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Questions and answers:

Niraj asks: Hello, I am dating a girl from Lugansk, she is saying that to get international passport it takes around 300$ as she will have to go to Kiev stay there for 1 day and apply for passport. Is it true will it cost around 300 $ for going to Kiev, staying in a hotel and passport fee?
Expert's answer:
The international bio-metric passport fee is about 20-30 USD, two bus tickets - about 60 USD, one night in a hotel - 20-40 USD. As we receive a lot of similar requests, our advice is not to send any help to a person in Ukraine, especially in parts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions controlled by separatists like in your case, before you are absolutely sure that this person is real. At least talk to this person several times via Skype with a webcam turned on or better meet the person in Ukraine, in Kyiv or Kharkiv, for example. Otherwise you are doing it on your risk.
Glover Barnes asks: Cost of a pass from Alchevsk to outside the occupied area of Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
The passes allowing to leave/return to the conflict zone in the east of Ukraine can be obtained by locals online for free.
Nicosia asks: Hi, I am a student studying in Ukraine and I will have a baby soon, how long will it take me to get a passport for the child? Can I request one the moment the child is born because I need to fly internationally like 2 months after the child's birth.
Expert's answer:
If your child will be a citizen of Ukraine (one of the parents is Ukrainian or both parents as foreigners do not register the child as a citizen of their respective country/countries) then the child will need a special international passport issued for children, possible from the moment of birth like in your case. The procedure takes 10 (urgent) or 30 (normal) days, you should go to the local office of Ukrainian Migration Service. The list of regional offices. More info about the procedure in this article.
Buddhika Bandara asks: Hi. I would like to ask if I study in Ukraine, can I apply for citizenship or permanent residence? If possible, how long I need to stay in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
One of the requirements of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship is that you "must legally reside on the territory of Ukraine continuously during the past five years", more info on the site of the Migration Service of Ukraine.
Paola asks: What is the cost to travel from Makeevka to Kiev?
Expert's answer:
As of November 2018, there are regular buses running from nearby Donetsk to Kyiv, the trip takes about 15 hours and the cost of the ticket is 700 Hryvnias (about 25 USD).
albert asks: Is it possible for an Ukrainian citizen living in the war zone (Lugansk or Donetsk) to get a bio-metric passport and if yes how much should he/she pay for it?
Expert's answer:
All official Ukrainian documents like a bio-metric international passport are not issued there, locals have to go to nearby cities, for example, to Kharkiv or even Kyiv. There are regular buses available. Passes to leave/enter the conflict zone are issued for free online. The price of a bio-metric international passport in Ukraine is about 20-30 USD and it takes 7-20 days to get one.
Jonathan asks: Can I get a Ukraine passport as my grandfather was born there?
Expert's answer:
You have the right to acquire Ukrainian citizenship but as Ukraine doesn't recognize double citizenship one of the requirements is to terminate your current citizenship. I doubt you would like to do it. More info on the site of the Migration Service of Ukraine.
Anna asks: My international Ukrainian passport will expire on December 23.Can I go back to Ukraine on November 7 to renew my passport or it's too late and I will need to go to embassy in U.S?
Expert's answer:
You can enter Ukraine while your passport is valid without any problems. But keep in mind that the process may take up to 1 month. So I think it would be safer to get a new passport via the embassy, it won't be faster but you won't stuck in Ukraine without a way to leave it. Contact the closest Ukrainian consulate in the US to get more info about the process.
Anna asks: My Ukrainian passport will expire in December. Should I renew my Ukrainian passport or wait till July and get US citizenship. Then go Ukraine with US passport to visit my family or I will get in trouble?
Expert's answer:
I think that it would be better for you to get a new Ukrainian passport just in case. For example, if you suddenly need to go to Ukraine until July. As a citizen of the United States after obtaining citizenship, you will be able to travel to Ukraine without any problems and without your Ukrainian foreign passport. Although Ukraine will still consider you as a citizen of Ukraine as dual citizenship is still not recognized but not punished either.
Naresh asks: What is the distance between Berdyansk and the Russian border?
Expert's answer:
The Ukrainian-Russian border is located about 150 km east of Berdyansk.

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