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Let’s fly over Nikolaev

Mykolaiv, also known as Nikolaev, is a city located in southern Ukraine, the regional capital with a population of almost 500 thousand people. This city is also known far beyond Ukraine as “the city of brides”.




The beauty of Ukrainian girls

Present Ukraine is becoming a more popular tourist destination. The country is rich in interesting places to visit, architectural, and natural monuments.

But a lot of tourists visit Ukraine attracted by the beautiful women living here. For example, Nikolaev is often called the “city of brides”, and now it is the center of the marriage tourism services. The following video “Ukrainian beauty” shows the beauty of Ukrainian girls.




New Year’s fireworks in Nikolaev

People living in Nikolaev definitely know how to greet the new year with great fanfare :)

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The Zoo of Nikolaev city

Nikolaev Zoo was founded by Nikolaev city mayor Nikolai Pavlovich Leontovich in 1901. Today the general area of the Zoo is 18.48 hectares and the collection includes 452 species. Address: Ukraine, Nikolaev city, Leontovich Sq. Contact phones: +380 512 24 63 77, +380 512 55 60 45.

The working time of the Zoo in winter is: 8:00 – 17:00; in summer – 9:00 – 18:00, during free days and holydays – 9:00 – 19:00, without days off.