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Questions and answers:

Jeff asks: My friend lives in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine and needs to apply for a Ukrainian International Passport to visit me in the US. How is this done, and what is the cost?
Expert's answer:
It's not difficult, a citizen of Ukraine just needs to come to the local passport office, fill out an application, pay the fee, and wait a couple of weeks. The price of an international bio-metric passport in Ukraine is about 20-40 USD and it takes 7-20 working days to get it. Before you are sure that this person is real (regularly talk via Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. with a webcam turned on), you should not send any help.
AL asks: Ukraine refused my visa and I am married to Ukrainian. I am a Nigerian. What should I do? We need to visit y wife's family.
Expert's answer:
As the spouse of a Ukrainian citizen, you have the right to get a Ukrainian visa. You should have an official refusal about the grounds for it. You have the right to appeal this decision, if you think that all your documents are correct or you can correct the mistakes and apply again. Some official info about visa refusal.
Nick asks: How much a student would spend per month living in Kyiv? Please, tell in USD.
Expert's answer:
According to a very rough estimate, the cost of living in Kyiv for a student is about 4-5 thousand hryvnia (about 200 USD) per month, provided that you live in a dorm and cook yourself.
Alex asks: How do I get from Budapest to Chernivtsi Ukraine? Planning a trip in summer if the COVID restrictions are lifted.
Expert's answer:
Check the following article about traveling from Budapest to Chernivtsi.
Liliia asks: I live in the United States and have a green card. I am in the process now of getting my citizenship. My Ukrainian passport expired in September 2020. My mother is having serious health problems. Can I get my passport renewed somehow and how long would that possibly take with this virus going on? Probably nothing can be done quickly?
Expert's answer:
You can get a new international passport in the embassy of Ukraine to the US, but it will take several months. There is another option available. The embassy can issue a document allowing you to return to Ukraine (in your case, because your international passport is expired) - a certificate of return, it should take several days. Contact the embassy of Ukraine to the US to get more details.
Brooklyn (Oksana) asks: Hello! I was born in Kremenchuk, Ukraine in 1999, but adopted by a family from The USA in 2000. I am now 21 years old and am interested in going back to Ukraine to explore my culture and hometown. I still have all the documents relating to my adoption, in both Ukrainian and English, my birth certificate, my (green card maybe?) my Ukrainian passport... am I still considered a Ukrainian citizen even though I'm sure it's expired (being that it was 20years ago)? Also, if I do have citizenship still am I able to move and live there with out any issues relating to that?
Expert's answer:
If you became a US citizen after coming of age (voluntarily by your own decision), then you lost your Ukrainian citizenship as Ukraine doesn't recognize dual citizenship. If it happened before that moment (not voluntarily by your new parents decision), then you are still considered a citizen of Ukraine; the same if you do not have US citizenship. You should contact the embassy of Ukraine to the US to get more info about this issue.
Oleksandr asks: My passport expired October 20/2007 , I am at Chicago , can I renew it, and how long it will take. Thank you
Expert's answer:
If it is about an expired Ukrainian international passport, you can get a new one via the embassy of Ukraine to the US, contact the general consulate of Ukraine in Chicago to get more info. Usually it takes a couple of months.
Alex asks:

Hi, I am Ukrainian and my wife is Swiss. Our children had Swiss citizenship/passports from birth and we did not register them as Ukrainians. I have received also Swiss citizenship recently and plan to exit the Ukrainian citizenship but I face issues since I was told that children should be also involved in the whole process since they are considered Ukrainians by birth even if we have not registered them.

We are basically forced now to first register and get passports for them, including the internal passport for the elder son who has never lived and not planning to leave in Ukraine. And all these steps need to be done so we can exit it after. Is this what the law really says? That children ARE Ukrainians even if holding another passport and not registered as Ukrainians?

Expert's answer:
In general, everything is correct. According to the law "On Citizenship of Ukraine", a person whose parents or one of the parents was a citizen of Ukraine at the time of his/her birth is automatically considered a citizen of Ukraine. So they are citizens of Ukraine now from Ukraine's point of view. Parents have the right to apply for withdrawal from Ukrainian citizenship for themselves and their children like in your case. For children aged 14-18, their consent is required. In this regard, in order to do everything correctly from a bureaucratic point of view, you need to get all the documents in order to officially renounce the citizenship of Ukraine for both you and your children.
leo asks: How many kilometers from Rodatychi to Polish border?
Expert's answer:
The Polish border is located about 43 km west of Rodatychi.
Khrystyna asks: Hello. I am a US permanent resident and my Ukrainian passport is regular and not biometric. I need to travel to Germany and they require a biometric passport for a visa-free entrance. What can be done in this situation? Thank you!
Expert's answer:
As a citizen of Ukraine, you can get a new international passport via the embassy of Ukraine to the US. Contact them to get more info.

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