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Questions and answers:

Brian asks: I am dating a girl in Kyiv, she sends pictures but I have not talked to her on phone, she does not have one? She says she wants help money but she cannot pick it up needs passport to pick it up is that true? Can you use Ukrainian ID card? Sounds strange. How much is the wage of a newspaper editor working for Kiev post? Monthly
Expert's answer:
Today, there are a lot of relatively cheap smartphones available and everyone who really needs one can buy it. You should not send any money before you see this person. The best way is to meet the person in Kyiv. I haven't found a lot of such jobs available, but in general the average salary in this field in Kyiv is about 400-500 USD per month.
Dane asks: Is it true that there is law in Ukraine that someone has to have minimum 550 USD (bank statement or cash) before check-in the flight?
Expert's answer:
There is no such requirement. As we receive a lot of similar requests, our advice is not to send any help to a person in Ukraine before you are absolutely sure that this person is real. At least talk to this person several times via something like Skype with a webcam turned on. After it, you should arrange your meeting in Ukraine (in Kyiv). Otherwise you are doing it on your risk.
Diana asks: I will be staying a few days in Kiev and want to take a short trip to kharkiv. If I fly there, will it be safe for me to take the high speed train back to Kiev, getting in near midnight. I am a65 year old woman and do not speak Russian. If yes, which is the class of seat you recommend. Thank you.
Expert's answer:
The fastest train trip from Kharkiv to Kyiv takes about 5 hours and only seating places are offered (1st and 2nd classes). Check the following timetable of all trains available. You can also book a ticket there. If you arrive in Kyiv around midnight, then the only transport that will be available is a taxi, so keep this in mind. Going by train is safe, especially such a short trip.
Lis asks: I applied for a passport renewal but I didn't know that I will need to keep my old one too. So I did not file any extra paperwork to do so. My question is will I be able to keep my old passport when getting a new one?
Expert's answer:
Usually, you can keep your old passport especially if you have a valid visa/visas in it, but this needs to be mentioned in the paperwork process. If you have not done it, then there is still some time to contact them, explain your situation and hope for their understanding, you may have to pay a small additional fee.
Olena asks: Hi. I live in England and want to know if I can renew my Ukrainian passport from here in England.
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Ukraine to the UK to get the latest official info about this issue.
Hayley asks: What exactly is the process as an Australian for a transit visa/tourist visa for 5 days in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
Since January 1, 2019, you should use the service called the Ukrainian e-Visa. More details on the site of the embassy of Ukraine to Australia.
Brian asks:

Hello Expert, I met a lady on an online dating site. I am extremely interested in meeting her in person to the point that I am traveling to Kiev in about 10 days. It seems that it could be challenging for her to get to Kiev. She is waiting on her border pass to come as she lives in Alchevsk, which to my undertaking it is a "war zone".

What would recommend to her in terms of transportation in order for her to safely go to Kiev? Are trains and buses running in a normal schedule? What is your best advise and if you could kindly also give me a price range of Costco for her transportation. Thank you in advance.

Expert's answer:
It is correct that Alchevsk is not under control of Ukrainian officials at the moment. There are no regular trains available but there are regular buses. The price of a bus ticket to Kyiv is about 20-30 USD. The pass allowing to leave/return to the conflict zone is issued online for free. Before you actually meet this person in Kyiv, unfortunately can't say that the chances of it are high, you should not send any help.
Stephen asks: Distance between Kyiv and Odesa?
Expert's answer:
The city of Odesa is located about 477 km south of Kyiv if you go by car along the E95 highway.
Kenneth asks: What is the average wage for an architect in Kyiv?
Expert's answer:
As of Q1 2019, the average monthly wage of an architect in Kyiv is in the range of about 15,000-20,000 Hryvnias (500-750 USD).
Armin asks: Please, is their a regular ferry to the other side of the river to Enerhodar or Kamiansko-Dneprovskyi?
Expert's answer:
There is a regular ferry Nikopol - Kamyanka-Dniprovska. Departure from Nikopol: 07:00 and 15:00. Departure from Kamyanka-Dniprovska: 10:00 and 16:30.

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