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Questions and answers:

George asks: I'm looking for a 3star hotel in Alchevsk Ukraine, can you give me any ideas on prices, comfort, if breakfast is included or not and location. I'm looking for not too expensive but comfortable for one person on their own.
Expert's answer:
Alchevsk is not under control of Ukrainian officials now. It is not recommended to visit this city because it is very risky, especially if you are a foreigner.
dwain asks: How much is a plane ticket for a family of 4 from Texas to Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
The cost of a round trip ticket for one person from New York to Kyiv starts from about 600 USD. Here is an example of the flights available.
Alena asks: I need to make a Ukrainian passport, I never made one before because I was under my parents passport as a child. And I have a green card so I need a Ukrainian passport to be able to fly out of America. Where do I get started? How much is it, and how long does it take?
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Ukraine in the US to get the latest official info about this issue.
guest asks: How common is female smoking in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
Today, about 40-45% of men and 20% of women smoke in Ukraine.
Christopher asks: Can I visit Sevastopol if I orginate from England?
Expert's answer:
You need to get a special permit to enter and exit Crimea through special control check-points, and it is not issued to anyone. More info can be found on the site of Ukrainian embassy in the UK.
Kaze asks: Were there any casualties in the city during the chernobyl disaster?
Expert's answer:
Three people were killed immediately in the explosion at the station. In the first day after the accident, 31 people died of radiation sickness (firemen from Pripyat and station employees). The total number of victims is difficult to determine, the number is about 4,000 people (mainly liquidators of the accident at the station).
Monir asks: Hi, I am an Afghan and want go to Kiev for MBA studies. There is no embassy of Ukraine in Afghanistan. Can I come and apply in Pakistan/India?
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Ukraine in Turkmenistan that simultaneously performs the functions of the Ukrainian embassy in Afghanistan. You can use this service to translate sites from Russian/Ukrainian.
Regina asks: Hello! I'm Ukrainian who lives in Australia. My Ukrainian passport expired in 2007. Do I need to apply to renew my passport or to get a new? Thank you in advance.
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Ukraine in Australia to get the latest official info about this issue.
Tom asks: I am from Asia, I am visiting Mariupol for 2 days business trip. Travelling from Odessa to Mariupol by car in day time, advised by business associates, this is the best option. Is it safe journey? Is it safe in Mariupol now? Thanks
Expert's answer:
Although Mariupol is located near the conflict zone, it is relatively safe to visit it at the moment. The road quality is average, the part from Kherson to Melitopol is in poor condition.
Marina asks: Hello. I am Ukrainian from Lviv who leaves overseas. My international Ukrainian passport doesn't have many pages left. I tried to apply in Ukrainian embassy of RSA. I am married and changed my surname to my husbands. My Ukrainian internal passport is on my maiden name. The old consul changed my passport to my husbands name. The new consul have asked me to change my surname on internal passport. How long does it take to do this? Thanks in advance.
Expert's answer:
It takes up to 30 days to exchange an internal passport in Ukraine from the date of application form registration, or up to 10 working days if you need to get it urgently.

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