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Questions and answers:

Phil asks: Is it safe to travel to Pavlohrad and surrounding areas. We hope to fly from Kiev to Pavlohrad and then take a taxi to my father's ancestral village in Oleksandrovka. Which airline is best to take from Kiev to Pavlohrad?
Expert's answer:
It is safe to go to this part of Ukraine. You can't fly from Kyiv to Pavlohrad, there are no such flights available. But you can fly from Kyiv (Boryspil Airport) to Dnipro located about 77 km from Pavlohrad. There are at least two places in this area with the name of Oleksandrivka. The first one is located near Dnipro, the second one, which looks completely abandoned, is located near Pavlohrad. You can reach both of them by taxi from Dnipro.
James asks: My fiance is from Alchevsk and is planning to fly back this week from Cyprus, to see her family. What is the safest and easiest way to go back. I was thinking from Russia, but she says from Kharkiv although she hasn't been home in 3 years.
Expert's answer:
If she doesn't want to violate Ukrainian laws, then it will be right to come to Alchevsk from Kharkiv and not across the border with Russia. There are several regular buses running from Kharkiv to Alchevsk and back. Also, to enter/leave the conflict zone a person should get a special pass issued online.
Jay asks: Can I change a visitors visa to a study permit or temporary resident permit in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
No, you should get a long-term visa at first (an invitation for study issued by a university located in Ukraine is the way to obtain it). During your study in Ukraine, you will have a temporary residence permit. Check the site of the embassy of Ukraine to your country to get more info.
Jerrald asks: How long does it take to get a residence permit after arriving in Ukraine with Class D visa as a student?
Expert's answer:
A temporary residence permit is issued for the period of study, which is determined by the order of the university on the establishment of terms of study for foreign students. The official term is 15 working days. You should contact the university officials about the procedure because most probably it is somehow centralized for all foreign students of this university.
Ronnie asks: Sumy is how far (in miles) to the Russian border?
Expert's answer:
The distance from Sumy to the Russian border is about 30 miles (48 km).
Florante asks: I would like to visit Krivoy Rog, what is the most suitable route when departing from San Francisco, California, USA.
Expert's answer:
There are direct flights available from New York (JFK airport) to Kyiv (Boryspil airport), as well as a number of flights with 1 stop from New York to Kyiv. And here is the timetable of trains running from Kyiv to Kryvyi Rih (another service to book train tickets in Ukraine).
Aayushi asks: I am Indian student...having type D visa for Ukraine..which expire after 90 days.....is it necessary to go back to India for visa extension
Expert's answer:
If you are legally studying at a Ukrainian university, you should have a temporary residence permit issued for the duration of your studies, which allows you to stay in Ukraine without a visa.
Devorah asks: Hi, I am currently in Israel and lost my Ukrainian passport. I need to travel to Switzerland next. How long will it take to get a new passport from the embassy in Israel?
Expert's answer:
This is not a quick process and may take up to 2 months or even more. You should better contact the embassy of Ukraine to Israel directly, perhaps they will be able to provide more info about this issue.
Dyd asks: I have Indian passport and I am studying in Russia and I have Russian visa, can I enter Ukraine with Russian visa?
Expert's answer:
You can't use your Russian visa to enter Ukraine and need to get a Ukrainian visa.
Michelle asks: I was adopted from an orphanage in Zaporozhye, Ukraine but not sure which one. How could I figure that out?
Expert's answer:
You can try to contact the following charity foundation located in Zaporozhye, probably they will be able to provide some contacts.

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