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Questions and answers:

dfred asks: What is the distance between Kiev and Belarus border?
Expert's answer:
The distance between Kyiv and the state border of Ukraine with Belarus is about 150 km.
Rosie asks: Hello Ukraine expert! Can you please advise the best and safest way to travel from Lviv to Borshchiv or from Lviv to Korlivka on 10JUN2018 for a party of four people?
Expert's answer:
About going from Lviv to Borshchiv. You can go by train from Lviv to Ternopil, there is a number of these trains available. You can book tickets here. The distance between Ternopil and Borshchiv is about 105 km, it takes about 2 hours to go there by car. So you can use local taxi services as there are no other reliable options. Not sure what is "Korlivka", haven't found any place with this name. If you mean Horlivka located near Donetsk then you can't visit it as it is not under control of Ukrainian officials. You can use this service to translate sites from Ukrainian/Russian if necessary.
Any asks: I am a Ukrainian citizen living in the US. I wanted to travel to Europe but don't have the biometric passport. Does that mean I have to get a visa to travel there?
Expert's answer:
Yes, as a citizen of Ukraine you must have a biometric passport in order to use the visa-free regime with the countries of the European Union. You should contact the embassy of Ukraine in the US to get info about obtaining it.
Tim Minor asks: Where is Byelokoroviche, Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
Most probably you mean Bilotserkivka. There are at least two villages with this name in present Ukraine. You can see them on Google Maps: Bilotserkivka in the Poltava region and Bilotserkivka in the Zaporozhye region.
Margie asks:

What is the best way to travel from Odessa to Lviv in summer? I will have luggage! A train with a cabin that runs in the day would be nice for seeing the sights, but they all seem to run at night. Any other ideas? Bus? Combination? Thank you.

I will spend 25 in Ukraine. Starting in Odessa, then to Lviv with a few side trips to Transkarpatia and to the village. How many days would you recommend in Odessa?

Expert's answer:
You are right that all trains from Odessa to Lviv run at night time. However, the train ride, especially with luggage, remains the safest, relatively comfortable, and fast way to get from Odessa to Lviv. So it should be still your choice. It is difficult to say how many days you should spend in Odessa, check the following list of Things to Do in Odessa and draw up a rough plan of what interests you.
Tanveer Ahmed asks: I'm living in Sweden I have Swedish residents but i have Pakistani passport I need visa to visit in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
As a citizen of Pakistan, you need a visa to go to Ukraine. You should contact the embassy of Ukraine in Sweden to get more info.
Gerry asks: Distance between Konstantinovka and Kharkiv, method of travel?
Expert's answer:
The distance between Kharkiv and Konstantinovka is about 220 km. There are regular trains available, the trip takes 4.5 hours, the ticket price - 5-10 USD.
Tom asks: Can an American safely travel from Kharkiv to Severodonetsk this month (December 2017)?
Expert's answer:
Severodonetsk is located about 50 km from the conflict zone. It is relatively safe to visit this city, but I would not recommend to go closer to the conflict zone. There are regular buses running from Kharkiv (the bus station #1) to Severodonetsk (departure at 10:15 and 11:45 - daily, 07:10 and 16:00 - Friday-Monday, the trip takes about 5 hours. There are no direct trains running between these cities.
Valavan asks: I am studying in Bogomolets national medical university. I want to have a part time job on Saturday, Sunday.
Expert's answer:
The following lists of jobs available in Kyiv on weekends will probably be useful (first, second). You can use this service to translate sites from Russian.
Ace asks: Does a Ukrainian needs to buy airplane tickets to travel to another country on their own or can someone from another country buy it for them? Is it true that when Ukrainians leave the country to travel overseas, they will be stopped in the airport not allowed to board if the ticket is bought by someone else having the recipe with someone else's name?
Expert's answer:
You can buy an airplane ticket for another person, but for this, when filling in the form, you should use this person's personal data, passport number. If the ticket is issued for another person, then it can not be used by anyone else. As we receive a lot of similar requests, our advice is not to send any help to anyone in Ukraine before you are absolutely sure that this person is real. Otherwise you are doing it on your risk.

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