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Questions and answers:

Emmanuel asks: I'm studying in Ukraine with a valid student visa, I would like to know if my wife and 3 year old son can come visit me here. Thanks
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Ukraine in your country to get the latest official info about this issue.
Mathieu asks: I am a foreign business man, and I wish to provide a specialized part-time job for a Ukrainian master student (in market research). Would 400-500 USD per month for a 30-40% would be enough, too little or too much?
Expert's answer:
In July 2017, the average salary for a full-time job in Ukraine was about 300 USD per month, 450 USD in Kyiv. So your offer looks rather generous.
eniola asks: Can I earn up to 5000 USD in a year for my tuition fee in Ukraine as an international student.
Expert's answer:
In 2016, the average salary in the country was about 200-300 USD per month for a full-time job, so it won't be an easy task to earn more as a student employed part-time. The most favorable place to achieve this goal is Kyiv where the average salary is higher.
preethi asks: I am a girl medical student in Kharkov, Ukraine and I need a part time job to pay my tuition fees, so can you suggest any good part time job?
Expert's answer:
I think that as a medical student you should try to offer your services to private clinics and medical centers located in Kharkiv.
Umer Khalid asks: I'm a Pakistani national but studying in Germany with a valid residence permit for Germany till 2019, can I visit Ukraine without visa?
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Ukraine in Germany to get the latest official info about this issue.
Tony asks: I want to travel to Konstantinovka in Ukraine. Is it safe and what is the best way to get there. I will be traveling in Nov 17
Expert's answer:
You can go from Kiev to Konstantinovka by train, here is the timetable. Konstantinovka is located near the conflict zone, so the risks related to it are high. If you want to meet someone there, then I would recommend to arrange your meeting in another place, for example, in Kharkiv.
Jack asks: Is there such a thing as a "View for Living" visa which would allow a US Citizen to stay for extended periods beyond the normal 90 days? If so, how do I learn about this?
Expert's answer:
You can find official info about Ukrainian visas requirements on the site of the embassy of Ukraine in the US.
Dan Bigelow asks: Is there an airport in Sumy?
Expert's answer:
In the city of Sumy there is an airport but it is in semi-abandoned condition and does not carry out passenger transportation. There are plans for the reconstruction of the airport and the resumption of its operation, but this is in the future.
Hanson asks: Is it possible for an Australian citizen to visit the Ukraine more than once a year on a tourist visa?
Expert's answer:
Yes, you can visit Ukraine several times if the total period of your stay does not exceed 90 days during a period of 180 days. You can also contact the embassy of Ukraine in Australia to get more info.
David asks: Does Ukraine have post offices or mail services if i want to write to someone? Would I put the address in Russian or English?
Expert's answer:
Here is the site of the Ukrainian Postal Service. You can write the address in English, for example, something like this: To: Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich. Address: 10000 (postal code of Zhytomyr) Ukraine, Zhytomyr, Lenina Street, 1 (house), 1 (apartment).

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