Rivne city, Ukraine (Rovno)

The capital city of Rivne oblast.

Rivne overview

Rivne or Rovno is a city and administrative center of Rivne region, standing on the Ustye River. It is a highway and railway junction of the region.

Population - 250,000 (2013).

Area code - +380 362; postal code - 33000.

Rivne city flag

Rivne city flag

Rivne city coat of arms

Rivne city coat of arms

Rivne city map location

Rivne history

Rivne was first mentioned as a town of Galytsko-Volynskoye princedom in 1282. From the second half of the 14th century, it was ruled by Lithuania. At the end of the 15th century, Magdeburg Law was adopted in the town.

According to Lyublin union of 1569, it passed to Poland and was a minor Polish settlement for a long time. In 1648, an anti-feudal uprising happened in the town.

More Historical Facts…

In 1793, on the first partition of Poland, Rivne passed to Russia. In 1797, it received the official status of a town.

The growth began at the end of the 19th century when Rivne became an important railway junction.

In February 1918, Rivne was occupied by Austro-German troops. Between 1920 and 1939, it belonged to Poland again.

At the beginning of the World War II, the city was captured by the Soviet army and became the part of the Ukrainian SSR.

Previously, Rivne industries were of minor significance. In the 1960s, industries developed greatly, especially machine-building and metal processing.

Also, the city has developed chemical industry. There are large textile industry works and other foodstuffs.

Rivne features

The Church of the Assumption (1756) and the gymnasium, built in the classical style in 1839, are among the oldest survived buildings of Rivne.

The famous writer V.G.Korolenko studied in the local gymnasium (1866-1871).

The regional theater of music and drama and the philharmonic society are famous through their creative successful activities. Also, Rivne has a puppet theater, Zoo, museum of local study, several movie theaters.

More Features…

There are monuments of history and architecture of different generations and epochs.

You can go on a tour of local churches. The places of Rivne castle and the magnificent palace of Lyubomirsky magnates are interesting to see, as well as the building of the former gymnasium, the Assumption church (Volyn school of wooden architecture), the Resurrection cathedral (one of the largest in western Ukraine).

The monument of garden and park design - Taras Shevchenko park - is of great interest too. The park is a favorite recreation area of locals; it occupies about 30 hectares. In the park, you can find concert, sports and children’s grounds as well as nice cafes.

Rivne streets

Rivne street

Rivne street

Author: Koshelyev

Rivne street scenery

Rivne street scenery

Author: Michal Palicuk

Soviet art in Rivne

Soviet art in Rivne

Author: Koshelyev

Rivne sights


The Catholic Church of St. Anthony. This church, built in the Gothic Revival style with a beautiful clock on the facade, was constructed accroding to K. Wojciechowski design at the expense of R. Sangushko.

The church was opened in 1900. Since Soviet times, the building of the church is used as a house of organ music. Sobornaya Street, 137.

The Holy Resurrection Cathedral. It is the most notable architectural sight in Rivne. The cathedral was built in place of the church burnt in 1881, on donations to the Emperor Alexander III.

In Soviet times, the building was used as a museum of atheism.

At present, the cathedral belongs to the Orthodox community of Rivne. Sobornaya Street, 39.

More Churches…

The Church of the Assumption. This wooden Greek-Catholic church is the oldest building in Rivne. The bell tower of the church is preserved. Shevchenko Street, 113.

The Pokrovsky Cathedral. Sobornaya Street, 6.

The Church “Svitankova Zorya”. Pluzhnik Street, 3.


The Local History Museum (the former gymnasium). The building of the gymnasium, constructed in classical style, was built on the initiative of Prince Frederick Lubomirski in 1839. Ukrainian historian N. Kostomarov taught there.

Since 1975, the building is occupied by the local history museum, organized in 1906. There are about 140 thousand exhibits, including archaeological, ethnographic exhibitions, a numismatic collection, the Cossack era items, icons.

In the public garden located nearby, you can find an exposition of military equipment. Dragomanov Street, 19. Opening hours: 10:00-18:00, day off - Monday.

The Museum of Amber. The museum was opened with the help of local amber works. It is located in the building of the house of scientists - the mansion constructed in beginning of the 20th century.

The museum has unique collection of pieces of amber up to 40 million years old, found in Rivne region, as well as amber jewelry.

In particular, the most ancient amber handicraft in Ukraine - a disk-amulet of about 2.5 thousand years age - is exhibited there.

The pride of the museum is the collection of insects crystallized in amber stones. Also, you can see a piece of amber weighing about 2 kg.

The exhibits are devoted not only to the history of amber extraction in the region, but also to the history of the only amber processing enterprise in Ukraine. S. Petlura Street, 17. Opening hours: 10:00-18:00, days off - Monday, Wednesday.

Rivne places

The 30th anniversary of the liberation monument

The 30th anniversary of the liberation monument

Author: Anthony Nonciaux

Rivne movie theater

Rivne movie theater

Author: Nikolay Yankovski

Rivne railway station

Rivne railway station

Author: Anthony Nonciaux


Lebedinoye (Swan) Lake Park. This park, located in the center, is all that remained of the estate of princes Lubomirski. The palace of Lubomirski was standing in the place of the present stadium “Avangard” until the middle of the 20th century.

