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Questions and answers:

Andrea asks: Hi, I have obtained the Italian citizenship with an Italian passport, I still have the Ukrainian passport. I am going to be in Ukraine in March and I would like to know if I can travel only with my Italian passport and if I could get any problem in doing so. Thank you in advance.
Expert's answer:
Ukraine doesn't recognize dual citizenship and still considers you a citizen of Ukraine. Thus, to cross the border, you will need to have both passports, you will show your Ukrainian passport to Ukrainian border guards, and use your Italian passport when returning to Italy.
C asks: I want to get the overnight train from Kyiv to Melitopol. How much is it to get the whole cabin to yourself?
Expert's answer:
It will cost you about 100-150 USD. You can check the following official site where you can book railway tickets.
Andrew asks: when I got my new bio-metric Ukrainian passport was I supposed to cancel my old passport?
Expert's answer:
Usually, in the process of getting a new passport, your old passport is taken from you. If you still have your old passport, then it is valid until the expiration of its term, it is not necessary to return it.
Sandy asks: My father was born in Ukraine. He became a US citizen in 1950's. Am I eligible for a Ukrainian passport? Are my children eligible as well?
Expert's answer:
You have the right to acquire Ukrainian citizenship by geographic place of origin. The main issue is that Ukraine doesn't recognize dual citizenship and you pledge to terminate your current citizenship, when applying for Ukrainian one.
Khaled asks: Currently I'm in the process of having a student visa from my home country in Egypt but I'm living in Kuwait and I have sent my passport to get the visa stamped. Is it okay for me to travel to Ukraine from other country than where I got my visa from?
Expert's answer:
If you have valid documents (your passport and Ukrainian visa), you shouldn't have any problem entering Ukraine.
Pratap asks: Like to know about the public transport from Zaporozhya to Kiev Borispil airport journey time and frequency.
Expert's answer:
There are regular daily trains running from Zaporozhye to Kyiv, the trip takes about 7-10 hours, the ticket price is about 10-20 USD. Our advice is not to send any help to a person in Ukraine, before you are absolutely sure that this person is real. You should arrange your live meeting in Ukraine (in Kyiv). A real person can do it without your help, a fake one will find a number of issues why it is not possible or your help is required to do it. Otherwise you are doing it on your risk.
Mark asks: I have a package in the Ukraine and it's lost in the system I sent from the US.
Expert's answer:
According to this tracking service the last known stop was in the US. Maybe it stuck somewhere in the port of Europe, especially when you consider that this is the time of transport strikes in France.
Galyna asks: I am originally Ukrainian and got American citizenship in 2015. I have Ukrainian passport and trying to find out what I should do about it. Should I return it? If yes, how? I am going to Ukraine to visit my family and I want to make sure that there would no issues with having Ukrainian passport.
Expert's answer:
If you don't terminate your Ukrainian citizenship yourself, Ukraine considers you to be its citizen and you can visit the country with Ukrainian documents, if they are not expired. Ukraine doesn't recognize dual citizenship. However, you will not have problems if you use documents proving that you are a US citizen to visit Ukraine without a visa, but in this case your stay should not exceed 90 days in 180 days period. So if you want to stay longer and don't want to obtain a Ukrainian visa, you can enter Ukraine as a Ukrainian citizen (with valid Ukrainian international passport) and leave it as a citizen of the US to return to the US without problems. Here are the contacts of the embassy of Ukraine to the US, which can issue a new international passport if you need one.
Joshua asks: I am a student of building and civil engineering in Kharkiv. I want you to recommend a construction company for me where I can do my internship as an international student that speaks English.
Expert's answer:
Check the following list of construction companies operating in Kharkiv.
Nikki asks: I'm an international student coming to study in Ukraine in September 2020, are the living expenses in Kyiv higher compared to other states?
Expert's answer:
Yes, on average, prices in Kyiv are higher than in most regions of Ukraine. For example, prices for a number of food products are about 20-30% higher. However, the salaries in Kyiv are higher too and, in general, this city offers a great number of different opportunities.

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