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Questions and answers:

Richard asks: Are buses running between Warsaw and Kyiv?
Expert's answer:
Yes, check the following schedule of buses running from Warsaw to Kyiv.
Jan asks: What are the current options to travel safely from Donetsk to Kyiv or Lviv?
Expert's answer:
There are no direct buses or trains running from Donetsk to Kyiv/Lviv. So at first the person should go from Donetsk to Russia, there are regular buses running to Rostov-on-Don. From there, to get back to Ukraine is possible through the Baltic countries or Poland.
Sie asks: How much is it for a bus ticket from Odesa to Warsaw currently with martial law in Odesa and the war?
Expert's answer:
There are direct buses running from Odesa to Warsaw, the trip takes about 24 hours and the ticket price is about 50 USD.
Ed asks: I am meeting a friend from Krasnodon and we are meeting in Kharkiv and she says that she needs to go by taxi of about 300km to a bus station for the last 200km. Does this sound reasonable? Are the buses unsafe or not reliable or how do you find out about bus schedules? Thanks.
Expert's answer:
It is not true. There are regular buses running from Krasnodon to Kharkiv, the price is about 25-30 USD. You should not send anything before your meeting, a real person can afford this trip and you will be able to help afterwards anyway.
Mark asks: What does it cost to travel from Severodonetsk to Kharkiv?
Expert's answer:
There are regular buses running from Severodonetsk to Kharkiv, the price is about 9-14 USD. As we receive similar requests almost every day, our advice is not to send any help to a person in Ukraine before you are absolutely sure that this person is real. At least talk to this person several times via something like Skype with a webcam turned on. After it, you can move to the next step - meeting in Kyiv, a real person can afford this trip and you will be able to help afterwards anyway. Otherwise you are doing it on your risk.
Ray asks: What is the nearest train station to Uman. Travelling from Kyiv.
Expert's answer:
You should go from Kyiv to Uman by bus, there is a number of daily buses available, the trip takes about 3 hours, the price is about 8-10 USD. Check this timetable of Kyiv-Uman buses.
Stuart asks: How can I travel from Melitopol to Berdyansk today, and what should I be paying?
Expert's answer:
The following schedule of buses running from Melitopol to Berdyansk will probably be useful. The following service can be used to translate the sites from Russian.
casmir asks: How many hours from Sumy to Dnepropetrovsk by train and how much money does it cost?
Expert's answer:
There is no train running from Sumy to Dnepropetrovsk, here is the schedule of Sumy bus station and there are several buses on Sumy-Dnepropetrovsk route. The trip takes about 5-6 hours. You can translate the sites from Russian/Ukrainian by using the following service.
Robert asks: Is it possible to go from Nikolaev to Uman by bus and how much is the fare?
Expert's answer:
I found that there is daily bus running from Nikolaev to Uman. The bus leaves Nikolaev at 09:20 local time and arrives to Uman at 16:50. Unfortunately I don't have the information about the exact fare but it is somewhere about 10-20 USD.
alex asks: Is there a train from Borispol airport to Uman?
Expert's answer:
I found the schedule of the buses running from Borispol to Uman. This service to translate it from Russian.
Jh asks: Where can I find information about bus connections from Berdyansk? Is there a bus connection from Berdyansk to Simferopol? From Berdyansk to Melitopol?
Expert's answer:
According to the schedule from Berdyansk bus station site there are regular buses running to Melitopol (departure at 7:55; 8:40; 9:50; 12:50; 16:10; 17:00 local time). No buses to Simferopol but there is one to Sevastopol located not so far away (departure at 6:15). There are also several buses going to other cities of Crimea available. The following service to translate from Russian.

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