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Questions and answers:

Nour asks: Hi, I am a lebanese citizen who is studying in Lebanon, my mother is ukrainian and we were told that if i go to ukraine (since i'm above 18) i would have to serve some time in the ukrainian army. is it true that i have to serve in the army once i get to ukraine ? and Thank You
Expert's answer:
If you are not a citizen of Ukraine, you of course don't have to serve in the army. Try to get in contact with the embassy of Ukraine in Lebanon to get official info about the issue.
Margery asks: Hello, Ukraine Expert! Thank you for all your help thus far. Do you know of how to go about finding a short term (2-3 days) rental house or apartment in Sokal? Thank you.
Expert's answer:
Sokal is a small town, not a lot of apartments are available for rent. Here are three offers.
Margery asks: In the future I would like to go to Ukraine as a volunteer. What kinds of opportunities exist for Canadians, such as a nurse or community volunteer, and is it possible to stay as long as one year? Thanks!
Expert's answer:
The following list of volunteer organizations in Ukraine will probably be useful, try to get in contact with them. You can use this service to automatically translate sites from Ukrainian/Russian.
Margery asks: Hello, Ukrainian expert! I am travelling to Lviv in late May, early June. I would like to take a trip for 2-3 nights to Karpatia. What would be the best and most economical way of doing this, in a way that will allow us (2 passengers) to see the natural beauty and take in the food and wines of the region? I understand that this is a very short time for such an expansive region, but we would like to enjoy, relax, unwind, and meet local people. Many thanks.
Expert's answer:
I have found the following lists of short-term (1-2 days) tours from Lviv to the Carpathians, probably they will be of some use (first, second, third). You can use the following service to automatically translate the sites from Ukrainian/Russian.
Elizabeth asks: Why does it cost between $550-650 to apply for a visa in Ukraine to go to the USA. It is my understanding to apply for a US visa would be between $160-possibly up to $290 depending on the kind of visa.
Expert's answer:
The official fee of the US business/tourist visa (type B) is $160 (the list of all visa fees). As we receive a lot of similar requests, our advice is not to send any help to a person in Ukraine before you are absolutely sure that the person is real. Otherwise you are doing it on your risk.
Pelin asks: Hello all! Does anyone know if the Lviv Opera Theater have performs in March? I can only see their February repertuar. But I will visit Lviv in March and I would like to learn if they have performances in March too. Just to be sure :))
Expert's answer:
Yes, you are right that there is no info about performances in March on the site of the Lviv Opera at the moment. I think that everything will be fine, and it will work as usual, I haven't found any news to the contrary. Just visit the site of the opera in the middle of February, it will likely be updated and the March performances will appear.
Mrs T asks: I am a permanent resident of Canada but my daughter still lives in Ukraine, as I needed to get settled here before being able to bring her over to live with me. I think I need a passport for her can I get one for her here in Canada as I don't get enough time off work to get one when I fly over.
Expert's answer:
You should better consult with the embassy of Ukraine in Canada.
Terry asks: My fiancee has sole custody of her 5 year old son. Does he need his own passport to travel to USA, or can travel on his mother's? If he is required to have his own passport, can he apply in Odessa?
Expert's answer:
Yes, he should have his own international passport, which can be obtained in Odessa passport office.
Huub asks: Hello i want to visit Sumy in Ukraine to meet my lady i mett on a dating site Whats the most easy and comfortable way to travel from Netherlands?
Expert's answer:
You can fly to Boryspil International Airport. The timetable of trains running from Kyiv to Sumy.
Sam asks: Details of passport office is Izyum please
Expert's answer:
The contact phone of Izyum passport office is +38 05743 213 64. The address: Izyum, Georgiyevskiy Lane, 2. No contact email is available. The official price of an international passport in Ukraine is in the range of about 20-40 USD, the time required to get it varies (from 7 (urgent) to 20 days).

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Your Site

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I have also recommended your site to my friends that are becoming interested in knowing about Ukraine. I would like you to know that we appreciate your candid help. Sincerely, Joseph

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