Uzhgorod city, Ukraine (Uzhhorod)

The capital city of Zakarpattia oblast.

Uzhgorod overview

Uzhgorod or Uzhhorod is an administrative center of Zakarpattia region located in western Ukraine. The city stands on the banks of the Uzh River.

There is a railway station and an airport in the city. It is an important highway hub of the region.

Population - 117,000 (2012).

Area code - +380 312; postal codes - 88000-88499.

Uzhgorod city flag

Uzhgorod city flag

Uzhgorod city coat of arms

Uzhgorod city coat of arms

Uzhgorod city map location

Uzhgorod history

Uzhgorod is one of the most ancient cities in Ukraine. East Slavic tribe of white Croatians founded their first settlements in this area before the 9th century, when Ungvar settlement turned into a fortress.

In 903, the Hungarians crossed the Carpathians and occupied the town defeating the army of prince Laborets on the territory of present Slovakia.

More Historical Facts…

Some believe that the name “Hungary” itself derives from the Hungarian name of Uzhgorod – Ungvar.

The town continued widening its boundaries being ruled by the Hungarian Kingdom. In 1241, Batyi’s Mongols burnt the town.

In 1318, the Hungarian feudal lords Druget began to rule the town and it lasted 360 years. Philip Druget constructed a new castle. It is preserved till nowadays.

In the 16th-17th centuries, the town grew economically, but, at the same time, it turned into an arena of fight between the Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant religions.

In 1707, the town became the residence of Ferets II Rakotsy, the leader of the national liberation war of the Hungarian people.

On Septemebr 10, 1919, Zakarpattia area was passed to Czechoslovakian Republic. In 1938, the city was passed to Hungary. On October 27, 1944, it was set free of Hungarian and German armies by Soviet troops. In 1945, Uzhgorod State University was opened.

In 1945, Zakarpattia became the part of the Ukrainian SSR. In January 1946, Uzhgorod received the status of the capital of the newly formed Zakarpattia region.

Since 1991, it is the least populated and most western regional center in Ukraine.

Uzhgorod features

Uzhgorod is an important industrial center of the region. Local industries include manufacturing of machine tools, furniture, veneer as well as food-processing industries.

The Uzh River divides the city into the right-bank part with the historical center and the left-bank part. Uzhgorod is located near the boundary with Slovakia, there are two crossing points.

The climate is of moderate continental type, with hot summers and mild winters. In the north, Uzhgorod is protected from cold winds by the Carpathians.

The average temperature is 9,7 degrees Celsius above zero. It is the lowest in January (2,8 degrees C below zero) and the highest in July (19,9 degrees C above zero).

Uzhgorod National University

“Uzhgorod National University”, the state higher educational institution, is one of the classic universities of Ukraine holding the highest accreditation level.

According to the Ministry of Education and Science, the university is in the list of the Top 12 universities of Ukraine. It is among the Top 10 leading scientific centers of the country.

In all fields of study, the university offers extensive learning of foreign languages, mastering of information technologies, promotes creating of informational ties on different levels.

Uzhgorod streets

The Art Museum

The Art Museum

Author: Vladymyr Bysov

Uzhgorod Castle

Uzhgorod Castle

Author: Vladymyr Bysov

Uzhgorod architecture

Uzhgorod architecture

Author: Balassa Botond

Uzhgorod sights

In 1930s, Czech architects created an architectural ensemble of Uzhgorod center in the form close to constructionism.


Uzhgorod Castle. It is one of the best preserved medieval fortifications on the territory of Ukraine. In its current form, the castle was rebuilt after 1322, when the town became a possession of the Italian family Drugetti.

Today, the castle is occupied by the Regional Museum of Local Lore presenting exhibitions of folk art, spiritual culture, ethnography, firearms.

In the basement, you can find the “torture room” (the exhibits are recreated from medieval drawings, engravings).

There is a restaurant “Uzhgorod Castle” with a summer terrace, and Transcarpathian wines tasting room. Kapitulnaya Street, 33. Opening hours: 10:00-17:00, day off - Monday.

More Museums…

The Museum of Folk Architecture. The Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life is a stylized ethnic village located in the heart of the city.

