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Polonina is a treeless area of the upper belt of the Eastern Carpathians, which is used as pasture and for haymaking. The flora is similar to the flora of the lower tier of alpine meadows. The local population refers to the pasture above the upper edge of the forest as polonina, in contrast to pastures within the forest zone.

The following photos were taken on the pastures of Chortka and Stanimir located in the southwestern part of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast in early October 2023. Photos by: Sergej Palko.

Early autumn in the pastures of the Ukrainian Carpathians, photo 1

beautiful autumn in the Carpathians


Maybe you won a jackpot playing with an Everygame Casino no deposit bonus or are looking to build new business relations in the recovering economy, there can be multiple reasons to travel to another country. Whether you’re traveling for pleasure or business heading to a new country always brings a mix of excitement, curiosity and a hint of nervousness.

While in the current situation Ukraine is not a very high place on most peoples lists the country has a lot to offer once they win the war, and things return to quiet. In this blog post we’ll provide you with ten tips to help make your visit to this country as smooth, as possible.

Kyiv, Ukraine


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The Greek Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, built in 1904-1909, is one of the architectural attractions of the small town of Sokal with a population of about 20 thousand people located about 85 km from Lviv, in the very north of Lviv Oblast in western Ukraine. Cathedral of Peter and Paul in Sokal on Google Maps. Photos by: Maxim Ritus.

Cathedral of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in Sokal, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine, photo 1

beautiful stone church

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The Eastern European nation of Ukraine is a hidden gem that intrepid travelers should explore. With a rich history, diverse culture, and stunning natural landscapes, Ukraine offers a myriad of attractions that cater to every type of traveler.

Whether you’re a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or simply looking for an off-the-beaten-path adventure, Ukraine has something to offer. In this traveler’s guide, we’ll unveil some of the must-see attractions that will make your Ukrainian journey unforgettable. When you find yourself in Ukraine, whether you’re flying into the country or waiting for a taxi, you can even enjoy some entertainment and try your luck at the best real money online casinos NZ right from your smartphone or tablet. It’s a convenient way to add a bit of thrill to your travel downtime.

Kyiv, Ukraine


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Berehove is a town with a population of about 23,300 people located in the south-west of Zakarpattia Oblast of Ukraine, about 69 km from Uzhhorod by road, near the border with Hungary.

This town is the main center of Hungarian culture in Ukraine, the Hungarians make up about half of the town’s population (48.1% in 2001). That’s why besides the Ukrainian, the Hungarian language is common here and has the official status of a regional language. Berehove on Google Maps. Photos by: neo7777vitaha.

Berehove - the center of Hungarian culture in the Zakarpattia region, Ukraine, photo 1

take a walk around Berehove

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Losyach is a small village with a population of about 1,000 people located in the Chortkiv district of Ternopil Oblast. The Roman-Catholic church of St. Anthony of Padua, built at the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th centuries, is the main attractions of the village.

This church amazes with its harmony. Built in the Romanesque neo-Gothic style, it has a high, pointed bell tower that dominates the surrounding landscape. The rough texture of the walls and side buttresses give it medieval features. Church of St. Anthony in Losyach on Google Maps. Photos by: Maxim Ritus.

St. Anthony Catholic Church, Losyach, Ternopil region, Ukraine, photo 1

very elegant church

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Pereiaslav is a town-museum with a population of about 26 thousand people located in the Kyiv region, 90 km southeast of Kyiv. This is one of the oldest towns in Ukraine, first mentioned in 907.

This town is also widely known in connection with the Pereiaslav Rada held here under Hetman Bogdan Khmelnytsky in 1654. It was an official meeting that convened for a ceremonial pledge of allegiance by Cossacks to the Tsar of Russia. In 1943-2019, in memory of this event, the town was called Pereiaslav-Khmelnytsky.

In total, there are 27 museums in Pereiaslav. The Museum of Folk Life and Architecture of Middle Dnieper Ukraine is one of the most interesting ones. Photos by: Igor Golovach.

Folk Architecture Museum in Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi, Kyiv region, Ukraine, photo 1

explore the museum

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Unusual Orthodox Church in Moshny

Church of the Transfiguration (Spaso-Preobrazhenska), built in 1830-1839, is located in the village of Moshny in Cherkasy Oblast of Ukraine, about 30 km from Cherkasy.

It was the key element of the non-preserved palace and park ensemble of Count Mikhail Vorontsov. The author of the project was the Italian architect Giorgio Torricelli, who was the city architect of Odesa. Moshny on Google Maps. Photos by: v1snyk.

Unusual Orthodox church in Moshny, Cherkasy region, Ukraine, photo 1

unique Orthodox church

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The picturesque Love Islet in the village of Staryi Solotvyn, in the middle of the Kodnyanka River, looks truly fabulous. And a small wooden hut, called the Fisherman’s House, gives this place a special mystery.

Love Islet is especially popular among newlyweds and lovers. It is a perfect place for photo shoots. Love Islet in Staryi Solotvyn on Google Maps. Photos by: Richard Zorge.

Fairy-tale house in the middle of the lake near Kyiv, Ukraine, photo 1

dreamlike place




What to Pack When Studying Abroad

Time to pack for your study abroad trip now that the paperwork is done! Consider what to bring carefully. This can be tough because you’ll be away for a long time. You’ll be halfway across the world and don’t want to forget something important.

Studying abroad is seriously awesome for college students! You get to go to a new country, soak up its beauty, and dive into its culture. It’s such a rewarding experience! Sort out the necessary things that you need to bring. You must ensure you have everything you need for this exciting adventure!

What to pack when studying abroad
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto.


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