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Questions and answers:

Sana asks: I am British citizen, and I was studying in Ukraine for the last 6 years, my student visa expires on 1st august 2017, can I stay in Ukraine till the end of August according to 90/180 rule?
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of the UK in Ukraine directly to get the latest official info about this issue.
Ansar asks: I am from Pakistan and want to come there to live and settle with my family. What is the easiest way with less money to obtain a visa? Me and my husband run a private school here.
Expert's answer:
You can find the latest official info about obtaining a visa on the site of the embassy of Ukraine in Pakistan.
Locha asks: Hi!! I am Indian citizen, I have valid UK visa on my passport. I want to visit Ukraine during my stay in UK. Do I need to get Ukrainian tourist visa? or Valid UK visa will be fine? Please let me know.
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Ukraine in the UK to get the latest official info about this issue.
larry asks: How much does it cost for a Ukraine citizen to get a passport and a visa to come to U.S.A?
Expert's answer:
The fee of the US visa type B (Business/Tourist) is 160 USD. The cost of issuing an international passport is in the range of about 20-40 USD depending on the time in which a person wants to get it (7-20 days).
Lexy asks: My boyfriend lives currently in Kharkiv, Ukraine and he wants to visit me in the United States. And I was wondering what do we need to do to make this happen. Thank you for resonding^^
Expert's answer:
He should get an international passport, if he doesn't have one (the fee is about 20-40 USD, it takes 7-20 days to get it), and a US visa.
Neha asks: Dear Expert, I am an Indian passport holder but have a valid residence permit of Netherlands, where I live now. My Netherlands residence permit is valid till 2020. Would I need to apply a transit visa for Ukraine, as my flight to Gerorgia has a stop over in Kyiv. Thanks
Expert's answer:
Most probably you will need a transit visa. You should contact the embassy of Ukraine in the Netherlands to get the latest official info.
Elizabeth asks: Why does it cost between $550-650 to apply for a visa in Ukraine to go to the USA. It is my understanding to apply for a US visa would be between $160-possibly up to $290 depending on the kind of visa.
Expert's answer:
The official fee of the US business/tourist visa (type B) is $160 (the list of all visa fees). As we receive a lot of similar requests, our advice is not to send any help to a person in Ukraine before you are absolutely sure that the person is real. Otherwise you are doing it on your risk.
Guiliano asks: I am married to a Ukrainian girl. We were married in Hong Kong and our marriage certificate had an apostile for Ukrainian authority. Do I need a VISA? (Philippine passport).
Expert's answer:
You still need to get a Ukrainian visa but you can use your certificate of marriage to obtain a long-term visa. The functions of the Ukrainian Embassy in the Philippines are performed by the embassy of Ukraine to Japan. Try to contact them for more information.
adrian asks:

I want to visit Ukraine with my son (his mother is Ukrainian and he was born beyond the borders of the state and both parents have lived permanently beyond the borders of Ukraine for 5 years).

I am being told he is a Ukrainian citizen but as per "Article 14. Ukrainian Citizenship of a Minor due to Ukrainian Citizenship of Either or Both Parents" it states shall be registered as a citizen of Ukraine if applied for by the Ukrainian parent. Can I apply for a tourist visa for him?

Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Ukraine to your country directly to get the latest info about this issue.
Leo Bertoldo asks: What are the requirements of getting a student visa for a Pakistani student, I mean the account statement etc?
Expert's answer:
You should check the site of the embassy of Ukraine to Pakistan. They provide all the necessary info about obtaning a visa.
Amo asks: My student visa is going to expire on the 8th Nov 2014 and I am arriving in the Ukraine on the 7th Nov, please can i renew still?
Expert's answer:
While you still have time, you should try to renew it immediately (probably, in the embassy of Ukraine to your country). Otherwise, you will have some problems when entering the country.
silena asks: Hi, i am a Jordanian citizen i would like to study in Ukraine,and i am looking for a visa application form because i didn't find it... you are kindly requested to give me a link
Expert's answer:
You can find this info on the site of Ukraine embassy to Jordan.
bahija asks: i have an afghan passport and i live in lebanon can i have a visa to study in ukraine or it is not possible because afghaniston is a sanction country
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Ukraine to Lebanon to get all the info about this issue.
Zhenya asks: I am a citizen of Ukraine in US(on student visa currently). My friend is getting married next summer in Italy. I need a visa to EU, is it possible to obtain a visa to Italy here in US, or I need to go home to do that?
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Italy to the US to get all the info about this issue.
Peter asks: I'm with Ukrainian passport got invitation to the UK, how long before travel I need to apply for visa. Thanks
Expert's answer:
You should check the official site of the UK embassy to Ukraine to get the latest info about obtaining the UK visa.
Teresa asks: Can an australian get a ukrainian visa in Poland and how long will it take please.
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Ukraine to Poland. You can use this service to automatically translate the sites if it is necessary.
Ivan asks: I want to get a Visa to enter in Ukraine, but there is neither embassy in Chile nor consulate in my city. Can I apply for a visa directly to some office in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
You should check the site of the embassy of Ukraine to Argentina, they offer their services to Chile citizens too.
Billy asks: I know a girl from Ukraine can visit certain islands in the Caribbean without a visa. Do you know what islands these are? I know the Dominicain Republic is one of them
Expert's answer:
The following article about the visa free countries for Ukrainians can be useful. This service to translate the article from Russian.
Ron asks: Do I need a visa to travel to Ukraine from the United States?
Expert's answer:
Citizens of the U.S. don't need to have a Ukrainian visa as long as they will be in Ukraine for fewer than 90 days within a 180-day period.
George asks: Does a Canadian citizen need a visa to Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
Citizens of Canada don't require Ukrainian visa for a stay up to 90 days within a 180 day period.
said asks: Does the embassy of Ukraine in Algeria accept the invitation sent by the local tourist agency in Odessa in order to ask for visa?
Expert's answer:
You should check all the invitation requirements on the site of Ukraine embassy to Algeria, contact the officials if you have some questions.
Gabis asks: Hello I have a question, my boyfriend is Ukrainian and is a holder of Ukrainian passport. We both are planning to go on holiday and I would like to know a list of countries where he would not a need visa? Thank you.
Expert's answer:
I have found the following article published recently (March 2013) about countries Ukrainians can visit without visas. You can use the following service to translate the article from Russian.
Joe K asks: Do Ukrainians have to show the equivalent 1200 USD in their bank account in order to obtain a travel visa to the USA?
Expert's answer:
You should check the site/contact the officials of the US embassy to Ukraine. There is detailed info about obtaining the US visa on the site of the embassy.
MS asks: I immigrated to Australia as a child with my name listed on my mother's passport. At the time of becoming Australian citizens neither of us renounced our Ukrainian citizenship. In order to travel to Ukraine, will I be able to get a travel visa or should I be travelling as a Ukrainian citizen?
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Ukraine to Australia.
bolaji asks: I got my UK visa in Nigeria and I have been to the UK a couple of times from Nigeria, I live and study in Ukraine now and my UK visa is still valid, what do I have to do to travel to the UK?
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of the UK to Ukraine, here are the contacts from the official site of the embassy.
Clint asks: I am in the United States Army stationed in Germany? What is the best way for me to be able to bring my Ukrainian fiancee back with me to Germany?
Expert's answer:
She needs to get a German visa, all the info can be found on the site of Germany embassy to Ukraine. If necessary you can translate the sites from Ukrainian or any other language by using the following service.
