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Questions and answers:

Lennie Beatus asks: Hello there, I would like to ask you if Sumy is safe and how is the best way to travel from Germany ? Do I need any special requirements for journey and visit which might be longer than 1 month ? Thank you so much :)
Expert's answer:
It is quite safe to visit Sumy at the moment. You can fly from Munich to Kyiv and go by train from Kyiv to Sumy. Citizens of Germany can stay in Ukraine without visas up to 90 days within 180 days period. You only need your international passport. This service can be used to translate sites from Ukrainian/Russian.
Mats asks: Hello, I would like to travel to Mariupol, what route is recommended with start from Copenhagen Airport (CPH)? One suggestion I was told is CPH-Borispol-Dnepropetrovsk and to Mariupol by bus. Is this convenient or is there another solution? Which airline companies are operating on the different routes?
Expert's answer:
You can go from Kyiv to Mariupol by train, here is the timetable. The following service can be used to translate sites.
Petrie van der Merwe asks: Hi there. I would like to know what is the safest and most affordable way of transport from Kharkiv airport to Alchevsk? Please assist. Thanks
Expert's answer:
Alchevsk is not under control of Ukrainian officials right now. So it is not recommended to visit the area, because there is no guarantee of safety. That's why we can't give you advice about going there.
Timothy asks: Is it safe for Americans to travel to this city?
Expert's answer:
As of October 29, 2015, the city of Gorlovka is not under control of Ukrainian officials. That's why it is not recommended to visit it, because there are no guarantees of safety. This applies especially to foreigners.
Graham asks: How long can I keep my British vehicle in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
You will be able to drive a car up to 10 days with the transit status.
Walt asks: How much does it cost by taxi from Mykolayiv to Odessa round trip?
Expert's answer:
I have checked several sites, the average cost is 7 Ukrainian Hryvnias per 1 km (the distance between Odessa and Nikolaev is 150 km). The the round trip will cost about 2100 Hryvnias or 100 USD.
adrian asks:

I want to visit Ukraine with my son (his mother is Ukrainian and he was born beyond the borders of the state and both parents have lived permanently beyond the borders of Ukraine for 5 years).

I am being told he is a Ukrainian citizen but as per "Article 14. Ukrainian Citizenship of a Minor due to Ukrainian Citizenship of Either or Both Parents" it states shall be registered as a citizen of Ukraine if applied for by the Ukrainian parent. Can I apply for a tourist visa for him?

Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Ukraine to your country directly to get the latest info about this issue.
Glen Gaskill asks: Hello. Is it safe to travel by car from Kiev to Krivoy Rog?
Expert's answer:
It is pretty safe to travel from Kiev to Krivoy Rog by roads, but some sections of the roads are in poor condition. Traveling by trains is still the best way to explore Ukraine.
Tyrone asks: Hi am I able to do a small amount of work on a short stay visa, like tree felling?
Expert's answer:
Since a work permit is only required if you are going to obtain a long-term visa, it can be assumed that those who have a short-term visa can't work in Ukraine, at least officially.
Timothy asks: I am looking at moving to the Ukraine To live with my future wife and was wondering about finding work and what I would have to do to live there.Is there anything I can do before I go over there?
Expert's answer:
You can check the following sites with jobs available in Ukraine: work.ua, rabota.ua, hh.ua. You can use this service to translate sites from Russian.

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