The museum has examples of wooden architecture of different peoples of Transcarpathia. Kapitulnaya Street, 33-a. Opening hours: 10:00-18:00 (10:00-17:00 in winter), day off - Tuesday.

The House of Zhupanat (The Art Museum). This massive building on a hill in the center of Uzhgorod was built to house local administration (“zhupanat”).

Nowadays, it is the Art Museum named after J. Bokshay with an exhibition of works of Ukrainian, Hungarian, Russian and Western European artists. Zhupanatskaya Square, 3. Opening hours: 10:00-17:00, day off - Monday.


Goryanskaya Rotunda (St. Anne Church). It is the most ancient church in Zakarpattia, a unique monument of the Roman-Byzantine architecture, built in between the 10th and the 13th centuries.

Inside the church, unique frescoes, created by Italian masters of the school of Giotto in 1360-1370, are preserved. Goryany, Museum Lane, 6.

More Churches…

The Holy Cross Cathedral. It is the main Christian church of Uzhgorod built in 1642-1646. The initiator of its creation was Count Janos Drugetti who invited Jesuit monks to construct it.

After the liquidation of the Order of the Jesuits in 1773, the cathedral was given to the Greek Catholic diocese and was rebuilt in 1779. In 1991, the cathedral was returned to the Greek Catholics. Kapitulnaya Street, 9.

St. George Catholic Church. This Roman Catholic church was built in the 17th century. In the 18th century, the church was rebuilt in the Baroque style. The bell tower has a clock running for more than 150 years now. Voloshin Street, 9.

Uzhgorod views

Korzo Street

Korzo Street

Author: Vladymyr Bysov

Uzhgorod - the Old Town

Uzhgorod - the Old Town

Author: Dennis Kutuzoff

Uzhgorod administration

Uzhgorod administration

Author: Telishevskyy Hennadiy

Other places of interest

Korzo Street. This paved pedestrian street located in the center of Uzhgorod connects Koryatovich Square with Voloshin Street. Translated from the Italian “Korzo” means “a place for walking”.

It is a favorite walking place of locals and visitors of the city. There are many cafes and shops, facades of old buildings are restored.

The Linden (Sakura) Alley. It is the longest linden alley (2.2 km) in Europe, stretching along Nezavisimosti (Independence) quay and Students quay. Due to the fact that different lime trees were planted here, the alley blooms all summer.

In spring, in late April - early May, at Pushkin Square and adjacent to the quay streets of Dovzhenko and Rakoczy, hundreds of sakura trees bloom. Thousands of tourists come to Uzhgorod to enjoy this really beautiful and thrilling view.

Sakura is recognized as one of the sights of the city. Japanese ornamental cherry was brought here from Vienna in 1923. Today, it grows all over Uzhgorod.

More Places…

The Botanical Garden. The Botanical Garden of Uzhgorod National University was created in 1946. The total area of the garden is about 4.5 hectares.

It is a monument of landscape architecture of national importance with exotic plants brought from all over the world.

The collection of the garden includes about 3,800 species of plants. I. Olbrakht Street, 6. Opening hours: 8:00-16:00 (tours: 9:00-14:00), days off - Saturday, Sunday.

The wine tasting room “Chardonnay”. This wine tasting room was opened in the old city center by the winemaker A. Kovacs in 2007. It can accommodate up to 60 visitors at a time.

At first, visitors watch a movie about wine-making in Transcarpathian region. After it, they can taste wines made by the most famous wineries of Transcarpathia. Voloshin Street, 18-b.

Uzhgorod places of interest

The former synagogue in Uzhhorod

The former synagogue in Uzhhorod

Author: S.Shugarov

The Museum of Folk Architecture

The Museum of Folk Architecture

Author: Vladymyr Bysov

The Folk Architecture Museum

The Folk Architecture Museum

Author: Vladymyr Bysov

The main reasons to visit Uzhgorod

  1. Legends and ghosts of Uzhgorod castle. The castle is a trustful guard of the city and its spiritual defender, one of the most ancient in Ukraine.

  2. The pedestrian bridge which fulfills wishes. One of the most ancient and famous bridges in the city links two absolutely different parts of Uzhgorod - the Old town and the New town.

