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Questions and answers:

Lily asks: My cousin is a Ukrainian citizen who currently lives in America for a little under one year. He is waiting to receive a green card. Will he have any issues acquiring a Ukrainian travel passport and traveling out of America?
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Ukraine to the US to get the latest official info about this issue.
Julia asks: My daughter's passport has run out. I need to get a new one. I changed her name to my new married name, will this be a problem? We live in the UK.
Expert's answer:
You should get in contact with the embassy of Ukraine to the UK.
Maxwell asks: I am a congolese and studying in Ukraine and my passport will expire in July. But my embassy is not in Ukraine, what do I do to get my passport renewned?
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Congo to Russia (Moscow, Koroviy val Street, 7/1). The contact phone - +7 495 236 33 68, the email - ambacoru@yahoo.gv
Marcus asks: Hi! Can you helping me giving me the cost of international passport for a person living in Severodonetsk? She tell me the price for ten days is $250 US Dollars because the war situation. Is this right about the price?
Expert's answer:
The official price of an international passport in Ukraine is in the range of about 20-40 USD, the time required to get it varies (from seven (urgent) to twenty days). Our advice is not to send any help to person in Ukraine before you are absolutely sure that the person is real. Otherwise you are doing it on your risk.
Root asks: My partner and I would like to meet in Mexico but her Passport is about to expire. How long will it take for her to renew her passport? She's located in Kharkov (I don't know if that makes a difference) and we plan on meeting around September 30th. Also if there is not enough time how much does it cost to expedite the process? Thanks!
Expert's answer:
The time required to get an international passport in Ukraine varies from seven (urgent) to twenty days. The official price is about 20-40 USD respectively.
SavageS asks: I was born in Ukraine and recently found my certificate of citizenship. I'm 21 and wonder if it's possible to obtain an international Ukrainian passport. If so, how would I go about it.
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Ukraine to the country you live now to get all the info about this issue.
Sasha asks: My Ukrainian passport has been expired, I went to Ukrainian embassy in London in March and applied for new passport. Its June already and I'm still waiting for my passport. Usually it takes up to 6 weeks, but I'm waiting now nearly 4 month. What can I do?
Expert's answer:
If you can't get an answer from the embassy of Ukraine to the UK, then you should try to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine directly. Probably, they will be able to help you.
QueenB asks: My friend is Ukrainian. He overstayed his visa, his passport Will be expired in a few months. Can he apply for a Ukrainian passport here in the states?
Expert's answer:
Your friend should contact the embassy of Ukraine to the US.
Thomas asks:

Hi, I am trying to get my fiancee out of Ukraine and over to London U.K. She has never had a passport before, and she is not aware of the correct procedure to obtain one.

Please can you advise on the best way to do this. We are getting married In the U.K but im assuming my partner would have to come over on a Visa. Kind Regards

Expert's answer:

The time required to get an international passport in Ukraine varies (from 7 (urgent) to 20 days). You can find official info on the site of Ukrainian migration service (the prices are in Ukrainian hryvnias). This service can be used to automatically translate sites.

It is not a difficult task. The person just goes to the local passport office (there are passport offices in every city), fills out forms, leaves photos and waits. You can find info about obtaining a visa to the UK on the following site.

Mark asks: My wife is Ukrainian, her Int'l Passport expires in 05-2015, can she renew it in the US?
Expert's answer:
You should contact the consular office of the embassy of Ukraine to the US to get the latest info about this issue.
Nastya asks: I applied for a Ukrainian passport in November 2013 and as at January 2014 have still not received it. My mother is Ukrainian and has been writing to the Embassy for information on the progress of my passport, but there's no news. What do I do?? Just keep on waiting?
Expert's answer:
I think, you can wait a little longer, at least until the end of January, because the end of December and the beginning of January is usually not the most productive time of the year, a lot of people celebrate holidays, paperwork increases etc. Of course, you should continue to be in touch with the embassy.
Mike asks: My wife has a Swiss residence permit and will go back to Ukraine to do a new international passport cause will change the surname (she took mine). My question is: will the passport office leave her the old passport with previous surname?
Expert's answer:
She can retain her old passport if she writes an application for it when making a new one. The number will be cut and the passport will have a stamp "Cancelled".
Irene asks: My international Ukrainian passport is expired. I am going back to Lviv Ukraine to extend it but will be there only two weeks. Is it possible officially to renew it for such period of time?
Expert's answer:
There is an official service - obtaining an international passport on an expedited basis (10 days). You can also contact Lviv branch of Ukrainian migration service.
Larry asks: My daughter was adopted from Ukraine to USA in 2003 at one year old. Her Ukrainian passport we used to arrive in US is lost. How do I get a replacement in Chicago US?
Expert's answer:
I think, you should contact the Consulate General of Ukraine in Chicago.
Jeff asks: Is the passport office in Poltava open at the moment because of all the conflict in Kiev?
Expert's answer:
I haven't found any news about Poltava passport office having difficulties, so it is working on normal schedule.
banker asks: Where can I find the expiration date on an Ukrainian passport?
Expert's answer:
If you mean Ukrainian international passport, the date of expiry is the last line next to the photo.
Patrick asks:

