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Questions and answers:

David asks: I am considering marrying my Ukrainian girlfriend. I am a resident of USA. If I marry in Ukraine will that be considered a legal marriage here in the USA. Thank you.
Expert's answer:
It will be considered legal marriage. In general, it will be easier for you if you register your marriage in the US (if you plan to live in the US), the only difficulty will be obtaining a visa for your bride. If the marriage is concluded in Ukraine, then the process of family reunion after marriage with a citizen of the US will take 7-12 months, since you will have to prove that the marriage is not fictitious in the US consulate in Ukraine. Also in the US, some states only recognize church marriages.
Larry asks: USA citizen married 5 years to Ukraine citizen living in USA, will retire to Ukraine. Do I need a visa before leaving USA or can I start residence application when arrive Ukraine since married 5 years already. Thank you.
Expert's answer:
As a citizen of the US, you don't need a visa to enter Ukraine, if your stay doesn't exceed 90 days in 180 days period. To get a permanent residence permit in Ukraine, you need to get an immigration permit. Immigration permits beyond the established quotas are granted to a spouse, if the other spouse with whom he/she is married for longer than two years is a Ukrainian citizen. So you have the right to get an immigration permit. When in Ukraine, you should go to the local office of the Migration Service of Ukraine to get more info about the process.
Kathryn asks: I was adopted from Kharkiv when I was 16 months old. I now live in America and do not speak Russian. I want to return to Ukraine and go to Kyiv, Kharkiv, and other places. I want to learn both Russian and Ukrainian in the future, but I want to go to Ukraine in 3 years. What language should I learn first?
Expert's answer:
I would personally choose to learn the Russian language at first. The reasons are simple. It is spoken by much more people in the world, most people in Ukraine also know Russian and speak it especially in the eastern part of the country including Kyiv and Kharkiv. Also, the cultural heritage in Russian is much larger, primarily literature.
Anastasia asks: Hello, I was born in Ukraine but moved to the US with my parents. They received US citizenship and I also received it automatically (I was a minor at the time). I have a US passport and Ukrainian international passport (I did it at the Ukrainian embassy in the US) but not an inner Ukrainian passport. Am I still considered an official citizen of Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
If you yourself haven't renounced your Ukrainian citizenship, then Ukraine still considers you to be its citizen. You have the right to obtain an internal passport of a citizen of Ukraine, if you want. But it is possible only in Ukraine, the embassy can't issue it. To enter Ukraine, you will have to show your Ukrainian international passport. To return to the US, you will show the document confirming that you are a citizen of the US.
Ben asks: Pls my Ghanaian friend will like to study in Ukraine and she has got an invitation from one of the universities in Ukraine. Can she get a visa by a language course in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
She should check the following official site about studying in Ukraine, ask them directly, if she still has any questions.
Blessing asks: My interview was on the 5th of march 2020, i had a mail sent to be that my documents is on transit on the 16th of march. Today is 23rd march i have not gotten my documents. N/B i paid for courier, please should I be worried? I gave them my originals
Expert's answer:
Due to the current epidemiological situation, it is likely that it will take more time to deliver these documents to you. You just have to wait patiently. Anyway, entry into Ukraine is prohibited at the moment and this ban will last at least several weeks.
Ololade asks: I'm in my second. I'm studying medicine in Dnipro, Ukraine. I'm having troubles paying my tuition fee. What work would you recommend I do?
Expert's answer:
Check the following list of jobs offered to students in Dnipro. You can also try to offer your services to medical centers located in Dnipro.
Nadiia asks: Good afternoon, I am a Ukrainian citizen, however, I also became a US citizen. My Ukrainian passport is expired and and I can't go with the US passport to see my family in the Ukraine because of the corona virus. What can I do to be able to enter Ukraine? Can I renew my Ukrainian passport from the US even though I am a US citizen too? Thank you
Expert's answer:
Since Ukraine doesn't recognize dual citizenship and you haven't terminated your Ukrainian citizenship, Ukraine still considers you a citizen of Ukraine. This gives you the right to get a Ukrainian international passport at the embassy of Ukraine to the US. But I am not sure how long it will take to get it in the current crisis conditions. You can also ask the embassy about getting a certificate for return to Ukraine, which can be issued faster. Contact the embassy directly to get more info.
Rohit asks: As a Ukrainian citizen when I travel to Dubai do I need to show a minimum amount of funds equalling to 500usd
Expert's answer:
There are no such requirements. In 2020, Ukrainians can enter the UAE without visas, if they have biometric passports. They can stay in the UAE for up to 30 days. The passport must be valid for another six months after returning from the tour.
Howard asks: My wife is a Ukrainian National with U.S. citizenship. We have a 14 year old son who we would like to attend an international school in Kiev for a year. What are the visa requirements?
Expert's answer:
To live and study in Ukraine for one year, your son, as a citizen of the US, should get a long-term (D type) visa. You can find the official visa requirements on the site of the embassy of Ukraine to the US. You can also contact the following site devoted to studying in Ukraine, maybe they can provide additional info.

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