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Questions and answers:

Julia asks: I am Ukrainian, my husband is Lebanese, we live in Dubai. Can I pass the Ukrainian citizenship to my child given that he will be born here in Dubai?
Expert's answer:
If you are a citizen of Ukraine at the time of the child's birth, then the child also acquires Ukrainian citizenship. Contact the consulate of Ukraine in Dubai to get more info.
Richard asks: I heard that the Ukrainian military is offering citizenship in 3 years instead of the standard 5 for enlistment service from foreigners. Is this true or just fabrications?
Expert's answer:
Yes, it is true. For foreigners serving in the Ukrainian armed forces, if the conditions for obtaining citizenship are met, it is enough to live on the territory of Ukraine for only 3 years, and not 5. The three-year period begins to count from the moment when the contract of a foreigner with Ukraine comes into force. Read the following article to get more details.
Oleg asks: Hi! If I have an expired non-biometric Ukrainian foreign passport - do I need to cancel it OR it is automatically cancelled because 1) it is expired, 2) it is non-biometric? Thanks
Expert's answer:
Your expired non-biometric Ukrainian international passport is no longer valid, you don't need to do any cancelation. You can contact the local embassy/consulate of Ukraine to get info about obtaining a new international passport. They usually offer this service, but it will take several months.
Amira asks: Hey! I have a question regarding citizenship in Ukraine. What are the laws and regulations there? If my parents are from Afghanistan and got citizenship in Ukraine and we children also, does that mean that my parents have refused their citizenship in Afghanistan? Or are they still citizens of Afghanistan and Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
Ukraine doesn't recognize dual citizenship. So when applying for Ukrainian citizenship, you pledge to terminate your other citizenship. In general it is not an easy task to become a citizen of Ukraine and will take years (the main requirements).
Nick asks: I intend going to study in Ukraine. Will I be granted visa because the agents in Nigeria are saying that I must pay a fee of 1500$ for consular fee before I could get visa. How true is this?
Expert's answer:
It is not true. Check the following official sources about studying in Ukraine and the embassy of Ukraine to Nigeria. Contact them directly to get more details.
Farahmand Sabeti asks: Hi I would like travel from Kyiv to Vinnytsia by getting a full private cabin. How much does it costs?
Expert's answer:
You can book an entire cabin. It will cost you about 50-60 USD.
SG asks: I am going to Ukraine to study at university. I have a passport from India at the moment. I will be applying for a British passport soon. If I get a student visa on my Indian passport, can I later change my passport for the visa to British? Will I need to apply for a new visa?
Expert's answer:
You will need to get a new visa.
Steve asks: Is the city of Pripyat habitable or suitable for visiting now? If not how long will it take for things to become normal?
Expert's answer:
Today, Pripyat is a popular tourist destination, so a short-term stay (several hours) in this area is quite safe, if you take some precautions. Permanent residence in the zone is not yet possible and it will take hundreds of years for this to become a reality.
Maria asks: I am an American citizen. I will be in Ukraine during summer and wonder if I would be able to renew my Ukrainian international passport that expired in 2009 without problem? Thank you!
Expert's answer:
If you have not renounced the citizenship of Ukraine, then you most likely remain its citizen (voluntary acceptance of the citizenship of another country can lead to the termination of Ukrainian citizenship, but in practice this does not work well). So you have the right to obtain a Ukrainian international passport. You'd better also contact the Ukrainian embassy in the US, they usually provide this service (takes a couple of months).
George asks: Is Ukrainian passport offices open? Or they are closed due to quarantine?
Expert's answer:
The lockdown in Ukraine ended on January 25, 2021, so there shouldn't be any problems with the work of the passport offices.

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