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Questions and answers:

Russell asks: Is mail still getting to the village of Hornostaipil, as of today 10/15/23? And is there anyway to know if our adopted Ukrainian daughter's grandmother is still there?
Expert's answer:

The postal service of Ukraine continues to operate in Ukraine. There are several post offices open in this village, so there should be no problems with delivery of letters/parcels there. Although there may be some delays.

I'm not sure how you can find out anything about a specific person from this village. You can try to contact officials of the Vyshhorod district, which includes this village (office@vyshrada.gov.ua), here is their Facebook page. Maybe they can provide more contacts, for example volunteers, who can check this.

Judith asks: Are there any records in the city of Jewish residents living in Smela from 1870 to 1920?
Expert's answer:
You can contact the Association of Jewish Communities of Ukraine. The following site may be useful too. You can contact Cherkassy oblast archive. If necessary you can translate the sites from Russian/Ukrainian by using this service.
Jan asks: What is the best way to try to contact present-day relatives in Ternopil Oblast? I do not read/write Ukrainian. We had last contact with family members via letters in 1971 so we probably have the wrong present-day addresses. Thank you for any help you may provide.
Expert's answer:
You can try to contact Ukrainian detective agencies, may be they will be able to help you. I found the contacts of several agencies (first , second , third).
Robert Kehle asks: My grandfather's family came from Derophiuwka and Valerianuwka, Ukraine during the 1800's. Do you know where these villages were located?
Expert's answer:
I found two villages named Valer'yanivka in Ukraine. The first one is located in Donetsk oblast, the second - in Volyn oblast. Could not find information about Derophiuwka.
ALBERT GRAD asks: Information about my family who lived in Ukrane near Odessa in a village called Kreshupa about 1912 or 1915.
Expert's answer:
I think you should send your request to the local archive. Here is the official site of Odessa oblast archive with some contacts. This service to translate from Ukrainian. Unfortunately I could not find any information about the village Kreshupa.
gorbatch asks: I would like to trace my ancestors. Please tell me what I have to do.
Expert's answer:
You should contact Ukrainian archives.
Jim asks: I am trying to locate a relative of mine named ... he is living in Ukraine. He would be 53 years old... He is a truck driver... Hope you have some luck in locating him...
Expert's answer:
Unfortunately we have no such services as finding people in Ukraine, checking for addresses, phone numbers etc. You should better contact the specialized detective agencies.
Igor asks: How can I view some information about my relatives in Kremenchug?
Expert's answer:
According to the phone book of Kremenchug city there are 100+ people with the last name you have mentioned in your question so I need more info about your relatives to give you some contact phones. Also you may try to ask for help the detective agencies operating in Ukraine.
Nina Hutchison asks: My mother was born in Makeevka. Are there records that go back as far as 1912? I don't speak Russian that well and would like to find out more about my mothers background?
Expert's answer:
I have found the official site of Makeevka town. And here is the English version of Makeevka city official site. They have a special page to ask City Head a question. Try to use this form and I hope you will receive the answers you need. Good luck!
Ted Pawcio asks: How I might find information regarding my Ukraine heritage?
Expert's answer:
You should contact Ukrainian archives.
Violet Kaufman, rima, annie asks: What can you say me about searching relatives in Ukraine.
Expert's answer:
I have received several letters concerning searching of relatives in Ukraine. You can start by sending request to Ukrainian regional archives.

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