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Nikolaev history - the beginning

Since the end of the 15th century, the history of Southern Bough’s left bank was closely related to Ukrainian warriors Cossacks. They founded their hamlets here and organized river crossings.

The 18th century was marked with a number of Russian-Turkish wars, aimed at releasing Slavic lands from the Osman Empire.

After liberating the territory between Dniester and Southern Bough rivers and receiving a right to travel the Azov and Black Sees freely the Russian Empire proceeded with creation of navy.

Nikolaev history - the foundation and developing

In the year of 1784, the bastion was walled up on the site of present Nikolaev. In 1789, prince Potemkin-Tavrichesky founded naval and ship building settlement on the peninsula after fusion of Ingula and Southern Bough rivers.

Nikolaev was built according to a special planning - with straight streets and districts of a regular shape. This plan was drawn at the end of 18th century by Russian architect Ivan Saratov.

Nikolaev - Russian Empire Black Sea navy and ship-building center

Nikolaev city - Russian Empire Black Sea navy and ship-building center

Nikolaev life was fully consecrated to ship-building and navy. The Black Sea Headquarters was located there for more than hundred years. Nikolaev governor Admiral A.S.Greyge was the first to try building water pipe, started to laying rock pavements and planting streets.

In the year of 1862, commercial port was opened. It pushed the reorganization of the city. By the end of the 19th century, the port came third after St.Petersburg and Odessa counting the volumes of trade with foreign countries, and was the country leader with the volumes of grain export from steppe provinces. After that, Nikolaev became large industrial center of the Southern Ukraine.

Nikolaev industrial growth

Nikolaev city industrial growth

Nikolaev 19th century cannon

Nikolaev city 19th century cannon

Nikolaev history - Soviet times

During the revolution of 1917, the city got a nickname “Red Pieter of Ukraine” (Pieter means St. Petersburg). In 1918, it was first time occupied by foreign troops, and, in 1920, the Soviet power finally firmed up there.

During the World War II, Nikolaev was occupied for almost three years by Nazi Germany army. It was liberated in 28 March 1944 due to the deeds of 68 marine-trooper under command of K.F.Olshanskiy.

It was the only case in the whole history of the World War II when all the participants of one warfare were honored title “Soviet Union Heroes”, most of them - posthumously. In the after war time, Nikolaev became one of the USSR shipbuilding centers.

Liberation of Ukraine by Soviet army

Liberation of Ukraine by Soviet army

Nikolaev history - present days

Present city coat of arms was approved on the city’s holiday during City Council grand meeting 26 September 1997. The new emblem is almost the exact copy of the one of March 16, 1883. New flag was approved by the City council on July 2, 1998.

In 2006, Nikolaev ranked third together with Krivoy Rog in the contest of Ukrainian best cities of the first category, following Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkov and Odessa.

Present day city is an important industrial, business, political and cultural center of Southern Ukraine.

Nikolaev entrance sign

Nikolaev city entrance sign

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