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Questions and answers:

M asks: Hello! I lost essential medication en route to Ukraine from Canada. How do you place a 'collect call' to Canada from Ukraine? What is the number for the international operator? My hotel reception staff does not know, and I do not have a phone. Thank you.
Expert's answer:
If you are a citizen of Canada, you can contact the embassy of Canada in Ukraine. Also contact the airport of your departure from Canada and the airline, which services you used.
Glover Barnes asks: What is the best way to get to Warsaw from Maripoul?
Expert's answer:
There are no direct Mariupol-Warsaw flights/trains. The fastest way is to go by train to Kharkiv (about 13 hours) and from there fly to Warsaw.
Colin asks: Hi, my wife is Ukrainian and wishes to get a biometric passport when she goes to Ukraine in June, she is from Lugansk and has a current Ukraine passport which is a old red colored one, how long will it take to get the new passport and what other documents will she need to have in order to get this passport, thanks Colin
Expert's answer:
I have found a fresh article about obtaining a biometric passport in Ukraine, all the requirements, terms, fees, documents required, addresses of passport offices in Kyiv are mentioned in it. Of course she should not go to Lugansk as it is not under control of Ukrainian officials and getting any documents there is not possible, hence Kyiv. And in general it is not recommended to go to Lugansk even for Ukrainians from there as it is risky.
Larysa asks: I live in Australia and I am a Permanent Resident of Australia. I want to renew my Ukraine passport which will expire in one month. What to do?
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Ukraine in Australia to get the latest info about this issue.
Anna asks: Hello. I'm a Ukrainian living in Australia. My passport expires in Oct18. My visa is linked to my current passport number. Is there a way to renew the passport without changing the number? Thank you.
Expert's answer:
I have found that the embassy of Australia recommends, after receiving a new passport, to come to the embassy and re-paste the visa in a new passport. The service is free and consists of printing a new visa for the new passport and canceling the visa in the old one. You should also contact the embassy of Ukraine in Australia and the embassy of Australia in Ukraine.
NellaMarie asks: Does Ukraine recognize a marriage that occurred in the United States? Is it considered valid or does the American spouse also need to be married in Ukraine for it to be recognized in both countries?
Expert's answer:
Yes, this marriage is recognized in Ukraine and it is not necessary to be married again. However, a marriage registered abroad must be legalized in Ukraine if the couple wants to have the rights and guarantees established by the laws of Ukraine for the spouses, such as: hereditary rights, medical rights, parental rights, etc. This is not a complicated procedure, you should contact the consulates of Ukraine in the United States to get more information.
Niraj asks: Hello, I am dating a girl from Lugansk Ukraine, she wants to get the new passport, but she is saying me that to get the new passport she will have to travel to Kiev. So I am having some questions like, 1) Does a person from Lugansk required to go to Kiev to get new passport?? 2) there is no way to get the passport online? 3) Lugansk doesn't have passport office. 4) what is the price to get new passport? What time will be required to get that? Thanks, Niraj.
Expert's answer:

People living in parts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, including the cities of Donetsk and Lugansk, that are not under control of Ukrainian officials have to go to other Ukrainian cities to get any official documents, to Kharkiv or Kyiv, for example. There are regular buses available, the ticket costs about 30-40 USD. Passes to leave the conflict zone are issued for free online.

It is not possible to get an international passport online. The official fee is about 20-30 USD and it takes 7-20 days to get it, although delays of up to 1 month can happen.

Margie asks: Hello, Ukraine expert! What do you think is the average taxi fare from the Odessa train station to the centre? Is it generally better to find a taxi at the train station, or to arrange a transfer from the hotel? Thank you.
Expert's answer:
The average taxi fare from the railway station of Odessa to the city center is about 40-50 Ukrainian Hryvnias (2 USD). I think it would be better to arrange the transfer from the hotel. It will be more reliable and most probably cheaper.
Arnold asks: Hi, I am trying to get my fiancee out of Ukraine and over to Australia and she said the cost of a new Ukrainian passport costs 370$ from an Agent. Please can you advise on the best way to do this?
Expert's answer:
The official price of an international biometric passport in Ukraine is in the range of about 20-30 USD, the time required to get it varies (from 7 (urgent) to 20 days), although sometimes delays, up to 1 month, still happen. There is no need to use the services of any "agencies". As we receive a lot of similar requests, our advice is not to send any help to a person in Ukraine before you are absolutely sure that this person is real. Otherwise you are doing it on your risk.
Steve asks: Are Ukrainian jails much different to English jails?
Expert's answer:

It is hard for me to talk about the situation in English jails and prisons, but here are a few figures about the situation in Ukraine. There are about 150 prisons in Ukraine. The total number of prisoners is about 60 thousand people (2017). The state spends 1,500-2,400 USD per year on one prisoner. The average monthly salary of working prisoners is about 60 USD per month.

The main problems include police brutality (obtaining confessions by force), poor medical support, complicated access of detainees to lawyers, exceeding of a 72-hour period of detention without a court decision. There is also a problem with prison staff leaving the service because of low salaries and stress. There is evidence of ill-treatment of life-guilty prisoners too.

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