Ukraine flowers delivery features

Ukraine flowers overview

Sending flowers and gifts to Ukraine is a great opportunity to send greetings to loved one, being away from her/him. Flowers are one of the best gifts because they are able to convey all our emotions. Today your flowers and gifts can be delivered to almost any city and town of Ukraine.

You can always choose flowers for delivery to any residential address in Ukraine. You can also order the delivery of flowers to the office to please your customers, partners and employees.

The service of sending flowers and gifts to someone in Ukraine is becoming more and more popular at present. The companies usually provide such services through the networks of local florists. In most cases, the quality of flowers and gifts is high and the prices are reasonable.

Ukraine flowers bouquet

Ukraine flowers bouquet

Ukraine flowers delivery features

According to the tradition you should give an odd number of flowers. It is believed that the flower bouquets, consisting of an even number of flowers symbolize mourning and farewell.

If you order a delivery of flowers, and do not want to stay incognito, always ask to put a note in the bouquet. Maybe the person receiving the bouquet would guess who sent it, but it is better to mention it in a postcard or a note.

Also you must consider the age of the person to whom you wish to present a bouquet. If you are sending flowers to a young girl then we recommend you to choose the blue or pink flowers. Flower etiquette does not allow to present red roses to a young girl, especially if she is not yet married. Red is the usual color of passion, fire and desire. It will be out of place in a bouquet for schoolgirl or young student.

For the elderly and middle aged people bright red and yellow flowers are more appropriate.

You need to know at what point you should stop adding the flowers to the bouquet. Bouquet should not look poor, but also the excessive number of flowers is not always appropriate. You can show the taste and the ability to choose the flowers by presenting a small, but the original bouquet of flowers of various species.

Today, for example, the bouquets of flowers with lots of green leaves are becoming more and more popular. These flowers are particularly pleased in the autumn-winter period. They recall the warm spring and hot summer.

Ukraine flowers delivery questions

Can I order a bouquet of wildflowers?

Almost all Ukrainian florists use imported high quality flowers, so an order of real wild flowers bouquet is not possible. At the same time, any florist can make a bouquet that will simulate a bouquet of wildflowers, and only a professional can see the difference.

What is the difference between a bouquet of flowers and flowers arrangement?

The arrangement of flowers is usually referred to the flowers, arranged in a container (vase, pot, basket). A bouquet of flowers is the same group of flowers without any container.

We are often asked such question as “I met a girl on the Internet and would like to send her a bouquet of flowers. But I’m not sure that the address is real. Could you check whether the address is correct and whether she lives there?”

Unfortunately, neither we nor the majority of flowers delivery services provide the services of this kind. The only way to make sure that the address is correct is to deliver the bouquet. If you have any doubts about the correctness of the address, you can choose the cheapest bunch.

After the delivery you will be informed if the address was specified correctly. If the address is incorrect, the company of flowers delivery in most cases will not return you your money.

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