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Questions and answers:

Steve asks: Are Ukrainian jails much different to English jails?
Expert's answer:

It is hard for me to talk about the situation in English jails and prisons, but here are a few figures about the situation in Ukraine. There are about 150 prisons in Ukraine. The total number of prisoners is about 60 thousand people (2017). The state spends 1,500-2,400 USD per year on one prisoner. The average monthly salary of working prisoners is about 60 USD per month.

The main problems include police brutality (obtaining confessions by force), poor medical support, complicated access of detainees to lawyers, exceeding of a 72-hour period of detention without a court decision. There is also a problem with prison staff leaving the service because of low salaries and stress. There is evidence of ill-treatment of life-guilty prisoners too.

guest asks: What are some basic similarities (mindset/history parallels) between Ukrainians and Americans?
Expert's answer:

This is a rather complicated issue, because Ukraine gained independence only recently and the Ukrainian nation is in the process of its active formation now. You can draw historical parallels in terms of how the United States was a British colony, and Ukraine was under the control of Russia. However, it was not a colony in the full sense of the word.

Today, Ukraine is fighting to preserve its independence obtained after the collapse of the USSR (the conflict with Russia in the east of the country). And this conflict will definitely play an important role the formation of the Ukrainian nation.

In some ways, Ukrainians have similarities with Canadians - there are two main languages of communication: Ukrainian and Russian. There is a relatively large Ukrainian diaspora in Canada.

After the last Ukrainian revolution of 2013-2014 (Euromaidan), the level of patriotism in Ukraine is very high, which also makes Americans and Ukrainians very similar.

Karan asks: Hello, if I have an old Ukrainian passport with a Canadian visa on it, do I need to take it again, if I get a new bio metric Ukrainian passport? In terms of travelling?
Expert's answer:
You can still use the Canadian visa in your old expired passport, but of course you should have both passports with you when crossing the border. First show your new passport and then say that the visa is in the old one and show it too.
Pete asks: Are there any pictures of the park in operation before the accident?
Expert's answer:
I have found only a couple of photos of the amusement park of Pripyat before the Chernobyl accident (first, second). Also it should be said that the Ferris wheel was never opened, it was to be done during the celebration of International Workers' Day on May 1, 1986.
Seth asks: I was just penalized for overstaying my 90 days in Ukraine. I plan to return in two weeks. Do I need a visa? I am a USA citizen
Expert's answer:
The official requirement is: "The citizens of the United States of America are eligible to enter or transit through the territory of Ukraine on a visa-free basis if their stay doesn't exceed 90 days in 180 days period." So anyway you can't return in Ukraine on a visa-free basis in two weeks. You should contact the embassy of Ukraine in the US to get more info about your case and possible issues.
Joshua asks: Good day. I am an African and I intend studying in Kirovohrad. Please would like to know if there is any form of racism there and if I would be able to work part time to enable me cover for my tuition for the next year.
Expert's answer:
Today, the number of crimes on racial grounds in Ukraine is relatively small, about two dozen recorded cases per year. There are a lot of foreign students studying in the country, Ukraine is cooperating with the European Union, so in general there is no big threat in this regard. Foreigners need to get a work permit or residence permit to work officially in Ukraine, the documents are issued by the local office of Ukrainian Migration Service. The average salary in the country is about 300-400 USD per month.
John asks: How best to travel between Kiev and Nikopol?
Expert's answer:
The safest and relatively fast way is to go from Kyiv to Nikopol by train (the timetable and booking). The trip takes about 10 hours and costs 10 USD.
Alicja K asks: I need to obtain a birth certificate for my mother who was born in 1940 in Tarnapol when it was part of Poland. Where would I find her birth certificate?
C asks: Hello, I am looking to secure a Ukrainian visa for a Haitian colleague. There is no Ukrainian consulate in Haiti. Will my colleague need to travel to a third country with a Ukrainian consulate? Or is there any way for her to obtain a visa without having to travel? Thank you!
Expert's answer:
These functions are performed by the Embassy of Ukraine in Cuba. You should contact them to get more details.
Davide asks: I am looking to rent a one room apartment near the postal code 54018-Nikolaev. Thanks in advance for your information.
Expert's answer:
It is the postal code of the post office #18 in Nikolaev. The list of one-room apartments available for long-term rent in Nikolaev (you need Inhulskyi district). You can use this service to translate sites.

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