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Questions and answers:

Emma asks: Hi. Can I travel to Ukraine with US passport now?
Expert's answer:
Yes, you can do it. Travel restrictions were lifted on September 28, 2020. Check this COVID-19 Information provided by the embassy of the US to Ukraine.
James asks: I would like to visit Alchevsk, as I am speaking with a woman from there. I know this is in the region of LPR, and I can't find what paperwork I need to enter this region. Are you able to advise please? I am British if this helps?
Expert's answer:

To visit Alchevsk as a foreigner, you will need to issue a pass on the website of the Security Service of Ukraine. It won't be an easy task because all forms must be filled out in Ukrainian and most probably you will be refused anyway. The process is described in this article. You can use Google Translate.

It will be much easier, if you offer this person to meet in Kyiv, it is not a problem for a real person to do this. Of course, only after you have talked many times with a webcam turned on through Skype, WhatsApp, etc. There is internet there. If the person refuses, then you should stop further communication and of course don't send any help before you meet.

Anaya asks: My mother is from Ukraine and I was born in Ukraine, we moved in Pakistan. I have citizen of Ukraine we traveled there when I was 12 years old and included my name with my mother's passport and now I am 26 years old with 2 kids how can I get Ukrainian passport?
Expert's answer:
Ukraine still considers you as its citizen. Contact the embassy of Ukraine to Pakistan to get the latest official info about obtaining a passport.
Talal asks: I am going to start the process for student visa for Ukraine. I just wanted to know that after getting the visa, will they allow me to enter Ukraine due to current ban till 31st October? I am from Pakistan please guide me on this.
Expert's answer:
Entry into Ukraine is still allowed for foreigners, who arrive in the country for the purpose of study. However, you must have an insurance policy to cover the possible costs associated with COVID-19 treatment and observation (issued by an insurance company that has a representative office in Ukraine). Contact the embassy to get more info about it.
Samuel W. asks: I have been talking to this girl in Alchevsk. We have been sending emails back and forth. The emails seem to be true with not asking for money as of today. I did look at the header information on the email and it is pinging from the town of Kyiv City. Is this something that should happen? Are should it be pinging off the town of Alchevsk? Thanks.
Expert's answer:

I'm not sure how you get information about the location of the sender from the header, but it looks suspicious. Of course, those who pretend to be people from the conflict zone in most cases do not live there, because receiving transfers from aboard in the zone is very problematic without international payment systems and banks.

Anyway, until you talk to this person numerous times directly with a webcam turned on (Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.), you can't be sure that this person is real, only emails and a few photos are not enough. A real person in Ukraine can do the above without any problems, even in the conflict zone. If the person refuses to do it for any reason, it is better not to continue communication.

Sofia V. asks: I'm Ukrainian and my son (less than 2 yr-old) is citizen of U.S.A, but he does not have Ukrainian passport, does he need visa to enter Ukraine? Do they actually ask for proof of medical insurance coverage for 30,000 Euro when foreigners enter Ukraine? Thanks!
Expert's answer:
Your son, as a citizen of the US, has the right to stay in Ukraine for up to 90 days within a 180 days period without a visa. From June 20, 2020, it is prohibited to cross the border of Ukraine for foreigners without a medical insurance with coverage starting from 30 thousand euros. Insurance must include coverage for the treatment of coronavirus infection. It must be provided at the time of the border crossing. More info about it.
Mariia asks: Hi, I am Ukrainian citizen working in the US on O1 visa. My child was born here but I was wondering if we can apply for Ukrainian passport for him from here. Another question is how do we go about travelling to Donetsk from the US to visit grandparents if we don't get him Ukrainian passport?
Expert's answer:

Your child born in the United States is automatically granted the US citizenship. However, born of a citizen of Ukraine, the child also has the right to obtain Ukrainian citizenship, despite the fact that Ukraine doesn't recognize dual citizenship. Read the following article about this situation with the description of the process.

As for visiting Donetsk, I would strongly advise against doing it under any circumstances, it is too risky since Ukraine doesn't control this city and all power in it belongs to pro-Russian separatists who can literally do whatever they want, especially with visitors from other countries. Going there with a child looks very risky as well. Your grandparents can get free passes online allowing them to leave the conflict zone and meet you in Kyiv. It would be the best way to do it.

Maria asks: I am a U.S. citizen as well as a Ukrainian citizen (I hold both passports) and am planning a trip to Ukraine from the U.S. I also have children, who only have the U.S. passport. Does that mean we, as a family, are considered to be in the 'foreigners' line upon arrival in Ukraine going through customs?
Expert's answer:
If you were traveling alone, showing Ukrainian citizenship documents at the Ukrainian border and US citizenship documents upon returning to the United States would be the best choice. If your children have only the US citizenship, then you can simply use your US documents everywhere to avoid confusion and possible additional questions at the customs. You can also contact the embassy of Ukraine to the US, maybe they can provide more info about this issue.
Mykhailo asks: How can I extend my Ukrainian international passport in Indonesia?
Expert's answer:
You should contact the embassy of Ukraine to Indonesia directly to get the latest info about this issue.
CW asks: Hello! I have also been speaking with a woman from, Alchevsk Ukraine like others here. I have requested Skype from her but all she can do is send me a video message from her smartphone because she says the internet is not working in her area because her town is in the center of the war with Russia and internet video doesn't work. She has done everything I have asked of her in the cellphone video such as saying my name the she says hello etc. We have been emailing for a few weeks now, but she has not asked me for money yet. And I stress "yet." What do you suggest I ask her next to confirm her identity before taking this any further and is her claim about Skype and internet capabilities legitimate? Thank you for your consideration. Respectfully, CW
Expert's answer:
It is true that Alchevsk is in the conflict zone however it is located relatively far from the border where the fighting is taking place. Separatist authorities themselves offer consultations via Skype, so the allegation that it is impossible to use it in Alchevsk looks dubious. You can also ask to send you a set of photos taken, for example, on Lenin Square in the center of Alchevsk to prove that this "person" actually lives in Alchevsk. Of course the best way is to offer to meet in Kyiv as travel restrictions have been lifted. A real person can do it without your help.

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