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Omkar asks: I'm 2nd Yr medical student from India studying at Danylo Halytsky's Lviv national medical University. Can we do Internship of 1 yr after completing 6 Yr General medicine course? If yes what is the procedure?
Expert's answer:
This university has a faculty of postgraduate education, which offers internship programs. Pay them a visit or contact them directly to get the latest official info about your case.
Ammu asks: My owner cancelled my apartment registration few months back. I am an international student. Will the university expel me for it?
Expert's answer:
I don't think that you can be expelled from the university for this reason. If your study contract with the university is valid, you pay the tuition fee, your student visa is valid, then you can continue your studies. Perhaps the university can provide you with a place in a dorm.
Yabets Fotsum asks: I want to come to Ukraine with a factory work visa, but is it possible to get education with the free time I got?
Expert's answer:
As far as I know, you will not have problems with getting an education in this case. But you'd better get in touch with people from the following official site dedicated to studying in Ukraine.
yusuf asks: I came to Ukraine on November, and I'm registered for a preparatory course. my question is that: what should I do to change to English?
Expert's answer:
You should try to contact people from the following official site about studying in Ukraine.
Talal asks: I am going to start the process for student visa for Ukraine. I just wanted to know that after getting the visa, will they allow me to enter Ukraine due to current ban till 31st October? I am from Pakistan please guide me on this.
Expert's answer:
Entry into Ukraine is still allowed for foreigners, who arrive in the country for the purpose of study. However, you must have an insurance policy to cover the possible costs associated with COVID-19 treatment and observation (issued by an insurance company that has a representative office in Ukraine). Contact the embassy to get more info about it.
Shehun asks: Hi. I am an international student and I want to study stomatology at Kyiv medical university. When I am done, would I be able to work in the United States or United Kingdom?
Expert's answer:
You can do it, but it will not be easy as you will have to go through a complex procedure of confirming your knowledge and skills. Check this article about confirming your diploma in the US. You can use Google Translate, if you need translation.
Emmanuel asks: Ive got my legs shivering in my boots simply because my Ukrainian student visa interview is on monday so please would you mind assisting me on questions I'll br asked during the interview, I'd appreciate, I'm from Nigeria. Thank you
Expert's answer:
Unfortunately, I don't have any info about exact questions, but probably they will be about your reasons to study in Ukraine, the university where you are going to study, your future profession and plans, etc.
Vincent asks: I want to study llb law in Ukraine, how much do universities charge for tuition for llb students in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
Here are the most popular universties in Ukraine offering educational services in the field of law and the annual cost of tuition in 2015: National University of Kyiv (35,000 UAH or about 1,400 USD), Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (32,000 UAH or 1,300 USD), Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University (22,400 UAH or 900 USD), Odessa Law Academy (19,310 UAH or 770 USD).
Yury asks: Where is school #13 in Vinnitsa?
Expert's answer:
I have found the site of Vinnitsa school #13. The address is Karl Marx Street, 1. The contact email is sch13@ukr.net You can use this service to translate sites from Russian or Ukrainian.
Amol Kakkar asks: Which is better Kharkov national medical university or Crimea state medical university for Indian students?
Expert's answer:
I think, Kharkov medical university can be better because more foreigners are studying in it comparing to Crimea medical university. But you should explore the sites of both universities yourself to get all the info possible: Kharkov National Medical University and Crimea State Medical University. Good luck!
Rita asks: I am originally from Lvov, Ukraine residing in Atlanta, GA, USA. I graduated from Kuznetsov Highschool in 1977 and trying to find my original highschool diploma. I am not sure if you can help me to locate appropriate organization or give me some leads. I will be truly thankful for your help.
Expert's answer:
Unfortunately I could not find your school, probably it has another name today. Here is the list of Lvov city schools, may be it can be useful. I think you should try to contact Ukrainian detective agencies, probably they can help you find the document you need. Several sites and contacts pages: first, second, third. You can use the following service to translate the sites from Russian.
oleh asks: What percentage of schools from grade one to grade 8 are registered as Ukrainian language instruction schools. How many hours a week are conducted in Ukrainian and in Russian, for the different schools, from grade one to grade 8. Thankyou
Expert's answer:
You should better send your request to Ukrainian schools, probably they can offer such info. I found the following list of Ukrainian schools that may be useful (schools are separated by cities). You can use this service to translate the pages from Russian.
Seana asks: I have been admitted to both Kharkov and Crimea med schools, which is the better option in regard of accreditations, foreigner-friendly, affordability,etc?
Expert's answer:
I have found several articles about the universities and the official sites: about Kharkov medical university and official site; Crimean medical university and official site. The following service can be used to translate from Russian.
Kojo Iverson asks: Please I would to know the official bank of Kharkiv National Medical University that I can pay my application fees to.
Expert's answer:
I think you should ask the officials of the university about this issue, here is the official site of Kharkiv medical university.
Laimi asks: I have been admitted to Ternopil state medical university for 2011 academic year but I failed to get a study loan in my country Namibia. My question is: Is there a specific company or organization that offer study loans to international students? Even if I have to work in Ukraine after my studies. Please respond.
Expert's answer:
I think you should contact the officials of Ternopil state medical university and ask if they have such programs available. Here is the site of the university, the contact email is university@tdmu.edu.te.ua Good luck!
Bright asks: How long does it take to get invitation from Kharkiv national medical university in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
I think you should visit the official site of Kharkiv National Medical University to get the info required. There is a special enquiry form for the questions about the university on the site.
Mohammed asks: What is the full contact address of Lugansk State Medical University?
Expert's answer:
The postal address of Lugansk State Medical University is Ukraine, Lugansk city, 50 years of Lugansk defense Square, 1. Contact phones: +380-642-63-02-63, +380-642-63-02-69. Email: kanc@lsmu.edu.ua You can find more info on the official site of the university.
Ali asks: What is the postal address of Lugansk state medical university?
Expert's answer:
The postal address of Lugansk State Medical University is Ukraine, Lugansk city, 50 years of Lugansk defense Square, 1. Contact phones: +380-642-63-02-63, +380-642-63-02-69. You can find more info on the official site of the university.
Marquie asks: What is the contact number for Teachers' Training Institute in Kirovograd?
Expert's answer:
It is officially called «Kirovograd state pedagogical university». The contact numbers are: (+38-0522) 22-86-50; 29-31-39; 22-25-69; 29-31-01.

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