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National Dance Ensemble of Ukraine

The main objective of the National Academic Dance Ensemble of Ukraine named after P. Virsky is collecting, studying and preserving national traditions, customs and ceremonies of the Ukrainian people, and creating on this basis folk dances and other choreographic from the past and present Ukrainian life.

Today the ensemble is in the prime of its life, and under the leadership of the People’s Artist of Ukraine Miroslav Vantuha, it is actively working on improving its professional level, adding new dances to the repertoire promoting Ukrainian choreographic art both in Ukraine and abroad. Here is an example of one of the recent performances.

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Beautiful Ukrainian folk song

Beautiful and a little sad Ukrainian folk song “Тихо над річкою” (can be translated something like “Silence over the river”) sung by Canadian trio “Voloshky”.


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Beautiful music played by the folk instruments orchestra of Kamenets-Podolskiy National University named after Ivan Ogienko.


September 4, 2011 was the day of the official opening of reconstructed embankment and light and music fountain on Southern Bug River in Vinnitsa city.

The fountain is located near the Kemp Island, close to the central bus station. Light and music fountain of Vinnitsa is the biggest in Europe and one of the biggest in the world.


The song and dance group “Donbass” is a card of Donbass region. The group is the winner of numerous international and local folk dance festivals and contests.

They are ready to respond to the invitation from all over the world and arrange an unforgettable concert. The address: Ukraine, Donetsk city, Savchenko Str., 42. Email: The site of the group:


Nice song and illustrations :)

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Marusia – Ukrainian folk song

Wonderful Ukrainian folk song from the collection of Ukrainian wedding songs “Wedding in the Carpathians”. Happy husband sings about his beautiful wife.

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Hopak – Ukrainian folk dance

Hopak is Ukrainian national dance. The name is coming from the Ukrainian “hop” – exclamation uttered during the dance. People are dancing hopak in Ukrainian folk costumes. It is very energetic dance, the basic movements include the running, wide and high jumps with flapping feet.

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