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Questions and answers:

Emilia asks: Hi, my mother is Ukrainian but now deceased. Am I eligible to apply for a Ukrainian passport? Mama lived in UK after WW2 I have her ID card but no passport.
Expert's answer:
You have the right to become a citizen of Ukraine by geographic place of origin. At the moment, Ukraine doesn't recognize dual citizenship, that's why one of the requirements is to pledge to terminate your other citizenship. Perhaps in the near future this law will be changed and then you will be able to become a citizen of Ukraine and retain your current citizenship.
Chuck asks: How much is rent a month for a spacious 3 bedroom apartment in Ukraine in US dollars?
Expert's answer:
The cost of renting an apartment in Ukraine varies on the specific city. For example, check the prices for apartments with 3 living rooms available for long-term rent in Lviv and Kyiv. The prices usually start at about 500 USD per month.
Sam asks: My wife and I are hosting a refugee who's passport has expired (25/7/21), but there is a stamp in the passport which has an extended expiry date of 25th July 2026. Would this be valid for international travel or does a new passport need to be applied for?
Expert's answer:
An extended Ukrainian international passport is considered valid until the end of the extension period (it cannot be renewed again) and can be used for international travel. For visa-free visits to EU countries, the international passport must be biometric.
David asks: My grandfather came from a town of Starvbychow {that was the spelling on the manifest} any info about it
Expert's answer:
I think it is the town of Stary Bykhaw (Bykhov) in Belarus. Today, it is called just Bykhaw or Bykhov. Brief info about it. More info here (auto-translated from Russian). This town on Google Maps. Also check these photos.
Oluyemisi asks: How long is the waiting time to get a Ukrainian passport for a baby born in Ukraine who is now in Portugal with his parents as a result of the on going war in the country?
Expert's answer:
This service is provided by the embassy of Ukraine to Portugal. According to their site, the process takes at least 3 months. The parents should read the following official article about getting a new Ukrainian international passport in Portugal.
Cathy asks: I have a Ukrainian family staying with me and they have international passports and BRP cards. The children's passports have a handwritten 10 year extension and stamp from the Ukrainian consulate in Krakow. How can these be converted for Ukrainian international passports with recent issue date and expiry date encoded? Does France accept Handwritten extensions?
Expert's answer:
Extended Ukrainian biometric international passports are considered valid and there should be no problems with entering France. It is possible to get new international Ukrainian biometric passports at the embassy of Ukraine to the UK, but the process will take months, as even making an appointment is a problem due to the large number of applications and can take weeks, plus the time for issuing new passports - up to several months. So for travel, just use extended passports and for returning to the UK - BRP cards.
Ian asks: Are there any trains or buses running from Dnipro to Lviv and from Lviv to Krakow? If there are, what is the approximate cost? Thanks
Expert's answer:
There are regular trains and buses running from Dnipro to Lviv, the ticket price is about 25 USD. And here is the timetable of buses running from Lviv to Krakow, about 15 USD. Our advice is not to send any help to a person in Ukraine before you are absolutely sure that this person is real.
Jenny asks: I have a Ukrainian mother and daughter staying with me. The mother has a passport but not the daughter. She has only her BRP. Is it possible for her to obtain a passport from the Iranian embassy?
Expert's answer:
This can be done via the local embassy/consulate of Ukraine. The main problem is to get an appointment, as the queue can be very long. She has to register online and monitor for free spots in the queue constantly here. The queue is 30 days long and free spots appear all the time and are quickly taken, so she should check it all the time.
Eduardo asks: What is the distance from Shostka to Russian border in miles?
Expert's answer:
The shortest distance from Shostka to the Russian border in a straight line is about 44 km (27 miles).
Will asks: Hello. Are there buses operating from Warsaw to Lviv, and back to Warsaw from Lviv? If so, what should I expect at the border crossing from Ukraine to Poland? Does it take many hours or even days to cross into Poland? Thank you.
Expert's answer:
There are regular buses running from Lviv to Warsaw and back. The process of going through border control can take several hours.

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