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Questions and answers:

Micki asks: Ukraine measures 603,7 thousand square km, how many square miles is that, and how many square miles is Moldova and Belarus?
Expert's answer:
The total area of Ukraine (land+water) is 233,000 square miles, Belarus - 80,200, Moldova - 13,068.
Vikki asks:

Hi, both myself and my son hold Australian and Ukrainian passports. My son was born in Australia and his father is Australian. We reside in Australia. I applied for his Ukrainian citizenship shortly after his birth as I am also Ukrainian and have a family back in Ukraine.

Two years ago I renewed our Ukrainian passports and we now both have biometrical passports. I am planning to go back to Ukraine to visit my family in July and am hoping for a stress free border crossing at Boryspol airport. Last time I traveled to Ukraine in 2017 we got stranded at the border control on the way back as the authorities needed my son father's permission for him to leave the country.

According to their laws he is Ukrainian and needs the other parent's permission when leaving Ukraine. The border control officer called out another officer and they nearly had a concilium there to solve this problem. They eventually let us go .... What can I do next time to avoid this painful process? Can you help?

Expert's answer:
I have found the following. A child who is a citizen of Ukraine has the right to leave Ukraine without the father's consent if the father is a foreigner or a stateless person and is not in the database at the checkpoint. So you should immediately mention this fact when passing control. More info about this issue.
Guest asks: What's Ukraine's religion?
Expert's answer:
Ukraine is a secular state. About 60% of the population of the country doesn't consider themselves believers or belong to any confession. The absolute majority of the remaining religious population - over 90% - profess Christianity, of which about 20% are Catholics, 30% - Protestants, the rest - Orthodox. The number of people professing Islam is about 1%.
Grace Bemus asks: What holidays can you not work in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
Here is the list of holidays and non-working days in Ukraine in 2017. You can use this service to translate sites from Ukrainian/Russian.
Kehinde asks: How do you greet people in Kherson, Ukraine? Do you have different greetings for morning, afternoon and evening?
Expert's answer:
There is a number of different greetings:
  • Good morning = Dobroye utro
  • Good afternoon = Dobryy den'
  • Good evening = Dobryy vecher
  • Hello, hi = Privet (less official) or Zdravstvuyte (more official), both for any time of the day
Mick asks: How do you line up a persons address when sending them something from the US. Name then street?
Expert's answer:
It will look something like this: To: Ivan Ivanov Address: ulitsa Lenina, d.10, kv.100, Berdyansk, Zaporozhye oblast, Ukraine - "ulitsa" is "street", "d." - "house", "kv." - "apartment". You can also write the postal (zip) code of the place, if you have one, either at the beginning of the address or at the end. Also the following official info about international mail from the site of Ukrainian postal service may be useful.
anna asks: What was the system of Ukraine in 1996- presidential-parliamental or the other way round? And what is it today?
Expert's answer:
From 1996 till 2004 Ukraine was presidential-parliamentary republic and from 2004 it is parliamentary-presidential.
Moataz asks: Does the Ukrainian people need to show the customs in the airport that they own 500$ to travel to Egypt?
Expert's answer:
I could not find any official documents regarding the issue asked.
Akeem asks: I came to Ukraine legally to study, but unfortunately had financial problem which took me out of school for the past 2 years. Since then I have been living in Ukraine illegally but now I want to go back to school. What can I do?
Expert's answer:
I think you should ask your question to the specialists - Ukrainian lawyers, I have found the following site offering numerous contacts of Ukrainian lawyers and law firms. It is on Russian language but you can translate it by using the following service.
Mike asks: Does your country or your doctors and hospitals offer any type of health insurance. It seems as though if you don't have a job you have to depend on free healthcare of which it appears is not the best.
Expert's answer:
Here is the site devoted to medical insurance in Ukraine and here is the list of insurance companies offering such services. The info is on Russian but you can get the translation by using the following service.
Michael asks: I am going from Texas to Kiev. Do I need special plug for computer charger etc. and if so what kind electric outlet, thanks.
Expert's answer:
If your computer supports both 110 (US standard) and 220 (Ukrainian standard) Volts you just need to buy an adapter. If it supports only 110 Volts (which is more possible for a computer made for US customers) you will need to buy transformer 110 to 220 Volts (the cost is about 10-20 USD).
Michael asks: Time difference Ukraine and UK?
Expert's answer:
The time difference between UK and Ukraine is +2 hours (UTC+2).
Frances asks: What are the best souvenirs to buy and in which towns?
Expert's answer:
I am not sure about towns but I have found a shop offering various Ukrainian souvenirs - Shop of one street.
Patti asks: How many regions are in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
Ukraine consists of 24 oblasts (regions), Autonomous Republic of Crimea and 2 cities of country importance (Kiev and Sevastopol having equal rights with oblasts).
Michael asks: What are the largest cities in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
Top 5 Ukraine cities by population:
1. Kiev (2,600,000)
2. Kharkiv (1,471,000)
3. Dnipropetrovsk (1,065,000)
4. Odessa (1,029,000)
5. Donetsk (1,016,000)
Dord.dido asks: How do I write «I'm madly in love with you!» in Ukrainian?
Expert's answer:
You should write like «Ya bezumno tebya kohaiu» in Ukrainian or «Ya bezumno tebya lublu» in Russian.
Faye asks: Is physical fitness popular in the Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
Nowadays it is obvious that physical fitness is not popular among the majority of Ukraine people, but the tendency is positive. The market of mass sport related services increased 35% in 2007 and the same is going to happen this year. For now physical fitness is popular among the elites and the forming middle class.
chris asks: What is Ukraine's second largest city?
Expert's answer:
The Ukraine's second largest city after Kiev (2 679 652) is Kharkov (1 461 000). The third one is Dnepropetrovsk (1 039 000).
Visitor asks: I want to send SMS message to Ukraine. What should I do?
Expert's answer:
You can use the following English friendly service–Send SMS – Kyivstar.
Visitor asks: What is correct «Ukraine» or «the Ukraine»?
Expert's answer:
There is such question whether it is correct in political or cultural way to refer to Ukraine as «Ukraine» or «the Ukraine». Answer: «the Ukraine» is incorrect while «Ukraine» is correct.

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