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Questions and answers:

Moataz asks: Does the Ukrainian people need to show the customs in the airport that they own 500$ to travel to Egypt?
Expert's answer:
I could not find any official documents regarding the issue asked.
Akeem asks: I came to Ukraine legally to study, but unfortunately had financial problem which took me out of school for the past 2 years. Since then I have been living in Ukraine illegally but now I want to go back to school. What can I do?
Expert's answer:
I think you should ask your question to the specialists - Ukrainian lawyers, I have found the following site offering numerous contacts of Ukrainian lawyers and law firms. It is on Russian language but you can translate it by using the following service.
Michael asks: I am going from Texas to Kiev. Do I need special plug for computer charger etc. and if so what kind electric outlet, thanks.
Expert's answer:
If your computer supports both 110 (US standard) and 220 (Ukrainian standard) Volts you just need to buy an adapter. If it supports only 110 Volts (which is more possible for a computer made for US customers) you will need to buy transformer 110 to 220 Volts (the cost is about 10-20 USD).
Patti asks: How many regions are in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
Ukraine consists of 24 oblasts (regions), Autonomous Republic of Crimea and 2 cities of country importance (Kiev and Sevastopol having equal rights with oblasts).
Michael asks: What are the largest cities in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
Top 5 Ukraine cities by population:
1. Kiev (2,600,000)
2. Kharkiv (1,471,000)
3. Dnipropetrovsk (1,065,000)
4. Odessa (1,029,000)
5. Donetsk (1,016,000)
chris asks: What is Ukraine's second largest city?
Expert's answer:
The Ukraine's second largest city after Kiev (2 679 652) is Kharkov (1 461 000). The third one is Dnepropetrovsk (1 039 000).
Visitor asks: I want to send SMS message to Ukraine. What should I do?
Expert's answer:
You can use the following English friendly service–Send SMS – Kyivstar.
Visitor asks: What is correct «Ukraine» or «the Ukraine»?
Expert's answer:
There is such question whether it is correct in political or cultural way to refer to Ukraine as «Ukraine» or «the Ukraine». Answer: «the Ukraine» is incorrect while «Ukraine» is correct.

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