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Questions and answers:

Sam asks: Details of passport office is Izyum please
Expert's answer:
The contact phone of Izyum passport office is +38 05743 213 64. The address: Izyum, Georgiyevskiy Lane, 2.
Chris asks: Is it possible to travel from Alchevsk to Kiev? What restrictions are there?
Expert's answer:
Yes, there are regular buses running from Alchevsk to Kiev via Lugansk. The price is about 30 USD.
Cecil asks: Is it safe to travel from the USA to Severodonetsk, Lugansk, Ukraine presently?
Expert's answer:
Lugansk is not under control of Ukrainian officials now (December 2016). It is not recommended to visit it, especially for citizens of the US, because it is very risky. Severodonetsk is under Ukrainian control, but it is located near the front line, so the situation may deteriorate very quickly. In general, I would recommend to avoid visiting Donetsk and Lugansk regions at the moment. Other regions of Ukraine are relatively safe.
Frank asks: Please how much am I possibly going to earn per hour while working and studing in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
Today, the average salary in Ukraine is about 200-300 USD per month for a full-time job, so it won't be an easy task to earn more especially if you are a student.
Darren asks: Is there any Pentecostal church in Sumy?
Expert's answer:
I have found the contacts of the following Pentecostal church located in Sumy.
guest asks: What is the difference between words "devushka" and "deva" in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
"Devushka" is a common word for a young woman, it is widely used. "Deva" meaning "maiden", "virgin" on the other side is an obsolete word and it is very rarely used.
Mike asks: What does it cost to live in Poltava?
Expert's answer:
In 2016, the average salary in Poltava was about 200-250 USD per month. So this sum is enough to buy food and pay utilities. Of course it is not enough to buy an apartment or a car.
George asks: I'm looking for a 3star hotel in Alchevsk Ukraine, can you give me any ideas on prices, comfort, if breakfast is included or not and location. I'm looking for not too expensive but comfortable for one person on their own.
Expert's answer:
Alchevsk is not under control of Ukrainian officials now. It is not recommended to visit this city because it is very risky, especially if you are a foreigner.
dwain asks: How much is a plane ticket for a family of 4 from Texas to Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
The cost of a round trip ticket for one person from New York to Kyiv starts from about 600 USD. Here is an example of the flights available.
Alena asks: I need to make a Ukrainian passport, I never made one before because I was under my parents passport as a child. And I have a green card so I need a Ukrainian passport to be able to fly out of America. Where do I get started? How much is it, and how long does it take?
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Ukraine in the US to get the latest official info about this issue.

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