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Questions and answers:

David asks: I am considering marrying my Ukrainian girlfriend. I am a resident of USA. If I marry in Ukraine will that be considered a legal marriage here in the USA. Thank you.
Expert's answer:
It will be considered legal marriage. In general, it will be easier for you if you register your marriage in the US (if you plan to live in the US), the only difficulty will be obtaining a visa for your bride. If the marriage is concluded in Ukraine, then the process of family reunion after marriage with a citizen of the US will take 7-12 months, since you will have to prove that the marriage is not fictitious in the US consulate in Ukraine. Also in the US, some states only recognize church marriages.
Anita asks: Sir, can an Indian student studying Mbbs in Ukraine apply for Ukrainian PR, and how?
Expert's answer:
You can find official info about obtaining a temporary residence permit on the site of the Migration Service of Ukraine. One of the most common ways is to marry a Ukrainian citizen.
Rik asks: I am an International Student coming this September, 2019 to study in Ukraine. So, After 4 years of Bachelors course or in between this 4 years how can I get permanent resident of Ukraine? is marriage only option to get PR in this 4 years of time?
Expert's answer:
Marriage to a Ukrainian citizen allows, after a 2-year period, to obtain a permanent residence permit and citizenship of Ukraine. It is the fastest and most popular way to do it. You can find more info on the site of the Migration Service of Ukraine.
Greg asks: If my Ukrainian J1 Visa expired while in the USA and I got married in America and have applied for my Green Card, may I travel to Ukraine and back to the USA? I do have my AS-I 512 Advance Parole card and US marriage license.
Expert's answer:
It is recommended not to leave the U.S. until receiving the green card as you may have various problems. Check this article.
Vandy asks: Is church marriage allowed in Ukraine if a boy is Indian and girl is from Zaporozhye?
Expert's answer:
The main requirement for getting married in the church is that both should be baptized in the Orthodox Church. If it is not so, it is important at least one month before the expected date of the wedding to come to the church and discuss the nuances with the priest. Sometimes it is allowed to marry people, even if someone is not Orthodox, but on the condition that children born in this marriage will be baptized into Orthodoxy.
NellaMarie asks: Does Ukraine recognize a marriage that occurred in the United States? Is it considered valid or does the American spouse also need to be married in Ukraine for it to be recognized in both countries?
Expert's answer:
Yes, this marriage is recognized in Ukraine and it is not necessary to be married again. However, a marriage registered abroad must be legalized in Ukraine if the couple wants to have the rights and guarantees established by the laws of Ukraine for the spouses, such as: hereditary rights, medical rights, parental rights, etc. This is not a complicated procedure, you should contact the consulates of Ukraine in the United States to get more information.
Patrick asks: Why is Nikolaev called the city of brides ?
Expert's answer:

Since the foundation of Nikolaev there is a story explaining why it is called "the city of brides". In the early years the population of Nikolaev included a large number of unmarried men. Women and girls from the surrounding villages gathered on Admiralskaya Square on Sundays.

Men and women were lined up on the square in two rows opposite each other going close after a special sign. After that all together in pairs they were going to church to get married. According to the priest of Admiralsky Cathedral Stephan Zaushkevich the couples occupied the entire inner area of the cathedral.

Dave asks: Hi I very much enjoy your web site. I visit it everyday and find it very helpful, you do good work here. With that being said I'm hoping you can inform me of all the necessary documents and paperwork that must be completed for a foreign citizen to be allowed to be married in Ukraine. Three times now I have visited girlfriend and we wish to marry upon my return. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Expert's answer:
I have found this organization providing articles and support for foreign citizens marrying in Ukraine. The articles are on Russian but you can have general translation by using the following service. Also you will find some contact emails in the articles provided so you can ask them about all the details and documents required. Good luck!
Samson asks: I am married to a Ukrainian. Do I have a right to stay on the basis of my marriage to her in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
The foreign citizen married to the citizen of Ukraine has the right to live in Ukraine on regular basis.
Gurumurthi asks: Is it possible to an Indian to marry Ukrainian lady and can he stay with his Ukrainian wife in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
Yes the answer is the same as for the previous question. The foreign citizen has the right to marry the citizen of Ukraine and has the right to live in Ukraine on regular basis. For more details and documents required I recommend you to contact the embassy of Ukraine in India, contact emails are emb_in@mfa.gov.ua and embassy@bol.net.in
Dave asks: Can you please settle a dispute between co-worker and myself. He is married to Ukrainian lady and said he married her there but he is not a legal resident of Ukraine, I have several Ukrainian friends and they all tell me only residents can marry but a non-resident can have what is called a promise ceremony instead of a wedding. This is not recognized as a true marriage correct?
Expert's answer:
Well, according to the Family Codex of Ukraine there are no problems in official registration of marriage of Ukrainian citizen and the citizen of another country with all the rights and duties.

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