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Ukrainian Language in Schools

Interesting animation showing how the percentage of students studying in the Ukrainian language in Ukrainian schools was changing from 1991 to 2012.

Ukrainian Language in Schools 1991-2012

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Railways are still the most convenient way to travel in Ukraine.

Not a lot of flights are available, in spite of the fact that many cities have airports. The problem is that they were all built during the Soviet period, and need to be reconstructed. The cost of the tickets is also an issue.

Bus service is well developed, but because of the large size of the country, traveling by bus can be tedious and not safe, as the quality of roads is poor.

Chernigov railway station

Chernigov railway station, Ukraine photo 1


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Interesting facts about Ukraine

Several interesting facts about Ukraine and Ukrainians. Not sure that all of the facts can be related to Ukraine for sure because this country has numerous historic connections with Russia and for a long period of time these countries were together in the Russian Empire and the USSR.

But nevertheless enjoy your journey to discover Ukraine and its heritage!

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Photo exhibition “Ukraine 2012”

Interesting photo exhibition of Ukrainian photographer Oleksandr Skrypnyk about Ukraine and its national color, folk traditions, life, and people.

It consists of different topics – reportage photo, landscape, children, birds, ethnicity, portrait, fashion, festivals, fairs, still life, sports, celebrities, culture.

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The summer is over in Ukraine. Rainy autumn and snowy winter are coming next but there is no reason to be sad. Better take a look at these beautiful views of summer Ukraine that can serve as excellent wallpapers (click the pictures for full size versions). The photos by Sergey Anashkevitch.

Summer in Ukraine wallpaper 1


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The presentation movie of Ukraine

Hospitable Ukraine is a nice movie about some of the attractions of beautiful Ukraine with a little bit of advertisement but still worth seeing.

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Let’s have a look at nice sceneries of provincial life in Khmelnitsky and Ternopil oblasts taken by horoshiyblog.

Ukrainian province view 1


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Welcome to Ukraine!

Beautiful video and amazing music

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