Becca asks: Am a foreigner planning to study in Ukraine, there's a serious issue at the embassy, do i need a visa to get a temporary residence permit for a minimum of six years?
Expert's answer:
Here is the info about the process of getting residence permit in Ukraine. Visa is not mentioned among the documents required but you can't enter the country without it so I think you still have to obtain it someway.
David asks: I would like to send an invitation to my friend in the Ukraine, to visit me in England, how do I do it?
Expert's answer:
I have not found a requirement to have an invitation to obtain the UK visa but may be it can be one additional plus when the decision is made, check the following official info about obtaining the UK visa, also you can try to contact the officials.
Eddie asks: I am a U.S. citizen. I am in Poland but want to apply for a visa for Ukraine. Can I apply in Poland? Or do I need to return to the U.S. to apply for the Ukrainian visa?
Expert's answer:
Citizens of the U.S. don't require Ukrainian visa for a stay up to 90 days within a 180 day period.
May asks: I'm a Jordanian citizen and I'm taking a cruise from Italy, it passes Ukraine. Do I need a visa?
Expert's answer:
The usual practice is that you don't need visas for all the countries you visit during the cruise, but you are restricted to be with the group, probably there are other rules. You should better contact the company organizing the cruise for all the details and rules.
Ali asks: I am British want to study in Ukraine, can I get student visa when I am in Ukraine, as I don't need visa to enter Ukraine. I want to visit university myself before admission thanks.
Expert's answer:
You should better send your request to the officials of Ukraine embassy to the UK. Here are the contacts of the embassy .
robert asks: In what cities can someone from the Ukraine obtain a visa for Costa Rica?
Expert's answer:
The interests of the embassy of Costa Rica in Ukraine are represented by the embassy of Costa Rica in Moscow, Russia. Address: Russia, Moscow, Rublevskoye Highway, 26, building 1, rooms 150-151. Tel. +7 495 415 40 14. E-mail: embaric2@rol.ru
Chris asks: How much will it cost for my girlfriend to get a visa to Canada?
Expert's answer:
According to official site of Canada embassy to Ukraine the application fee for single entry visa is 75 Canadian dollars, 150 dollars for multiple entry visa. This service to translate the site from Ukrainian if necessary.
Lenny asks: Do I need a visa when I travel from Stockholm to Donetsk?
Expert's answer:
The citizens of Sweden do not require Ukrainian visa for a stay up to 90 days within a 180 day period.
Elizabeth asks: Visiting Sevastopol for only 1 day on a Black sea cruise - can we bus to Balaklava ourselves and is a Ukraine visa required, please.
Expert's answer:
It depends what country you are from. Check the list here. If you stay with your group you don't need individual visa. First of all you will have a bus or trolley from Sevastopol to the bus stop "5th kilometer" (20-25 minutes) and from this stop regular buses/mini-buses #9 are going to Balaklava (10-20 minutes).
robert asks: Can I travel anywhere in Ukraine with a British passport or do I require a visa?
Expert's answer:
If you are the citizen of the UK you don't need Ukrainian visa for a stay up to 90 days within a 180 day period.
Sofia Kerry asks: Does Ukraine embassy in Nigeria have an obligation to send students that have already been offered admission in Ukrainain universities even if the embassy faulting at the moment?
Expert's answer:
I think you should contact the officials of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Here are some contact phones, call-center phone, email from the official site.
Alan Goldsbrough asks: Do I need a visa for a short holiday in Mariupol, Ukraine.
Expert's answer:
Some foreigners don't need visa to visit Ukraine for the term of up to 90 days. You can check the list of the countries at our page about Ukrainian visa.
Bill asks: My girlfriend lives in Uzbekistan but she has a Ukrainian passport, when she comes to London for 6mths is it possible for her to visit the USA with me? thanks
Expert's answer:
She will need to get the US visa anyway.
khurram asks: If I have Ukrainain passport can I go to Germany?
Expert's answer:
Currently the citizens of Ukraine need visa to go to Germany. But with the coming Euro 2012 it is possible that it will be easier for Ukrainians to go to Europe may be even without visas.
Emmanul asks: Please, what are the likely ukraine visa questions? And if one is denied visa can s/he reapply for that same academic year?
Expert's answer:
Unfortunately we have no detailed info about the whole procedure of obtaining Ukrainian visa. You should better contact Ukrainian embassy to your country and ask them about all the details.
nigel parker asks: I'm a usa citizen. But I live and work in the cayman islands My girl friend lives in the ukraine. I want her to come in visit Me in the cayman islands. But she needs a visa and passport How can I help her get the right visa and help her with the passport And how much is it for a visa and passport
Expert's answer:
The visa can be obtained in UK embassy to Ukraine, here is the official site with all the info and contacts.

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