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Amy asks: I have family in Berdyansk and have never visited before, and would like to see where my Grandma lived and talked about. Is it safe? I'm travelling from Australia.
Expert's answer:
Berdyansk is located quite close to the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine, about 100 km. So, certain risks exist. However, at the present time, the situation is stable, just follow the news and avoid going there in case of aggravation of the conflict.
Ron asks: Is it safe to travel and stay in Mariupol if not what would be the closest safe city to stay in?
Expert's answer:
Today, as of May 2017, it is relatively safe to visit Mariupol. However, it is located near the conflict zone and the territory east of the city is not safe.
Richard asks: Is it safe to visit a lady in Kherson? I'm from the UK.
Expert's answer:
Kherson is not located near the conflict zone, so from this point of view it is relatively safe to visit this city. Street crime is average, nothing special. Here is the list of incidents in Kherson to understand the situation better. You can use the following service to autimatically translate sites from Ukrainian/Russian.
Rod asks: Is it safe for Americans to visit Lugansk alone?
Expert's answer:
Lugansk city is definitely not the safest place in Ukraine but it will not be too dangerous if you follow simple rules: don't walk alone in the evening/night time, especially not in the central parts of the city; be more careful if going to night clubs/other public places and avoid conflicts with local people; don't carry a lot of cash (use Visa/Mastercard, there are a lot of ATMs/banks in the city).

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