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Questions and answers:

kayla asks: Do people in Ukraine live mainly in the city or the country?
Expert's answer:
On June 1, 2014, the urban population of Ukraine amounted to 29,460.4 thousand people (68.79%), the rural population - 13,365.4 thousand people (31.21%).
Iryna asks: Me and my husband are from Ukraine. we want to adopt one or two children from Western Ukraine. I'm looking for agency that can help me to do that. One I contacted- charging $10.000. Because I don't need any translation ,or many thing they offer to Americans, I don't want to pay so much money. Is any other way to adopt children like Ukraine citizens or for less pries?
Expert's answer:
Try to contact people from this site. They probably will be able to help you. The site itself has plenty of information about adoption related issues.
Heather asks: I have a U.S. passport. My grandfather was born in the Ukraine. Can I get a ukrainian passport?
Expert's answer:
You can find the official information about obtaining Ukrainian citizenship on the site of Ukrainian Migration Service. This service can be used to translate sites from Ukrainian.
Mario asks: Hi, just wonder how much is a day train ticket from Zaporozhye to Kiev and return. Many thanks.
Expert's answer:
The cost of one way train ticket from Kyiv to Zaporozhye is about 15-20 USD.
Jennifer asks: Is there a street in Mariupol by the phonetic name of Baja or Baha. I would guess the language translation would be Baxa?
Expert's answer:
Yes, in Mariupol, there is a street named in honor of Johann Sebastian Bach. Bakha Street on Google Maps.
Ali asks: I am an arab and I want to study in Ukraine. Is it possible that I can work and study at tbe same time? I can speak English and German fluently, does that help me?
Expert's answer:
Students can work while studying in Ukraine, there are no restrictions of any kind, limitations, etc. But everything will depend on you, if you can study well (have good grades) and still find some time to work (may be at evening/night time, etc.), it is possible. Your language skills will certainly be helpful. Check the sites of the following two large universities located in Kiev that have a lot of foreign students: Taras Shevchenko National University and National Technical University of Ukraine.
Joe Murphy asks: Best way to travel from Kiev to Mariupol?
Expert's answer:
There is a regular daily train (#584K) running from Kiev railway station to Mariupol; departure at 16:26 local time, arrival at 12:46, travel time - 20 hours 20 minutes.
Marcus asks: Hi! Can you helping me giving me the cost of international passport for a person living in Severodonetsk? She tell me the price for ten days is $250 US Dollars because the war situation. Is this right about the price?
Expert's answer:
The official price of an international passport in Ukraine is in the range of about 20-40 USD, the time required to get it varies (from seven (urgent) to twenty days). Our advice is not to send any help to person in Ukraine before you are absolutely sure that the person is real. Otherwise you are doing it on your risk.
Root asks: My partner and I would like to meet in Mexico but her Passport is about to expire. How long will it take for her to renew her passport? She's located in Kharkov (I don't know if that makes a difference) and we plan on meeting around September 30th. Also if there is not enough time how much does it cost to expedite the process? Thanks!
Expert's answer:
The time required to get an international passport in Ukraine varies from seven (urgent) to twenty days. The official price is about 20-40 USD respectively.
Marta asks: How many km is Mariupol from the border with Russia?
Expert's answer:
The distance from Mariupol to the border with Russia is about 60 km.

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