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Questions and answers:

Michelle asks: I was adopted from an orphanage in Zaporozhye, Ukraine but not sure which one. How could I figure that out?
Expert's answer:
You can try to contact the following charity foundation located in Zaporozhye, probably they will be able to provide some contacts.
Ali asks: Hello, is it possible for a person that was born in Ukraine to an Ukrainian mother but living after that abroad (after the age of 6 months), to obtain the Ukrainian Nationality from the Ukrainian Embassy at the country where he lives? Thank you.
Expert's answer:
The child remains a citizen of Ukraine until reaching adulthood (18 years). You should contact the local embassy of Ukraine for more information, if you need some documents.
Iryna asks: Me and my husband are from Ukraine. we want to adopt one or two children from Western Ukraine. I'm looking for agency that can help me to do that. One I contacted- charging $10.000. Because I don't need any translation ,or many thing they offer to Americans, I don't want to pay so much money. Is any other way to adopt children like Ukraine citizens or for less pries?
Expert's answer:
Try to contact people from this site. They probably will be able to help you. The site itself has plenty of information about adoption related issues.
Piper asks: We are trying to get the address for the Baby Orphanage #1 where we adopted our son in 2002. We want to contact them about bringing our son back to visit this year. Thank you for your help.
Expert's answer:
The address of the Lviv Baby Orphanage #1: Lviv, Tadzhikskaya Street, 21. Contact phones: +38 032 71 22 08 or +38 0 322 71 22 08, and +38 096 377 85 67. Director: Mariya Stepanovna Chernick. Also, I have found the following video of this orphanage, may be it will be of some use.
cozi asks: We are looking for a birth parent of our daughter we adopted. We are told she lived in Nikopol, Ukraine. Is there a way you can find this woman? Thanks!
Expert's answer:
You can try to contact Ukrainian detective agencies, I have found some contacts: first, second, third. You can use the following service to translate the sites from Russian.
Jade asks: I was born in Ukraine in 1993 and I was adopted and I came to Canada would it be possible if I could contact anyone to see were my real family or background is?
Expert's answer:
I think that first of all you should contact the orphanage you were taken from to find out if they have the info you are looking for. Also you can try to contact the people from the following site about adopting in Ukraine may be they will be helpful.
Dick asks: I am looking up some information for a girlfriend who was adopted about 8 years ago from Makeevka, Ukraine, through the Ministry of Education. She was born in Makeevka and has a lot of questions about her past! Who can I address to with these questions?
Expert's answer:
Here is the contact email from official site of Makeevka city Council, Executive Committee and City Head makrada@makeyevka.dn.ua Also I have found the contacts of one of the volunteers helping the orphanages of Donetsk oblast (Makeevka city orphanage also) and I think you can try to contact her and ask for help (Yulya contact phone 8-050-265-14-89 or +7-050-265-14-89).
Emilia asks: My husband and I live in Canada. We are interested in adoption in Ukraine, we were wondering how we could go about doing that in your country?
Expert's answer:
You can find plenty of useful info on the following site devoted to adopting from Ukraine.

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