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Questions and answers:

Victor asks: Is it better in terms of accreditation, certificate recognition and student coexistence, to school in Kiev medical university or vn karazin national medical university?
Expert's answer:
Bogomolets National Medical University in Kyiv is the best medical university in Ukraine according to the latest rating.
Emmanuel asks: I am a Ghanaian citizen who had an invitation to study in Ukraine, unfortunately for me I lost all documents after passing immigration in Kiev and would want to know how I can go back to my country?
Expert's answer:
The functions of the embassy of Ghana to Ukraine are performed by the embassy of Ghana to Russia. You should contact them to get help.
dylan asks:

I paid school fees for a language course and i was given a posvidka (resident permit) by my school/immigration, which will expire august next year (august 2019). The school resumed after the language course and I have not paid my registration fee yet and I am waiting for my salary and money from my parents.

But I got a message from my agent telling me that my school is about to terminate my posvidka and I will be rendered illegal in Ukraine. Is that really possible? I thought my posvidka will last for at least one year. Please an immediate response will be highly appreciated. I am confused.

Expert's answer:

Your residence permit can be terminated only by the office of the Migration Service of Ukraine that issued it. One of the reasons for them to do it is university graduation in most cases but also expulsion from the university (if the student did not pay tuition or pass the exams).

From the moment of expulsion a foreigner has no right to be in Ukraine. So you should better contact your university directly right now, explain your situation, tell them when you will get money, and agree on the deadlines for this payment.

Joshua asks: Good day. I am an African and I intend studying in Kirovohrad. Please would like to know if there is any form of racism there and if I would be able to work part time to enable me cover for my tuition for the next year.
Expert's answer:
Today, the number of crimes on racial grounds in Ukraine is relatively small, about two dozen recorded cases per year. There are a lot of foreign students studying in the country, Ukraine is cooperating with the European Union, so in general there is no big threat in this regard. Foreigners need to get a work permit or residence permit to work officially in Ukraine, the documents are issued by the local office of Ukrainian Migration Service. The average salary in the country is about 300-400 USD per month.
Kaskade asks: How much do piano lessons cost in Ukraine? Is there a way to learn for free?
Expert's answer:
The cost is about 5-10 USD per lesson (1 hour) in Kyiv. You can use this service to translate sites.
Waleed asks: How much money is enough for a month to live as a student in Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
The average salary in Ukraine is about 200-300 USD per month, so this sum is already enough to live in the country. As a student living in a dorm, it will be enough for you too. But if you want to rent an apartment, then you will need more, about 500+ USD per month in total.
Esther asks: Hi, am a foreigner and would like to study nursing in Ukraine. I already have an RN wanting to have BSN. I really want to know the cost, length of study and if I would be permitted to work as a student over there.
Expert's answer:
You should check the sites, contact the officials of the following top Ukrainian medical universities located in Lviv, Kyiv, Chernivtsi.
Simon asks: When are school holidays in Ukraine in 2016?
Expert's answer:
In the 2015-2016 school year, summer school holidays will begin on May 27 and will last until September 1.
Ali asks: I am an arab and I want to study in Ukraine. Is it possible that I can work and study at tbe same time? I can speak English and German fluently, does that help me?
Expert's answer:
Students can work while studying in Ukraine, there are no restrictions of any kind, limitations, etc. But everything will depend on you, if you can study well (have good grades) and still find some time to work (may be at evening/night time, etc.), it is possible. Your language skills will certainly be helpful. Check the sites of the following two large universities located in Kiev that have a lot of foreign students: Taras Shevchenko National University and National Technical University of Ukraine.
Masoud asks: Would you give me some resource for university? I'm a student of Art/ Animation! If I come to your city or Ukraine can I find somewhere to study? But the way I want to come with some invitation!
Expert's answer:
The following list of Kremenchug universities will probably be useful (more universities). This service can be used to translate sites from Ukrainian or Russian.
Reginald Quaofio asks: Which website is the right for Kharkiv National Medical University?
Expert's answer:
Here is the site of Kharkov medical university (English friendly).

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