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Questions and answers:

Monica asks: Hi. I am an Iranian marrying a Ukrainian. How long does it take that I can get my Ukrainian passport?
Expert's answer:
You will have the right to apply for Ukrainian citizenship after two years of being married to a Ukrainian citizen. Check the following article with more details about obtaining Ukrainian citizenship through marriage.
Russell asks: I have a friend who lives in Ukraine and needs to renew her passport. How should she proceed with this and what is the cost?
Expert's answer:
The fee to get an identity card (Ukrainian internal passport) is about 10 USD, a new Ukrainian international bio-metric passport - about 30-40 USD. Don't send any help to anyone in Ukraine until you are absolutely sure that this is a real person. Otherwise you do it at your own risk and it is very high.
Ira asks: Hi. I entered Ukraine in December 2018 with Ukrainian foreign passport , planning on leaving back to U.S. in July 2019 with U.S. passport. Is it possible?
Expert's answer:
Yes, if your US passport is valid, you can go back to the US without problems.
Jardine asks: I got married to a Ukrainian and wanted to know could she change her name on her passports in England.
Expert's answer:
She can get new documents with her new last name in the embassy of Ukraine to the UK. You should contact the embassy directly to get the latest details on the process.
Micki asks: Ukraine measures 603,7 thousand square km, how many square miles is that, and how many square miles is Moldova and Belarus?
Expert's answer:
The total area of Ukraine (land+water) is 233,000 square miles, Belarus - 80,200, Moldova - 13,068.
Electric asks: Is it true that the Soviet Union experienced the same accident as Chernobyl in a different nuclear plant, yet smaller, but didn't let it be known for fear of appearing weak? Thus it was repeated in Chernobyl.
Expert's answer:
You probably mean the accident at Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant, which occurred in 1975. Also check the article about The Kyshtym disaster of 1957 - the third-most serious nuclear accident ever recorded behind Fukushima and Chernobyl.
Ray asks: What is the nearest train station to Uman. Travelling from Kyiv.
Expert's answer:
You should go from Kyiv to Uman by bus, there is a number of daily buses available, the trip takes about 3 hours, the price is about 8-10 USD. Check this timetable of Kyiv-Uman buses.
Brian asks: Shall a tourist make registration of residency if he or she stays more than 5 days in a place in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
It is not required. For foreigners entering the country using Ukrainian visas, the duration of stay is determined by their visas. The initial registration is done at the border. If a foreign citizen arrives under the visa-free regime, then no later than after 90 days he/she should contact the nearest office of the State Migration Service of Ukraine to extend his/her stay in the country.
Michael asks: Hello there. I am a Colombian citizen residing in USA. I applied for the Ukraine e-visa on May 12 this year. By seeing their official web page it takes 9 working days to have their response of approval or rejection. Unfortunately I haven't receive any response from them. I wrote them to their official email address without any response. Any help? Who can I contact? what is the waiting limit? Thanks
Expert's answer:
I think you can still wait until the end of next week. It is quite possible that the embassy was too busy due to the recent presidential elections in Ukraine.
Anna asks: Hi, I live in the US and have a green card, but currently visiting Ukraine and my passport is expiring soon - 10 days after my departure back to the US. I applied to get a new international passport, but not sure if I will be able to get it in time before my flight back to the States. Will I still be able to leave Ukraine with a passport that will be valid for 10 more days?
Expert's answer:
You will be able to leave Ukraine until your passport is valid. Although at the border you will probably be warned that your passport will end soon and you need to change it, if you want to return to Ukraine. In the US, your green card is the main document allowing you to enter the country and the passport will still be valid too. So there should not be any problems.

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