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Questions and answers:

George asks: I want to hire a private car to go from Luhansk to Kyiv, Ukraine
Expert's answer:
As of November 2023, there is no such service available as there is no direct transport link between Luhansk, controlled by Russia, and Kyiv. There are no checkpoints at the front line, so no cars, buses, trains, taxis can go directly from Luhansk to Kyiv. It is possible to go from Luhansk to Russia at first and from Russia to return to Ukraine (for Ukrainian citizens). As we receive similar requests all the time, our advice is to avoid sending any help to anyone claiming living in parts of Ukraine controlled by Russia at the moment. The chance that you are talking to scammers is close to 100%.
IAN asks: How much does a Ukrainian biometric ID card (not passport) cost to replace in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
As of November 14, 2023, according to the site of the Migration Service of Ukraine, the total cost of the administrative fee for issuing a passport of a citizen of Ukraine in the form of an ID card within 20 working days is 450 UAH (13 USD), 10 days - 820 UAH (23 USD).
Yuliia asks: I have just married a British citizen in the UK. Can I change my passport surname in London Ukraine embassy?
Expert's answer:
At first, you have to change your passport of a citizen of Ukraine (an ID card). This service is not provided in the UK. Usually it is available only in Ukraine, but there are several documentation centers abroad now, which offer this service. You can get a Ukrainian international passport via these centers as well. But this service is also provided by the embassy of Ukraine to the UK, but probably it will take more time to get it via the embassy.
Steve asks: Can Ukrainians travel by bus from Kharkiv to Warsaw, Poland?
Expert's answer:
Yes, it is possible, tickets can be booked here.
Cris asks: Is it safe to travel by car from Kyiv to western Romania? What would be the safest route?
Expert's answer:
Here are several routes a person can take by car from Kyiv to the border with western Romania. None of them are close to the war zone. So such a journey is relatively safe, all routes are approximately the same length and take about 11-12 hours.
Russell asks: Is mail still getting to the village of Hornostaipil, as of today 10/15/23? And is there anyway to know if our adopted Ukrainian daughter's grandmother is still there?
Expert's answer:

The postal service of Ukraine continues to operate in Ukraine. There are several post offices open in this village, so there should be no problems with delivery of letters/parcels there. Although there may be some delays.

I'm not sure how you can find out anything about a specific person from this village. You can try to contact officials of the Vyshhorod district, which includes this village (office@vyshrada.gov.ua), here is their Facebook page. Maybe they can provide more contacts, for example volunteers, who can check this.

Dani asks: What documents do I need to renew my Ukrainian passport?
Expert's answer:

All the details of obtaining a new Ukrainian international biometric passport abroad are described in the following article on the site of the embassy of Ukraine to the US. The procedure will take several months.

You may be offered to extend your current passport, which is about to expire/already expired, but we don't recommend doing this. Although this can be done quickly during an embassy appointment, such an extended passport can cause a number of problems when traveling, so it is better to wait and get a new passport.

Graham asks: How much is the bus from Donetsk to Warsaw, I have 3 large suitcases
Expert's answer:

As of October 2023, there is no direct bus or any other transport link between Donetsk and Warsaw. The only relatively safe way to leave Donetsk is to take a bus, for example, to Rostov-on-Don, Russia. From Russia it is possible to get to Turkey and from there to Warsaw. A Ukrainian citizen can also return from Russia to Ukraine, since on August 5, 2023, a checkpoint was opened on the Ukrainian-Russian border in Sumy Oblast.

You should avoid sending any help to a person in Ukraine, especially in parts of Ukraine controlled by Russia, before you are absolutely sure that this person is real. Otherwise you are doing it at your risk.

Linda asks: How can a Ukraine national get a passport in the UK?
Expert's answer:
Getting a new Ukrainian international biometric passport in the UK can be done via the embassy of Ukraine to the UK. If it is about getting a new internal Ukrainian passport (an ID card), this can be done in Ukraine and in several centers abroad.
Eliot asks: Can you mail to Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
Yes, delivery to Ukraine by mail is still possible (not to the parts of Ukraine controlled by Russia). More details can be found on the sites of the following postal services: Ukraine's National Post and Nova Post.

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