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Questions and answers:

Billy asks: After two years master degree in Ukraine. Will I be able to get permanent residence PR or any chances of settlement?
Expert's answer:
You can find official info about obtaining a permanent residence permit and other documents on the site of Ukrainian Migration Service. You can use this service to translate the site if necessary.
Ansar asks: I am from Pakistan and want to come there to live and settle with my family. What is the easiest way with less money to obtain a visa? Me and my husband run a private school here.
Expert's answer:
You can find the latest official info about obtaining a visa on the site of the embassy of Ukraine in Pakistan.
Ken asks: Is it dangerous for a United States citizen to travel as a tourist to Bakhmut which is just west of the conflict demarcation line?
Expert's answer:
Bakhmut is located very close to the front line (only about 30 km) and will probably be the target for artillery fire if the conflict escalates again. I would not recommend visiting it at the moment.
Bohdan asks: I came to America 15years ago from Ukraine. I am now an American citizen. Can I visit Ukraine on my American Passport? Or must I travel to Ukraine on my Ukrainian Passport?
Expert's answer:
Formally, dual citizenship in Ukraine is not allowed, but the situation is rather confusing. You should contact the embassy of Ukraine in the US to get the latest official info about this issue.
Mary asks: Hi, am a Nigerian living in Ukraine.i have a permanent resident permit of ukraine and my baby is a citizen of ukraine by birth. please I want to ask how I can change my baby last name . on her birth certificate she is using her father's last name though we are not married. Presently we have parted ways and I want to change my baby's last name to my own last name. Is it possible. Please help. Thanks
Expert's answer:
The Ukrainian legislation allows it. If both parents agree to change the last name of the child, they jointly submit an application to the registry office, in which they express the desire to change the child's surname to a different one. If one of the parents doesn't agree, then everything becomes more complicated and should be resolved in court.
Ron asks: What airport should I use to visit Mariupol coming from the USA.
Expert's answer:
You should fly to Boryspil International Airport located near Kyiv. There are direct flights to/from New York available. And here is the timetable of direct trains running from Kyiv to Mariupol.
Ron asks: Is it safe to travel and stay in Mariupol if not what would be the closest safe city to stay in?
Expert's answer:
Today, as of May 2017, it is relatively safe to visit Mariupol. However, it is located near the conflict zone and the territory east of the city is not safe.
Locha asks: Hi!! I am Indian citizen, I have valid UK visa on my passport. I want to visit Ukraine during my stay in UK. Do I need to get Ukrainian tourist visa? or Valid UK visa will be fine? Please let me know.
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Ukraine in the UK to get the latest official info about this issue.
larry asks: How much does it cost for a Ukraine citizen to get a passport and a visa to come to U.S.A?
Expert's answer:
The fee of the US visa type B (Business/Tourist) is 160 USD. The cost of issuing an international passport is in the range of about 20-40 USD depending on the time in which a person wants to get it (7-20 days).
guest asks: How many Ukrainians are non-believers?
Expert's answer:
Non-believers make up about 10% of the population of Ukraine.

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