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Questions and answers:

Andrew Gunnell asks: I am a uk national & want to live in the ukraine with my girlfriend who is ukrainian. I'm told i need a visa, how do i obtain one?
Expert's answer:
You should check the site of Ukraine embassy to the UK to get the latest info about obtaining a visa.
Andrew asks: I noticed that there is an abandoned football stadium in Pripyat. Was there ever a team that played there before the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986?
Expert's answer:
Yes, there was a football team in Pripyat. You can find more information about it in the following article about "Stroitel" football team based in Pripyat. This service can be used to translate the page.
logana asks: I would like to travel to Sumy in June, is it safe? How long does it take from the airport? How frequent are the buses?
Expert's answer:
It is pretty safe to visit Sumy. There are no direct buses or trains running from Boryspil airport to Sumy, but there is a number of them running from Kiev. The trip from Kiev to Sumy takes about 6 hours. You can use this service to translate sites from Ukrainian or Russian if necessary.
Rose asks: I have the zip code 68332. How do I find the city it goes to?
Expert's answer:
68332 is the postal code of Shevchenko village located in Odessa region. You can find more info about it in this article. The following service can be used to translate sites from Russian.
QueenB asks: My friend is Ukrainian. He overstayed his visa, his passport Will be expired in a few months. Can he apply for a Ukrainian passport here in the states?
Expert's answer:
Your friend should contact the embassy of Ukraine to the US.
Gordon asks: What type of visa do I need if I'm going to visit Ukraine for 2 weeks in this June and then maybe visit again for 3 weeks about 2 months later in August. I am an American citizen. Thanks.
Expert's answer:
You don't need to have a Ukrainian visa as long as you will be in Ukraine for fewer than 90 days within a 180-day period. You need a visa or valid Ukrainian residency permit for all stays longer than 90 days. You can find more info on the site of Ukraine embassy to the US.
Thomas asks:

Hi, I am trying to get my fiancee out of Ukraine and over to London U.K. She has never had a passport before, and she is not aware of the correct procedure to obtain one.

Please can you advise on the best way to do this. We are getting married In the U.K but im assuming my partner would have to come over on a Visa. Kind Regards

Expert's answer:

The time required to get an international passport in Ukraine varies (from 7 (urgent) to 20 days). You can find official info on the site of Ukrainian migration service (the prices are in Ukrainian hryvnias). This service can be used to automatically translate sites.

It is not a difficult task. The person just goes to the local passport office (there are passport offices in every city), fills out forms, leaves photos and waits. You can find info about obtaining a visa to the UK on the following site.

Sue asks: How many hotels are in Fastiv?
Expert's answer:
The following list of Fastiv hotels will probably be useful. This service can be used to translate sites from Ukrainian/Russian.
daniel asks: Is it possible to obtain a visas at the airport with an invitation letter, as there is no embassy of Ukraine in Cameroon. Thanks
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Russia to Cameroon. They also perform the function of the embassy of Ukraine to Cameroon.
Ali asks: I am living in Afghanistan, I want to apply for Ukraine visa. since there is no embassy in Kabul-Afghanistan, Please kindly inform me, How can I apply for a visa ? and in which country?
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Ukraine to Turkmenistan.

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