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Questions and answers:

Raymond asks: How far from Krasnodon to Kharkiv?
Expert's answer:
The distance from Kharkiv to Krasnodon is about 383 km.
Mike asks: My wife has a Swiss residence permit and will go back to Ukraine to do a new international passport cause will change the surname (she took mine). My question is: will the passport office leave her the old passport with previous surname?
Expert's answer:
She can retain her old passport if she writes an application for it when making a new one. The number will be cut and the passport will have a stamp "Cancelled".
Karin asks: I have just recently found out that my father was from Lugansk. Now with all the technology we have, I'm finally finding out something of my roots. I don't even know if he had any family. How would I even begin to track something like this.
Expert's answer:
You can check the following sites related to conducting genealogical research in Russia and Ukraine.
silena asks: Hi, i am a Jordanian citizen i would like to study in Ukraine,and i am looking for a visa application form because i didn't find it... you are kindly requested to give me a link
Expert's answer:
You can find this info on the site of Ukraine embassy to Jordan.
Andrew asks: What is the driving distance between Luhansk and Donetsk?
Expert's answer:
The driving distance between Lugansk and Donetsk is about 150 km.
bahija asks: i have an afghan passport and i live in lebanon can i have a visa to study in ukraine or it is not possible because afghaniston is a sanction country
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Ukraine to Lebanon to get all the info about this issue.
Andrew asks: What is the driving distance between Donetsk and Mariupol?
Expert's answer:
The driving distance between Donetsk and Mariupol is about 113 km.
Maxim asks: Hi, I was born in Ukraine in 1986 my family moved to Israel in 1989 and don't heave the Ukraine citizenship anymore. I am currently traveling in the United States and my question is how can I obtain an Ukraine citizenship and if I get it will I be qualified to get an E2 visa to the United States?
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Ukraine to Israel, the embassy of Ukraine to the US to get the latest info about these issues.
Daniel asks: How much time by train does it take to go from Nikopol to Kiev?
Expert's answer:
It takes about 14 hours to go by train from Nikopol to Kiev.
sam asks: How long would it take to travel from Kiev to Kharkov?
Expert's answer:
It takes about 7-8 hours to go from Kiev to Kharkov by train or bus, 1-1.5 hours - by plane.

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