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Questions and answers:

carl asks: How much is 100.00 USD be in UAH money?
Expert's answer:
It is about 2,700 UAH (Ukrainian Hryvnia).
Miguel asks: I'm traveling to Ukraine, can I take cash or do they accept visa, american express?
Expert's answer:
I don't recommend you take a lot of cash with you. You should better have your Visa/Mastercard with you, Ukrainian banks accept them.
Mark asks: What is a Hryvnia compared to a Dollar?
Expert's answer:
The current exchange rate (January 2012) is about 8 Ukrainian hryvnias per 1 USD.
Andrew asks: Does a citizen of Ukraine need to show 2000USD to be able to leave the country for a visit to England, do they need to show this sum to immigration officials to gain entry, thanks.
Expert's answer:
I have not found any official documents about the issue.
Adham Aly asks: What can you say me about sending money to Ukraine...
Expert's answer:
According to our policy we are not giving any advices regarding the issues related to financial transactions.
Jaff asks: I am planning of a trip to Dnipropetrovsk for 10-15 days. And I like to know how much pocket money should I have with me for 2-4 people, like for coffee, and lunch.
Expert's answer:
I have found the following online price of one of Dnipropetrovsk cafes that can be helpful to calculate the money needed. To have the general translation you can use the following service. The exchange rate is about 8 hryvnas for 1 USD.
Jay asks: Are there any western union offices in Kremenchug?
Expert's answer:
Almost all the banks of Kremenchug city offer the service of transactions by western union system.
Lesya asks: I worked in Ukraine for 15 years until 2004 but now live in the UK. Will I still receive the normal Ukrainian state pension when I retire?
Expert's answer:
I think you should ask your question to the authorities of Ukrainian pension fund.

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