Hello, I am american, my wife is ukraine. she is visiting her family in ukraine right now and her passport is expiring. she thinks she can renew her passport in ukraine in 1-2 weeks but i think she should just come home 1 week early and than she can renew her passport at home in america.

i just don't want to see the process take longer and than she doesn't get her passport in time to come home and problems arise. so how long does it typically take to renew a ukraine passport in ukraine? and is it true that if she pays extra than the process will go very quickly for her?

Expert's answer:

It takes up to 30 days to get the passport and there is an option that if you pay increased fee (about 100 USD), you will get in about 10 days.

But in 2013 there was a problem with delays even in cases when this extra fee was paid because there was a lack of blank passports.

I am not sure if this problem persists now and probably it would be better to return home a little earlier to be 100% safe that there won't be any delays.

John asks: How much does a Ukrainian International passport cost in Kyiv?
Expert's answer:

The official price of Ukrainian international passport is in the range of about 50-100 USD because the time required to get the passport varies (from several days to several weeks).

Also, our usual advice is not to send any help to person in Ukraine before you are absolutely sure that the person is real (you meet the person face to face).

All the costs are not so high that can stop someone from meeting you especially if you help afterwards. Otherwise you are doing it on your risk.

Daria asks: My elderly mother need to obtain a new international passport in Lviv. Her old one have expired a year ago. It would be difficult for her to go to OVIR by herself, pay the duties and prepare all needed papers. Is it any company, firm or establishment in Lviv that can help her Thanks
Expert's answer:
You can contact Lviv travel agencies, they often offer such services.
Chris asks: Do you have the address and phone number(s) of the Passport Office(s) in Donetsk please?
Expert's answer:
The address of Donetsk passport office is Chelyuskintsev Street, 51. Contact phone: +380 62 301 83 94
Olga asks: I recently got Green Card and my UA passport expired. Can i extend my passport in Ukraine if i currently live in USA? Would i have hard time when i go thru border control?
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Ukraine to the US.
Kateryna Jones asks: My Ukrainian passport just expired and i'm planing on going to Ukraine. Can I go there with expired passport and renew it in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy/consulate of Ukraine to your country, they can renew the passport or at least give you the document that lets you visit the country, otherwise there may be some problems.
Raymond asks: How do Ukraine woman get passports and visas and what is the price in U.S. dollars. I have two different woman that want me to send money for them but one wants $300 and the other $550 can you explain.
Expert's answer:
You can check the site of the US embassy to Ukraine for the info about obtaining visas. From January 1, 2013 Ukrainians can get biometric international passport, the official price is 350 Hryvnas (about 50 USD) and the person gets it in 30 days term. Also our usual advice is not to send any help to person in Ukraine before you are absolutely sure that the person is real (you meet the person face to face). All the costs are not so high that can stop someone from coming to you especially if you help afterwards.
Nata asks: I have a green card and my international Ukrainian password about expired. How can I extend it for next 10 years?
Expert's answer:
You should contact your local embassy of Ukraine about the details of extending your international passport.
jp asks: What is the address of the passport center in Uzhgorod? How much are the fees for one passport?
Expert's answer:
The address of Uzhgorod passport office is Griboyedova Str., 12. Contact phone: +380 312 64 40 05. Email: ovir@mail.uzhgorod.ua The official fee is about 50-100 USD depending on how fast you want to obtain the passport.
davi asks: How much does it cost an international passport for Ukrainian woman now in 2012 in USD? Thank you
Expert's answer:
The prices for Ukrainian international passport from January 1, 2012 are about: 407 Hryvnas (50 USD) - obtaining in 30 days; 850 Hryvnas (106 USD) - in 10 days; 1039 Hryvnas (130 USD) - in 3 days.
Anindya asks: How much would it cost for an Ukranian to obtain an international passport within one month from Bobrynets?
Expert's answer:
The cost will be about 80-100 USD.
Peter asks: What is the cost of international Ukraine passport?
Expert's answer:
Some articles that may be useful about obtaining international passport in Ukraine. This service to translate from Russian. In general the price is about 50-100 USD (passport can be obtained after 30 days term).
nick asks: i want to take my girlfriend on holiday to Egypt. Is it possible for her to get a passport in Poltava or will she have to go to Kiev?
Expert's answer:
She can go to local passport office (contacts) or use the services of firms offering their help in getting international passport in shorter terms like this one. The following service to translate.
