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Questions and answers:

Jack asks: Is email service to Odessa still working?
Expert's answer:
There are no problems with access to internet and, in particular, to e-mail in Odesa. If someone claims otherwise, then you are being deceived.
Paul asks: Can Ukrainians turn up at the Ukrainian embassy (without an appointment) to extend a child's passport?
Expert's answer:
According to official information from the sites of the embassies of Ukraine, the reception of Ukrainian citizens who need to extend the validity of a passport is carried out exclusively by appointment on the site online.mfa.gov.ua.
Vicky asks: Is it possible to travel to the USA (required entry visa is in place) and back to the UK (permanent residency BRP card is in place) on an extended non biometric Ukrainian passport and is it necessary to hold any additional paperwork ready at hand when crossing the borders?
Expert's answer:
An extended Ukrainian non-biometric international passport is considered valid until the expiration date of its extension and, with a valid US visa, it can be used to enter the US, no other documents are required to cross the border. And a permanent residency BRP card can be used to return to the UK. The main limitation of the Ukrainian non-biometric international passport is that it doesn't allow visa-free entry to the EU countries, but this is not your case.
Jack asks: If getting the train from Warsaw to Kyiv, will I have a problem and delay at the border regarding entry, like showing passport, health insurance?
Expert's answer:
According to the information that I have found, passport control is carried out upon arrival in Kyiv and takes about 30 minutes. If your documents are in order, there should be no problems.
Danny asks: How much will cost a taxi service from Donetsk to Kramatorsk?
Expert's answer:
As of May 2023, there is no regular transport connection (taxi, buses, trains) between Donetsk and Kramatorsk, as this means crossing the most active sector of the front. Anyone who claims otherwise is just lying to you. Please be very careful when financially helping people from Ukraine, especially when it comes to those parts of the country that are controlled by Russia. In our experience, these are almost always scammers.
E. McDowell asks: Can a family who is in the USA on humanitarian parole through the United for Ukraine program renounce their Ukrainian citizenship while they are here in the US? In this particular case, the family consists of 3 children and 2 adults. If so, can the parents make the request on behalf of the children, or do the children need to reach a certain age and make that decision themselves? If so, what ages do they need to be?
Expert's answer:

In short, yes it is possible (parents can also do it for their children) via the embassy of Ukraine to the US, but this is a rather bureaucratic and lengthy procedure. They can check the following article on the procedure for renunciation of Ukrainian citizenship.

In general, I'm not sure that there is any urgent need to start this process at all, Ukrainian citizenship will not be an obstacle to obtaining US citizenship, for example. Moreover, the very fact of having another citizenship is the basis for the automatic termination of Ukrainian citizenship, since Ukraine doesn't recognize dual citizenship. However, in practice this is rarely done.

So they should think thoroughly before starting this procedure, which may not be possible without returning to Ukraine.

Tom asks: How far is it from Bakhmut to the Russian border?
Expert's answer:
The closest Russian border (in a straight line) is located about 104 km to the southeast of Bakhmut.
Vik asks: I was born in Ukraine (never held Ukrainian passport). At age 11 I moved to US where my mother lived who also was born in Ukraine, but obtained US citizenship before I moved, so when I did I was given US citizenship automatically. Would I be considered as having dual citizenship or just the US citizenship?
Expert's answer:

In accordance with Ukrainian legislation, a person automatically becomes a citizen of Ukraine, if the parents or one of the parents are citizens of Ukraine at the time of his/her birth. So for Ukraine you are still considered a citizen of Ukraine.

However, Ukraine doesn't recognize dual citizenship and can deprive its citizenship of persons who have another citizenship (your case). In practice, this is almost never done. But the issue of your US citizenship will definitely arise if you, for example, contact the Ukrainian embassy in the US to obtain Ukrainian documents, most likely you will be refused for this reason or they will ask you to pledge to terminate your US citizenship.

Sumit Hooda asks: Hi, I am an Indian national working in Russia, my wife is Ukrainian national and my children as well hold Ukrainian passports. My children's passports are expiring in September, can they be renewed in Dubai?
Expert's answer:

Their Ukrainian international passports can be extended (only once and not earlier than in 2 months before the expiration date) in the consulate of Ukraine in Dubai.

The only official way to get an embassy/consulate appointment is via the following online queue. This queue is 30 days long, which means that free spots appear all the time, but they are quickly taken, so you have to check it all the time and I mean literally every 10-15 minutes.

Jaedyn asks: Hello, I was born in Ukraine in 1999 and was adopted in 2000. Then I became a US citizen. I was told that my Ukrainian citizenship expired when I turned 18. But recently, I found that is not true. Can you tell me if I am still considered a Ukrainian citizen?
Expert's answer:

If after reaching the age of 18, you yourself haven't renounced your Ukrainian citizenship or your guardians did not do this before you reached the age of 18, then you are still considered a citizen of Ukraine.

However, Ukraine doesn't recognize dual citizenship. Thus, the fact that you are a US citizen may serve as a basis for terminating your Ukrainian citizenship. In practice, this almost never happens, but this issue will definitely arise if you, for example, come to the Ukrainian embassy in the US to get Ukrainian documents.

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