The palace was built on the basis of the medieval castle of Princess Maria Rovenskaya, the widow of Prince S. Nesvitski.

In the 18th century, Lubomirski together with the architect S. Bourguignon, laid out the palace park. In the beginning of the 19th century, the park was redesigned in English-style by D. McClair (Mikler).

After the World War I, the estate fell into disrepair. The palace was burned, and the park was cut down.

After the war, the park was partially restored and named Komsomolskiy, but locals called it the “Swan Lake” because of the swans living in a small pond in the middle of the park. Zamkovaya Street.

Shevchenko Park. The recreation park named after Taras Shevchenko is a monument of landscape art of national importance. The park was founded in the late 18th century.

Today, the age of some trees is up to 150-200 years. About 160 species of trees and shrubs grow here.

In the early 1950s, the park expanded its territory, and, in 1977-1984, the reconstruction of the park was carried out.

Today, the park occupies 32 hectares and has five zones: quiet relaxation, active relaxation, entertainment facilities, sports and children’s sector. Sobornaya Street, 3.

Other places of interest

The Monument to Maria Rovenskaya. She was the wife of Prince S. Nesvitski. In the 15th century, she contributed to the development of the settlement.

In 1479, after the death of Prince Nesvitski, the town became the property of his wife and, from that time, she was called Maria Rovenskaya.

She founded a castle on an island and some other town buildings. In her time, the town received Magdeburg right and the right to have annual fair.

In 1507, Maria received the right of everlasting ownership of the castle and town. Sobornaya Street, 99-113.

The Zoo. It is located in the park area of 4.7 hectares, at the entrance to Rivne from Kyiv. About 200 species of animals are living there (lions and other big cats, bears, monkeys, artiodactyls, birds).

In the open-air cage “Babushkino podvoriye” (“Grandmother’s yard”), you can feed domestic animals. There is a horseback riding school. Kievskaya Street, 110. Opening hours: 9:00-20:00 (winter: 9:00-17:00).

More Places…

Rivne Brewery. The complex of the brewery buildings was constructed by the joint stock company “Steam brewery of “Bergshloss” in 1900.

The major shareholder was the Czech entrepreneur Bergshloss, who arrived in Volhynia with a wave of immigrants from the Czech Republic in the late 19th century.

In 1939, the brewery was nationalized. In Soviet times, it produced such beer brands as “Zhigulevskoye”, “Ukrainskoye”, “Slavyanskoye”.

Today, Rivne beer is known for its natural taste due to the fact that pasteurization and preservatives are not used in the production process. Copernicus Street, 9.

The Children’s Railway. It is one of the nine Ukrainian children’s railways. The opening of the railway took place in 1949. Partizanskaya station is located in the center of the city, near the bridge (Sobornaya Street).

The train runs from early May to late August on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Sobornaya Street, 147. Opening hours: 11:00-18:00 (May to August during the weekend).

Rivne hotels

Hotel “Mir”. It is a large modern hotel located in the very center of Rivne. The seven-storey building of the hotel was completely renovated in 2008.

The main services: restaurant (Ukrainian and European cuisine), bar, Wi-Fi, taxi, conference hall, laundry, dry-cleaning, parking. Mitskevich Street, 32. Contact phones: +380 362 22 13 35, +380 362 22 11 06.

Hotel “Tourist”. This hotel is located in the center in the renovated ten-storey building.

The main services: two restaurants (Italian and Ukrainian cuisine), two cafes, bar, billiards, conference hall, excursions, sauna, solarium, barbershop, laundry, safe, parking. Kievskaya Street, 36. Contact phones: +380 362 26 18 96, +380 362 26 56 14, +380 362 26 74 13.

More Hotels…

Hotel “Marlen”. The hotel is located close to the center of the city.

The main services: restaurant (European, Ukrainian, Eastern, Mongolian cuisine), laundry, Internet, massage, excursions. Grushevsky Street, 13. Contact phones: +380 362 69 06 00, +380 362 69 05 99, +380 362 69 05 88, +380 362 24 20 87.

Hotel “Zolotoye Runo”. This new hotel-restaurant can be found at the entrance to Rivne from Dubno direction.

The main services: restaurant (Georgian cuisine), bar, sauna with pool, business center, Wi-Fi. Teligi Street, 12. Contact phones: +380 362 63 02 02, +380 362 25 71 17.

Hotel “Orlan”. It is a new hotel located in the center of Rivne.

The main services: restaurant (Ukrainian cuisine), bar, beauty salon, Wi-Fi, parking. Venskaya Street, 9. Contact phone: +380 362 64 31 01.

Rivne city, Ukraine photos

Rivne sights

Taras Shevchenko monument

Taras Shevchenko monument

Author: Vyacheslav Viflyantsev

"Svitankova Zorya" church

Author: Kuhta Yuriy

The Resurrection Cathedral

The Resurrection Cathedral

Author: Koshelyev

Rivne cathedral

The Pokrovsky Cathedral

The Pokrovsky Cathedral

Author: Anthony Nonciaux

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