  3. The lime-tree alley. The alley is in blossom all summer long due to lime-trees of different species.

  4. Sakura blossom time. At late April - early May, the city changes: hundreds of sakura trees are in blossom - there are pink-white flowers everywhere.

  5. The Museum in Vedmina Yama (“the Witch’s Pit”). It is one of the first museums in the open air in Ukraine. Zakarpattia museum of folk architecture is located on the site of the former Vedmina Yama (“the Witch’s Pit”). In medieval time, Zakarpattia witches were burnt there. Nowadays, the museum is a unique ensemble of the Ukrainian national heritage.

  6. Korzo Street. It is the trade heart of the city. The street retained the appearance of the old town. Korzo is the most beautiful part of Uzhgorod.

Uzhgorod hotels

There is a number of hotels in Uzhgorod. After reading some visitors’ reviews, we can recommend the following hotels offering quite good level of service.

Hotel “Uzhgorod”. This hotel is located in the center of the city, on the waterfront, close to the railway station and the airport. 128 comfortable rooms, single and double. The price includes breakfast, parking, Wi-Fi.

The restaurant “Uzhgorod” has a classic interior, piano, Ukrainian and European cuisine. The additional services include a conference room, taxi call, transfer, laundry, currency exchange, ATM, booking air and train tickets. B. Khmelnitsky Square, 2. Phones: +38 0312 61 90 50 (reservation), +38 0312 61 90 70 (management).

More Hotels…

Hotel “Old Continent”. The hotel is located in the center of Uzhgorod. The new building in the Art Nouveau style, the atmosphere of the 19th century. The interior has marble, crystal, rare woods, antique furniture.

30 rooms are divided by style: classic and modern (Art Deco). Each room has unique design, autonomous climate control, Wi-Fi.

On the ground floor, there is a restaurant (European and Ukrainian cuisine). The additional services include a conference room, tours, parking. S. Petefi Square, 4. Phone: +38 0312 66 93 66.

Hotel “Olymp”. This hotel complex is situated next to the city park “Bozdoshskiy” and the Uzh River. The distance to the airport - 2 km, the railway station - 2 km, the Slovak border - 3 km.

36 comfortable rooms with all the comforts of European standards. The restaurant “Olymp” (European, Ukrainian and Transcarpathian cuisine).

The additional services: parking, billiards, bowling, ATM, pool, sauna, gym, 2 tennis courts, guided tours. Glentsa Street, 4. Phones: +38 0312 64 33 44, +38 0312 64 08 79.

Hotel “Ungvarskiy”. It is a fitness center built on the site of the old hotel with the same name (1876) with a bath complex, sports club, recreational and rehabilitation center, gym.

44 rooms with all the comforts, Wi-Fi. There is a restaurant, and a wine tasting room. Elektrozavodska Street, 29. Phones: +38 0312 61 65 65 (reception), +38 066 346 00 55 (cell).

Mini-hotel “Villa Pi”. This small two-storey hotel is located in the historic center of Uzhgorod, close to the castle and the cathedral.

8 comfortable rooms. There is a wine restaurant in the basement and a terrace. The price includes breakfast, Wi-Fi, parking. It is not allowed to smoke in the hotel. The additional services include laundry, tours, transfer. Kapitulnaya Street, 22. Phone: +38 0312 61 40 01.

Mini-hotel “Mala Praha”. It is located in the historic district of the city, 1 km from the city center.

7 comfortable rooms of different categories. Each room has air conditioning, cable TV. There is a cafe-bar and a summer terrace. The additional services: sauna, Wi-Fi, parking, transfer, laundry. Bachinsky Street, 68. Phones: +38 0312 63 95 68, +38 066 805 80 80 (cell).

Uzhgorod city, Ukraine photos

Uzhgorod sights

Uzhgorod Castle

Uzhgorod Castle

Author: Ihor Ilko

The Holy Cross Cathedral

The Holy Cross Cathedral

Author: S.Shugarov

Orthodox chapel

Orthodox chapel

Author: S.Shugarov

Orthodox church in Uzhgorod

Orthodox church

Orthodox church

Author: S.Shugarov

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