Steve asks: What is the cost for international passport as at Oct 2010?
Expert's answer:
The latest info I have is that the official cost of Ukrainian international passport is about 1200 Hryvnas (150 USD) if you want to get it in 3 days term and about 860 Hryvnas (107 USD) for the term of 10 days.
Arthur asks: How much up to date cost is it for Ukrainian international passport?
Expert's answer:
The cost of Ukrainian international passport is about 1200 Hryvnas (150 USD) if you want to get it in 3 days term and about 860 Hryvnas (107 USD) for the term of 10 days.
Ulyana asks: Where in Zhytomyr can I change my International passport and what is the phone number there?
Expert's answer:
The address is Lvovskiy lane, 5a and the contact phones are +380 412 407438 and +380 412 221938.
Mike asks: Where is the nearest passport office to Kharkov and what is the usual wait time for an international passport?
Expert's answer:
There are several passport offices in Kharkov city (Rymarskaya Str., 24; Tolbukhina Str., 103 and others). According to the experience of people receiving international passport in Kharkov is takes you 2-4 weeks if you do all the necessary things yourself (certainly there are special firms that can get the passport faster for additional fee).
Sunny Joseph asks: Can you tell me the Complete Address, Website and Phone No of Sevastopol Passport Office?
Expert's answer:
There are four passport offices in Sevastopol. Balaklavsky district office (Kalicha Str., 31; +380-692-635677), Gagarinsky district office (Pavla Korchagina Str., 16; +380-692-410236), Leninsky district office (Voronina Str., 11; +380-692-540344), Nakhimovsky district office (Rabochaya Str., 31; +380-692-487129). If you mean the passport office for getting international passport there are two offices: main office at Pushkina Str., 12 and the second one at Kesayeva Str., 15. The contact phone for questions about getting international passport in Sevastopol is +380-692-594557. No websites are available for Sevastopol city passport offices.
Stephen asks: How much does a Ukrainian International passport cost? If I want the quickest service what does that cost? I know this question is answered already but I just want to make sure its up to date. Thanks.
Expert's answer:
The official cost varies from 360 hryvnas (45 USD) (usual term up to 3 months) to 680 hryvnas (85 USD) (the quick way, 3-10 days). Of course there are numerous firms offering the opportunity to receive international passport for 1-2 work days but the cost of such service is about 3,000 hryvnas (375 USD).
Donna asks: What is the address, web site and phone number of Kerch passport office? How do I get in contact with them?
Expert's answer:
Kerch passport office is the part of Citizenship, immigration and natural persons registration department. The address is 98300 (postal code) Ukraine, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Kerch city, Komarova Str., 7. The contact phone of passport office is +380-6561-2-21-44. Also the following reference phone numbers are available +380-6561-2-28-77, +380-6561-2-86-58.
James asks: Cost of international passport in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
The official fees vary depending on the time you want your passport: 681 hryvnas or 80 USD (in 3 workdays), 525 hryvnas or 62 USD (3-10 workdays), 193 hryvnas or 23 USD (more than 10 workdays).
Pete asks: I am planning to get an international passport for my girl friend in Donetsk, how much will it cost and how much is a visa to Germany and medical insurance? What is the phone number for Donetsk passport office?
Expert's answer:
The cost of Ukraine international passport is about 250-350 hryvnas (31-44 USD), may be a little more, visa to Germany is about 50-80 USD. The phone number of Donetsk passport office is +380-62-335-3307. Also I should warn you that according to your questions your girl friend is 95% scammer (I don't recommend you to send her money. If she is real she will find money for passport, visa etc. because all the costs are not enormous. And if she is scammer she will continue to ask you for more and more money.) It is just an advice so it is your choice to follow it or not. Good luck.
Andre asks: I am planning to arrange an international passport for my girlfriend in Lviv. What is the cost, time involved with the process and where is the passport office?
Expert's answer:
I have found the following info. The contact phone of Lviv city international passport office is +380-322-182-162. The time to get passport is 1-3 days and the cost about 1,000 hryvnas (about 100-120 USD).
Tanya asks: Where I can find address of passport office in Ivano-Frankivsk city?
Expert's answer:
The Ivano-Frankivsk city passport office address is Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk city, Academician Gnatuk Str., 29. Contact phone: 8-03422-31585.
Eldorado asks: I need to get Ukrainian Passport. I have not lived in Ukraine for 13 years now, both parents Ukrainian. What should I do?
Expert's answer:
You can get the information you need and the necessary applications at Consulate General of Ukraine in New York. The page is on Ukrainian language, but I think you should to understand all fee and application info. Good luck.

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