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Questions and answers:

Eliot asks: Can you mail to Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
Yes, delivery to Ukraine by mail is still possible (not to the parts of Ukraine controlled by Russia). More details can be found on the sites of the following postal services: Ukraine's National Post and Nova Post.
Karen asks: Can I post a parcel from UK to a friend in Irpen, Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
Yes, delivery of parcels by postal services to this place is carried out as usual.
Lucy asks: I have been told by a girl living in Ukraine that post from the UK to Ukraine is not operational but I can post using New Post from Poland and this arrives... is new post the best option?
Expert's answer:
You should contact the Ukrainian postal companies directly to get the latest info about this issue: The Postal Service of Ukraine and Nova Poshta.
Ernest asks: Is mail making it to the U.S. from Odessa Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
According to the site of the Postal Service of Ukraine, they still provide this service. Although this is of course complicated by the fact that there are power outages. You can also send them a direct request: ukrposhta@ukrposhta.ua
Nika asks: Can I send something from another country to Ukraine now? The post is working?
Expert's answer:
Yes, the Ukrainian postal service continues to operate in most of the territory of Ukraine.
David asks: Does Ukraine have post offices or mail services if i want to write to someone? Would I put the address in Russian or English?
Expert's answer:
Here is the site of the Ukrainian Postal Service. You can write the address in English, for example, something like this: To: Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich. Address: 10000 (postal code of Zhytomyr) Ukraine, Zhytomyr, Lenina Street, 1 (house), 1 (apartment).
Rick asks: Does postal system work in Lugansk? Or does Fed ex-Ups deliver to that city?
Expert's answer:
As of March 2017, Lugansk is not under the control of Ukraine and the Ukrainian postal service doesn't provide its services in the city, as well as FedEx, UPS. There are no reliable and fast ways to deliver anything to this region.
jam asks: I didn't include my postal code to the address but I indicated the city. Also I didn't include my flat number. Will I encounter problems in receiving my parcel.
Expert's answer:
The postal code is not mandatory, it is used for faster mail delivery. As for the apartment number, its absence is much more critical, because employees of the local post office will not be able to send you a notice that they have received the parcel. Thus, you will have to go to the local post office to find out whether the parcel has arrived or not.
Bryan asks: What is the fax and phone number of the main post office in Krivoy Rog?
Expert's answer:
The contact phones of main post office of Krivoy Rog I have found: +380 564 923040, +380 564 923016, +380 564 923015. The address is Karl Marx Ave.(Prospekt), 26.
Ana asks: I would like to know the adress of post office station in Odessa, Ukraine. Tks
Expert's answer:
The address of main postal office of Odessa is Sadovaya Street, 10. Contact phones: +380 48 726 65 40, +380 48 726 74 93, +380 48 726 66 19.
nitin asks: What is the postal code of kvartal Dimitrova in Lugansk?
Expert's answer:
Kvartal Dimitrova is located in the center of the city so the postal code is the same as the general postal code of Lugansk - 91000.
Cemo asks: What is the postcode of Vinogradovka?
Expert's answer:
I have found the village Vinogradovka located in Odessa oblast of Ukraine. The postal code of the village is 68733.
James Brown asks: What is the zip code for Vinnitsa Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
The zip code for Vinnitsa city is 21000.
Franklin asks: How do I get in contact with main postal office in Lugansk?
Expert's answer:
The postal address of Lugansk city main postal office is Ukraine, Lugansk city, Pyatyorkina Str., 8. Contact phones are +380-642-52-74-37, +380-642-52-24-31, +380-642-52-44-84. Unfortunately I have found no emails of this postal office.
Scott asks: Hi just wondering my friend she gave me her address, but the way she wrote it not sure if Lugansk, Ukraine has zip codes like here in US do they have zip codes there?
Expert's answer:
Yes, every city and town in Ukraine has its own postal (zip) code (to be more exact every post office of the city or town has its own postal code). For example Lugansk city general postal code is 91000 (main post office) but the whole range of the postal codes of Lugansk city is 91000-91479.
Irene asks: What is the zip code for Odessa, ul. Breusa 61?
Expert's answer:
The zip code you are asking about is 65017.
Bob asks: What is the zip code of Bolgrad, Ukraine?
Expert's answer:
The general zip code of Bolgrad city of Ukraine, located in Odessa oblast (region), is 68700. All zip codes of the city are in the range of 68700-69706. The phone code is +380-4846.
Keith asks: Is there just one postal code for Lugansk? 91000? Regards.
Expert's answer:
Yes, Lugansk (Luhansk) city of Ukraine has one postal code–91000.
maesie asks: I want to contact someone but understand the post code has changed. The old post code was 284014–Can you give the new post code please.
Expert's answer:
The new post code of Ivano-Frankivsk city is 76000.

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