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Questions and answers:

Marina asks: My mother was born in Ukraine and my grandparents were born, and lived all their lives in Ukraine. I still have relatives in Ukraine. Can I obtain a Ukrainian passport?
Expert's answer:
You have the right to become a citizen of Ukraine by geographic place of origin, more info on the site of the Migration Service of Ukraine.
Edward asks: Is it safe to visit Kyiv during this time? Is it better to take trains or buses to travel from Germany to Kyiv?
Expert's answer:
As of mid-March 2023, visiting Kyiv is pretty safe. In my opinion, traveling by train looks more preferable as it is a safer and more comfortable means of transport, albeit slower.
Karen asks: Can I post a parcel from UK to a friend in Irpen, Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
Yes, delivery of parcels by postal services to this place is carried out as usual.
Carrie asks: I've applied for visa for more than a month now and it's not yet out. Why please
Expert's answer:
The process of obtaining a visa at the embassy/consulate of Ukraine officially takes from 10 to 30 working days. Contact the embassy/consulate directly, they may be able to provide more information.
Laura asks: My grandfather was born in 1921 in Izmail (then Rumania, now Ukraine). How do I obtain his birth certificate?
Expert's answer:
You should start by contacting the State Archives of Odesa Oblast. Also try to get in contact with Romanian archives.
Sam asks: Is passport office in Lviv working?
Expert's answer:
The branch of the Migration Service of Ukraine in Lviv continues its work and provides, among other things, services for obtaining passports. You can check their work schedule yourself on the site of the Migration Service of Ukraine (automatically translated into English).
Alex asks: I've found documents that prove my grandfather was Ukrainian and lived in Ukraine. But I lack my and my mother's original birth certificates. Obtaining replacement birth certificates would be very problematic. Can I apply for citizenship with copies? Is it possible to acquire Ukrainian citizenship on the grounds of geographic place of origin during the period martial law? Thank you!
Expert's answer:
According to the information that I have found, you need original documents confirming that you are a relative of a citizen of Ukraine. Also don't forget that you will have to pledge to terminate your current citizenship, not sure if it's worth it (official information on the site of the Migration Service of Ukraine). You can also contact the Migration Service of Ukraine directly.
Guch asks: Are there buses funning from Kharkiv to Warsaw? Is it really dangerous to rude bus from Kharkiv to Poland? Is it really 365 EUR to ride bus or the prices on Omio is correct?
Expert's answer:
There are regular buses running from Kharkiv to Warsaw (via Kyiv), the price is about 60 USD (so the price of 365 EUR is not true), check this timetable. The trip is relatively safe as the front line is not near Kharkiv at the moment. Please be very careful and don't send any help to any person in Ukraine before you are absolutely sure that this person is real.
Kathy asks: I'm searching for a city in 1906 called Raditch, Ukraine. My grand mother was from there.
Expert's answer:
I think it is the village of Radych located in Lviv Oblast of Ukraine. Here is its location on Google Maps with some photos. Also check the following article about it.
John asks: What is utility bill in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
In 2022, almost immediately after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Ukrainian government imposed a moratorium on the rise in the cost of utilities. In 2021, the average monthly household spending on utilities was about 4,000 UAH (110 USD). It should also be noted that utility debts are growing rapidly. In the territories where active fighting is taking place, only about 10% of people pay for utilities, in central Ukraine - 50-70%, depending on the region, in western Ukraine - about 80-85%.

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