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Questions and answers:

JG asks: My brother is in communication with a Ukrainian woman. She wants to leave Ukraine so they can get married. She is telling him that there is a substantial fee she has to pay the Ukrainian Government in order for her to leave Ukraine. Is this true?
Expert's answer:
It is not true, there are no such fees. As we receive similar requests almost every day, our advice is not to send any help to a person in Ukraine, before you are absolutely sure that this person is real. The first step is to talk to this person directly via something like Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc. with a webcam turned on. A real person can do it, a fake one will find a number of reasons why it is impossible. If the person refuses, it is recommended to stop any further communication to save your time and efforts.
Olya asks: Married American and obtained US citizenship. But I didn't renounce my Ukraine citizenship. My Ukraine Passport expired, is it possible to renew it while abroad?
Expert's answer:
Ukraine still considers you as its citizen and you have the right to get all the necessary documents. A new international passport can be obtained in the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States, contact them for more information. A new internal passport can be obtained only in Ukraine.
Michael asks: How much does it cost for a family of 5 to live in Kharkov? Without a vehicle expense.
Expert's answer:
You can get a pretty good estimate using the following page: Cost of living and prices in Kharkiv.
Ally asks: Hello, thank you this very useful website. I would like to ask if it's possible for Ukrainian citizens to travel from Donetsk to Kiev? Is there any chance that checkpoints not allow individual passenger cars? How much the busses will cost and is there any link to buy a ticket online? Thanks for your help in advance
Expert's answer:

Yes, citizens of Ukraine can travel from Donetsk to Kyiv, to cross the border of the conflict zone, a person needs to have a pass issued free of charge online by the Security Service of Ukraine; travel by passenger car is allowed. There are also regular buses running from Donetsk to Kyiv, the ticket price is equivalent to about 30 USD.

For a real person, it is not a problem to come from Donetsk to Kyiv. The main rule when communicating with any person claiming living in the conflict zone, don't send any help until you meet this person in Ukraine, or at least regularly communicate online with a webcam turned on.

Henry asks: Am a Nigerian student here In Ukraine my brother and is wife in the UK will soon get married and I am invited. Can I get my visa here at the UK embassy in Ukraine thanks.
Expert's answer:
You should contact the British Embassy in Kyiv directly to get the latest official info about this issue.
Emma asks: Hi. Can I travel to Ukraine with US passport now?
Expert's answer:
Yes, you can do it. Travel restrictions were lifted on September 28, 2020. Check this COVID-19 Information provided by the embassy of the US to Ukraine.
James asks: I would like to visit Alchevsk, as I am speaking with a woman from there. I know this is in the region of LPR, and I can't find what paperwork I need to enter this region. Are you able to advise please? I am British if this helps?
Expert's answer:

To visit Alchevsk as a foreigner, you will need to issue a pass on the website of the Security Service of Ukraine. It won't be an easy task because all forms must be filled out in Ukrainian and most probably you will be refused anyway. The process is described in this article. You can use Google Translate.

It will be much easier, if you offer this person to meet in Kyiv, it is not a problem for a real person to do this. Of course, only after you have talked many times with a webcam turned on through Skype, WhatsApp, etc. There is internet there. If the person refuses, then you should stop further communication and of course don't send any help before you meet.

Anaya asks: My mother is from Ukraine and I was born in Ukraine, we moved in Pakistan. I have citizen of Ukraine we traveled there when I was 12 years old and included my name with my mother's passport and now I am 26 years old with 2 kids how can I get Ukrainian passport?
Expert's answer:
Ukraine still considers you as its citizen. Contact the embassy of Ukraine to Pakistan to get the latest official info about obtaining a passport.
Talal asks: I am going to start the process for student visa for Ukraine. I just wanted to know that after getting the visa, will they allow me to enter Ukraine due to current ban till 31st October? I am from Pakistan please guide me on this.
Expert's answer:
Entry into Ukraine is still allowed for foreigners, who arrive in the country for the purpose of study. However, you must have an insurance policy to cover the possible costs associated with COVID-19 treatment and observation (issued by an insurance company that has a representative office in Ukraine). Contact the embassy to get more info about it.
Samuel W. asks: I have been talking to this girl in Alchevsk. We have been sending emails back and forth. The emails seem to be true with not asking for money as of today. I did look at the header information on the email and it is pinging from the town of Kyiv City. Is this something that should happen? Are should it be pinging off the town of Alchevsk? Thanks.
Expert's answer:

I'm not sure how you get information about the location of the sender from the header, but it looks suspicious. Of course, those who pretend to be people from the conflict zone in most cases do not live there, because receiving transfers from aboard in the zone is very problematic without international payment systems and banks.

Anyway, until you talk to this person numerous times directly with a webcam turned on (Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.), you can't be sure that this person is real, only emails and a few photos are not enough. A real person in Ukraine can do the above without any problems, even in the conflict zone. If the person refuses to do it for any reason, it is better not to continue communication.

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