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Questions and answers:

Bill asks: Can you help me write an address?
Expert's answer:
Here is an example of how to write an address (random address in Kyiv). To: Ivan Serhiyovych Ivanov. Address: 02000 (postal code), Ukraine, Kyiv, Tarasa Shevchenka Ln (street), 13 (building #), 2 (apartment #).
Br asks: I'm trying to write someone who lives in Ukraine. This is what she sent me as an address. What information am I missing in order to send a letter to her from the USA? I know her name goes in the top portion of the address but after that I'm a little confused.
Expert's answer:
In general, the address that is mentioned in your request is already enough, but if you write it in more detail, it will look like this: 51400 (the postal code of Pavlohrad) Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast (the region where Pavlohrad is located), Pavlohrad, Shevchenka Street, 136 (the number of the building), 27 (the number of the apartment).
Stefan asks: I need to enter my Ukrainian address into an official online form. If my city was Kyiv, what would be the most correct response for "State" (and it can't be left blank)?
Expert's answer:
If "state" in this document means a region of Ukraine, then for Kyiv you can enter Kyiv Oblast. Kyiv is the administrative center of Kyiv Oblast, but oddly enough it is not part of it and has a special legal status, but I think this is not important in your case.
Maria asks: What is the current name for 31250 Ukraine Volchansk, Kharkiv region, Volodarskogo Street?
Expert's answer:
The Ukrainian name of the town of Volchansk in Kharkiv Oblast is Vovchansk. Volodarsky Street was renamed Dukhovna Street. The postal code is also not correct. The postal code of Vovchansk is 62500.
Erik asks: I am looking for the zip code in Vinnitsa for this address A. Morozovoy Street, dom 42. I understand the postal code in the city is 21000. But that is not the only postal code for the city.
Expert's answer:
I have found the postal code of this street (21023) but according to the list there is no house #42 (source). You can translate the site from Ukrainian by using the following service.
Brian asks: Could I get the street address of the post office on Lyustdorfskaya road, Odessa? I think it is 29
Expert's answer:
I have found two post offices on Lyustdorfskaya road in Odessa. The first one is post office #59 on Lyustdorfskaya road, 56. The second one is post office #88 on Lyustdorfskaya road, 125a. If necessary you can use the following service to translate the sites from Russian/Ukrainian.
Dovena asks: I need to find a postal code for Levitana Str 114 in Odessa, Ukraine. Can you please assist me?
Expert's answer:
The postal code of Odessa, Levitana Str., 114 is 65114.
Billy asks: Is this a legitimate address? Address...
Expert's answer:
Unfortunately we have no such services as checking for the information about people, addresses, phone numbers in Ukraine. You should better contact specialized detective agencies.

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