farahmand Sabeti asks: Hi I would like travel from Kyiv to Vinnytsia by getting a full private cabin. How much does it costs?
Expert's answer:
You can book an entire cabin. It will cost you about 50-60 USD.
Ace asks: Does a Ukrainian needs to buy airplane tickets to travel to another country on their own or can someone from another country buy it for them? Is it true that when Ukrainians leave the country to travel overseas, they will be stopped in the airport not allowed to board if the ticket is bought by someone else having the recipe with someone else's name?
Expert's answer:
You can buy an airplane ticket for another person, but for this, when filling in the form, you should use this person's personal data, passport number. If the ticket is issued for another person, then it can not be used by anyone else. As we receive a lot of similar requests, our advice is not to send any help to anyone in Ukraine before you are absolutely sure that this person is real. Otherwise you are doing it on your risk.

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J Gilyanna
Your Site

I have been visiting your site for almost 2 years. Your accurate, proper and direct information given to the people that ask questions is amazing. I myself have asked questions and received very useful information from you.

I have also recommended your site to my friends that are becoming interested in knowing about Ukraine. I would like you to know that we appreciate your candid help. Sincerely, Joseph

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