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John H asks: Does anyone know if I need to produce an international driving permit to hire a car? I hold a full UK license.
Expert's answer:
Every foreigner coming to Ukraine for the term of less than one year has the right to use the driving license of his home country if it meets the requirements of international convention of road traffic.
Gavin asks: I visit Ukraine regularly as a tourist and have been renting a car. Now I have bought a new car but the registration cannot be completed without a passport entry showing my address in Ukraine. I own the house in which I live. How may I obtain the passport stamp showing my address?
Expert's answer:
You can try to go to the local passport office for the stamp.
Jordanna asks: Does Lutsk have car rental agencies?
Expert's answer:
I have found one agency. Here are the contacts: address Ukraine, Lutsk city, Kravchuka Str., 44A; contact phones: 8 (03322) 3-44-27, 8 050 609-77-99, 8 050 920-14-00; email lutsk@autodrive.ua
student 007 asks: How can i buy a cheap car in Kiev, as a foreigner. a friend told me about temporary registration for foreigners. pls what are the processes and how much would it cost me?
Expert's answer:
I have found several firms that will help you. First one–Interdean International Relocation. Address: Kiev, Okipnoi R. Str., 8, room 116. Contact phones: 8 (044) 576-73-70, 8 (044) 569-06-52, 8 (044) 576-74-78. E-mail: kiev@interdean.com. Second firm–private entrepreneur Sergey Dmitrenko (Kiev). Contact phone: 8 (044) 592-16-96. E-mail: dmitrenko-sergey@yandex.ru. Good luck

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