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Questions and answers:

Joe asks: Can you give me an idea of clean, affordable apartments in the Sevastopol area. I would like to visit that city, museums, etc during week of 18 September, 2011
Expert's answer:
I have found several sites offering apartments for rent in Sevastopol (first, second, third). Also the following list of Sevastopol hotels may be useful too. This service to translate from Russian.
Peter asks: Is it possible to rent apartments for 1-2 weeks in Nikolaev?
Expert's answer:
It is possible, here is the list of the apartments available for rent in Nikolaev. The information is on Russian but you can translate it by using the following service.
Jaff asks: Hi I am looking for rate and site for Pavlograd Ukraine flat, cheap one looking for 13-18 days. Also would like to know is food cheap or expensive? Thanks
Expert's answer:
Try to send your request to the following email vis.realt@meta.ua belonging to the company offering some apartments to rent in Pavlograd. May be they will be able to help you to find something. As for the food prices, they are not high so it will not be a problem.
Munir asks: Is there furnished apartments for short term rent and is there casino for gambling like roulette in Cherkassy?
Expert's answer:
Here is the contact form from the site of the organization offering short terms renting of apartments in Cherkassy city. Try to contact them and ask for the details. As for the casinos, according to Ukrainian law of 2009 casinos are forbidden in Ukraine, so they are on illegal status now. But today the new law about casinos is under development and soon there will be some possibilities to open legal casinos in Ukraine again.
Jeff asks: I am wanting to rent a apartment in Pavlograd. Can you help with any sites I can check?
Expert's answer:
I have found the contact email of the real estate agency «Nechayev» offering various apartments to rent in Pavlograd city. The contact email is anatolik@multinet.dp.ua
Stephen asks: I need to rent an apartment in Makeevka. Do you have any contact suggestions?
Expert's answer:
Here are several offers of apartments to rent in Makeevka (on Russian unfortunately but may be the phone numbers will be helpful).
Adrien asks: I would like to buy a house in Ukraine as I have been there three times. I love this country .....can I do so ? Then how about a flat? Do you the average price in Kharkiv for 2 bed room flat ..as I am French do I have the right to live in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
According to current Ukrainian laws citizens of foreign countries have the equal right with Ukrainians to buy real estate. But in case of selling it foreign citizens have to pay special tax. You have the right to live in Ukraine permanently if you ask for and receive the special documents for permanent residence in the country. The prices for the flats vary greatly but the average is about 70,000 USD.
Peter asks: I would like to know what is a reasonable price to rent an apartment in Odessa.
Expert's answer:
According to the latest info I have found it will cost you about 1500-3000 UAH (Ukrainian hryvnas) equal to 200-400 USD (hryvna-to-dollar rate of 05.29.2009) per month for 1-2 rooms apartment.

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J Gilyanna
Your Site

I have been visiting your site for almost 2 years. Your accurate, proper and direct information given to the people that ask questions is amazing. I myself have asked questions and received very useful information from you.

I have also recommended your site to my friends that are becoming interested in knowing about Ukraine. I would like you to know that we appreciate your candid help. Sincerely, Joseph

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