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Questions and answers:

Chucks asks: Does it make any difference to travel with a scan copy of your schools invitation letter rather than original copy?
Expert's answer:
If a person is a citizen of a country with which Ukraine has a visa regime, i.e. has a Ukrainian student (long-term) visa, then an original invitation for study is required to enter the country.
Brinder singh asks: Now, Ukrainian embassy is open, how many days student waits for Ukrainian study visa after submit file in processing tell me plz
Expert's answer:
The usual term for obtaining a Ukrainian visa is 10 calendar days and 30 days, if the embassy decides to conduct an additional check of the submitted documents. Perhaps due to the ongoing pandemic, these terms are somewhat longer.
Anna asks: I have a Ukrainian passport and planning to come back to Ukraine with my 2 year old son who has a British passport. Does he require a visa to live in the country?
Expert's answer:
British citizens can visit Ukraine and stay in the country for 90 days without a visa. If you plan to live in Ukraine for a longer time, then most likely you will need to apply for a long-term visa, it is better to contact the Ukrainian embassy in the UK directly to get official information.
Yelena asks: I was born in Ukraine and moved to US in 1994. I have old version of Ukrainian passport that looked like USSR passport, but had stamp Property of Ukraine. I prolonged this passport once in Ukrainian embassy in US, but of course it expired long time ago. Since then I got US citizenship. Can I still be citizen of Ukraine or now I have to reapply to be a citizen..?
Expert's answer:
If you yourself have not renounced Ukrainian citizenship, you are still a citizen of this country. Contact the embassy of Ukraine to the US to get more info. It should also be noted that Ukraine does not recognize dual citizenship and the fact that you are a US citizen may theoretically be the reason why you can be deprived of Ukrainian citizenship. But in practice this is very rarely done. Perhaps this question will arise when you contact the embassy.
Chucks asks: Can I enter Ukraine after my student invitation letter has expired but my visa is out?
Expert's answer:
When passing through customs control, along with your visa, you will also have to show your invitation to study. If it is overdue, then most likely you will be denied entry to Ukraine, since the purpose of your visit will not be confirmed. Contact the State Customs Service of Ukraine directly, maybe they will be able to provide more info.
Myla asks: Hello. I am from Ukraine and became an American citizen. My brother(he lives in Ukraine) is threatening that he will contact the Ukrainian Embassy in America if I would not pay for my mother's apartment and he said he will make me pay alimoney. I have no ownership rights for any property in Ukraine. My mother left all assets exclusively to him. How legitimate is his threat and can I protect myself from him. Thank you.
Expert's answer:

According to Ukrainian laws, the only case in your situation when a sister may be obliged by the court to pay alimony to her brother is when the brother is disabled and can't live without this help. I don't know if this is so in your case. If this is not so, then there can be no legal obligations and these are just empty threats and a desire to get easy money.

Also, from your request, it is not very clear whether your mother is still alive, since the payment of alimony can be assigned to children, if their parents are disabled and need financial assistance and, again, a court decision is needed.

Julia asks: I am Ukrainian, my husband is Lebanese, we live in Dubai. Can I pass the Ukrainian citizenship to my child given that he will be born here in Dubai?
Expert's answer:
If you are a citizen of Ukraine at the time of the child's birth, then the child also acquires Ukrainian citizenship. Contact the consulate of Ukraine in Dubai to get more info.
Richard asks: I heard that the Ukrainian military is offering citizenship in 3 years instead of the standard 5 for enlistment service from foreigners. Is this true or just fabrications?
Expert's answer:
Yes, it is true. For foreigners serving in the Ukrainian armed forces, if the conditions for obtaining citizenship are met, it is enough to live on the territory of Ukraine for only 3 years, and not 5. The three-year period begins to count from the moment when the contract of a foreigner with Ukraine comes into force. Read the following article to get more details.
Oleg asks: Hi! If I have an expired non-biometric Ukrainian foreign passport - do I need to cancel it OR it is automatically cancelled because 1) it is expired, 2) it is non-biometric? Thanks
Expert's answer:
Your expired non-biometric Ukrainian international passport is no longer valid, you don't need to do any cancelation. You can contact the local embassy/consulate of Ukraine to get info about obtaining a new international passport. They usually offer this service, but it will take several months.
Amira asks: Hey! I have a question regarding citizenship in Ukraine. What are the laws and regulations there? If my parents are from Afghanistan and got citizenship in Ukraine and we children also, does that mean that my parents have refused their citizenship in Afghanistan? Or are they still citizens of Afghanistan and Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
Ukraine doesn't recognize dual citizenship. So when applying for Ukrainian citizenship, you pledge to terminate your other citizenship. In general it is not an easy task to become a citizen of Ukraine and will take years (the main requirements).

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