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Questions and answers:

SavageS asks: I was born in Ukraine and recently found my certificate of citizenship. I'm 21 and wonder if it's possible to obtain an international Ukrainian passport. If so, how would I go about it.
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Ukraine to the country you live now to get all the info about this issue.
Masoud asks: Would you give me some resource for university? I'm a student of Art/ Animation! If I come to your city or Ukraine can I find somewhere to study? But the way I want to come with some invitation!
Expert's answer:
The following list of Kremenchug universities will probably be useful (more universities). This service can be used to translate sites from Ukrainian or Russian.
john g asks: My grand parents came from the village of Loho, now named Lokhovo, near Mukachevo in 1905. Where might I get a telephone directory covering that village? Thank you
Expert's answer:
If you want to find more info about your relatives who lived in this village, you should better try to contact the officials of Zakarpattia region archives. You can use this service to translate sites from Ukrainian or Russian.
Sasha asks: My Ukrainian passport has been expired, I went to Ukrainian embassy in London in March and applied for new passport. Its June already and I'm still waiting for my passport. Usually it takes up to 6 weeks, but I'm waiting now nearly 4 month. What can I do?
Expert's answer:
If you can't get an answer from the embassy of Ukraine to the UK, then you should try to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine directly. Probably, they will be able to help you.
Rob asks: I live in Budapest, could you please advise on the best way to get to Berdyansk from Budapest. Berdyansk does not have an airport. And most importantly is is safe to travel there?
Expert's answer:
You can fly from Budapest to Kyiv, and go by train/bus from Kyiv to Berdyansk. The other way is to go by train/bus from Budapest to Lviv, and by train from Lviv to Berdyansk. You can use this service to translate sites from Russian/Ukrainian if it is necessary. It is pretty safe to visit Berdyansk today.
Andrew Barton asks: My wife and chil are to visit her mother who lives in Sumy in June. Is it safe to go there?
Expert's answer:
It is pretty safe to visit Sumy today. This region is located pretty far away from the conflict area.
Andrew Gunnell asks: I am a uk national & want to live in the ukraine with my girlfriend who is ukrainian. I'm told i need a visa, how do i obtain one?
Expert's answer:
You should check the site of Ukraine embassy to the UK to get the latest info about obtaining a visa.
Andrew asks: I noticed that there is an abandoned football stadium in Pripyat. Was there ever a team that played there before the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986?
Expert's answer:
Yes, there was a football team in Pripyat. You can find more information about it in the following article about "Stroitel" football team based in Pripyat. This service can be used to translate the page.
logana asks: I would like to travel to Sumy in June, is it safe? How long does it take from the airport? How frequent are the buses?
Expert's answer:
It is pretty safe to visit Sumy. There are no direct buses or trains running from Boryspil airport to Sumy, but there is a number of them running from Kiev. The trip from Kiev to Sumy takes about 6 hours. You can use this service to translate sites from Ukrainian or Russian if necessary.
Rose asks: I have the zip code 68332. How do I find the city it goes to?
Expert's answer:
68332 is the postal code of Shevchenko village located in Odessa region. You can find more info about it in this article. The following service can be used to translate sites from Russian.

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