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Questions and answers:

Joshua asks: Good day. I am an African and I intend studying in Kirovohrad. Please would like to know if there is any form of racism there and if I would be able to work part time to enable me cover for my tuition for the next year.
Expert's answer:
Today, the number of crimes on racial grounds in Ukraine is relatively small, about two dozen recorded cases per year. There are a lot of foreign students studying in the country, Ukraine is cooperating with the European Union, so in general there is no big threat in this regard. Foreigners need to get a work permit or residence permit to work officially in Ukraine, the documents are issued by the local office of Ukrainian Migration Service. The average salary in the country is about 300-400 USD per month.
John asks: How best to travel between Kiev and Nikopol?
Expert's answer:
The safest and relatively fast way is to go from Kyiv to Nikopol by train (the timetable and booking). The trip takes about 10 hours and costs 10 USD.
Alicja K asks: I need to obtain a birth certificate for my mother who was born in 1940 in Tarnapol when it was part of Poland. Where would I find her birth certificate?
C asks: Hello, I am looking to secure a Ukrainian visa for a Haitian colleague. There is no Ukrainian consulate in Haiti. Will my colleague need to travel to a third country with a Ukrainian consulate? Or is there any way for her to obtain a visa without having to travel? Thank you!
Expert's answer:
These functions are performed by the Embassy of Ukraine in Cuba. You should contact them to get more details.
Davide asks: I am looking to rent a one room apartment near the postal code 54018-Nikolaev. Thanks in advance for your information.
Expert's answer:
It is the postal code of the post office #18 in Nikolaev. The list of one-room apartments available for long-term rent in Nikolaev (you need Inhulskyi district). You can use this service to translate sites.
Ira asks: How can I get a visa to Ukraine, if I married to Ukrainian citizen? And how long is gonna take to get a visa?
Expert's answer:
You can use your marriage certificate to get a short-term visa. Check the site of the embassy of Ukraine in your country to get the latest official info.
Darren asks: Hi, can you advise of costs in obtaining a new Ukrainian passport due to a name change and the cost of a biometric passport for the same reason? I also understand the Ukrainian passport must be changed first then the biometric passport can be applied for? Can you also advise on approx. timeframes for both passports? Thanks
Expert's answer:
You are right that to obtain a new international passport, at first it is required to get a new internal passport. The terms of both procedures are up to one month, the official fees are about 12 USD and 20 USD respectively.
Abhinav vats asks: I have heard somewhere that people of Pripyat were told that they were evacuated only for few days. Why they were lied?
Expert's answer:

Yes, it is true. Here is the quote from the official announcement of the evacuation: "...in connection with the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the city of Pripyat, an unfavorable radiation situation develops. The Party and Soviet bodies and military units take the necessary measures. However, in order to ensure the complete safety of people, and especially of children, there is a need to conduct temporary evacuation of city residents to the settlements of the Kiev region."

There were several reasons for declaring temporary evacuation. Firstly, to prevent a possible panic that could begin if people realized that they were leaving their homes forever together with all their belongings. At that time, Pripyat was one of the richest cities in the USSR in terms of living standards of residents.

Secondly, it was not completely clear at that moment, just several days after the accident, if it would be possible to clean the city and how serious the level of radioactive contamination was in Pripyat. After the evacuation, in interviews, the participants of dosimetric groups who measured the level of radiation in the city expressed confidence that soon the city would be cleaned and people would return back.

Glover asks: A friend is in Alchevsk, she is a Ukrainian citizen with her I.d. card. She wants to leave and meet me in Kharkiv. She can depart any time. Please tell me how I can tell her to do this. Also I would love to buy her bus ticket how do I do that. Thank you.
Expert's answer:
People can leave the area that is not under control of Ukrainian officials (passes are issued for free), regular buses are available, the ticket price is about 25-30 USD. As we receive a lot of similar requests, our advice is not to send any help to a person in Ukraine, especially in parts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions that are not under control of Ukrainian officials, before you are absolutely sure that this person is real. Otherwise you are doing it on your risk.
Fer asks: Hi, I'm a Spanish citizen, I already got the Ukrainian work permit and the corresponding long term visa. Soon I will travel to Ukraine where I will apply for residence permit, is there any Spanish document that I need to bring from Spain? I'd like to avoid having to ask someone in Spain to send something by post. (For example, I know I need Ukrainian criminal clearance, but do I also need the Spanish one?) Thanks in advance and thanks for the previous answer!
Expert's answer:
Here is the list of the documents required for obtaining a permanent residence in Ukraine. As a foreigner you need to provide a criminal clearance issued in your country (Spain). Other documents can be obtained in Ukraine, like the medical document stating that you don't suffer from chronic alcoholism, substance abuse, drug addiction or infectious diseases. You can use this service to translate sites.

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