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Today, Ukraine has one of the last places in the list of European countries by the number of hotels. The country has two hotel rooms per thousand of inhabitants on average, while in Europe the figure is no less than fourteen-eighteen.

Imbalance of supply and demand has caused high prices in the hotel business. Room rates in Kiev medium and high priced hotels are from $150 to $500 per night.

Among the favorable factors is the steady increase of tourist flow to Ukraine. In the past five years it steadily increased by 20%. Business tourism is developing most actively.

The Final of UEFA European Football Championship to be held in Ukraine and Poland in 2012 will also have a significant impact on the fate of the hotel industry of the country. According to the Council on tourism and resorts, in accordance with the requirements of UEFA, in 2012 Ukraine will have 34 new or renovated hotels. Eighteen of them are in the segment of four and five stars, and sixteen are in a cheaper category.

According to various expert estimates the number of foreign visitors for the period from June to July 2012 will be between 600 thousand to 1 million. It is expected that the majority of fans will visit Ukraine from western European states. Also a lot of people will come to support the football teams from Russia, Belarus, other CIS countries.

However some hotel operators, as well as developers are skeptical of the idea that Euro 2012 will be a crucial event in the life of the Ukrainian hotels. In their view, a four-week event is not deserving of hype, which is observed today. Its value lies not in the simultaneous influx of masses of tourists who fill the hotels for a certain period of time but in promoting the brand of “Ukraine” and increasing the tourism potential in the future.

Today’s most active construction of hotels is in Kiev oblast, a bit less - in Lviv oblast, the third place in this ranking is the Crimea, and the following oblasts are close to each other: Lugansk, Rivne, Sumy, Kherson and Khmelnitsky.

International hotel brands began to open hotels in Ukraine more actively today. What is interesting, the hotels are opened not only in the capital city Kiev, but in other regions - recently opened Reikartz Hotels & Resorts in Pochaev, for example.

This trend will likely continue in the future. In early spring of 2011 in Kiev it is planned to open first hotel Ibis, and a world renowned operator Louvre Hotels & Golden Tulip plans to build six hotels of Campanile brand in Ukraine.

The questions of our visitors

William asks: What kind of hotels are in Nikopol?
Expert's answer:
I have found the following list of Nikopol hotels that may be useful. The information is on Russian but you can translate it by the following service.
Jeff asks: I am planning a trip to Sumy region. What is the average cost of a hotel room. And where can I find a listing of hotels in that area?
Expert's answer:
Here is a nice list of the hotels located in Sumy of Ukraine with the addresses, prices and some contact info. The page is on Russian but you can get the translation by using the following service.
Ole asks: I'm looking for hotel, guesthouses or apartments for rent in Konstantinovka. Can't find any browsing internet.
Expert's answer:
Not a lot of info available even in Russian language but I have found a couple of hotels: Hotel «Vostok», address: Oktyabrskaya Str., 270, contact phone: +380 6272 51308; for the second one only the contact phone +380 6272 52817.

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Ukrainian hotels views

Lugansk city hotel

Lugansk city hotel

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Kherson city hotel

Kherson city hotel

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Ivano-Frankivsk city hotel

Ivano-Frankivsk city hotel

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