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There is a number of old castles and fortified palaces all over Ukraine, especially in its western part, and you will need a lot of time to see them all. Since 2017, in the city of Kamianets-Podilskyi located in Khmelnytsky Oblast, you can do it in half an hour.

“Castles of Ukraine” is an open air museum with beautiful replicas (1:20) of the 16 most famous castles of Ukraine recreated to the smallest detail. The official site of the museum. “Castles of Ukraine” on Google Maps. Photos by: Sergey Zaglinskiy.

Museum of Miniatures Castles of Ukraine in Kamianets-Podilskyi, photo 1

the best Ukrainian castles in one place

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Vynohradiv (until 1946 – Sevlush) is a small town with a population of about 25,000 people located in the southern part of Zakarpattia Oblast, about 94 km southeast of Uzhhorod. The distance to the border with Hungary is 16 km, Romania – 10 km, Slovakia – 80 km, Poland – 110 km. Vynohradiv is one of the oldest settlements in Transcarpathia. There was a Slavic settlement here already in the 9th century AD. Photos by: neo7777vitaha.

The monument to the winemaker in Vynohradiv. It was installed in the central square of the town, not far from the complex of buildings of the Franciscan monastery, in 2011. According to one legend, it was the Franciscans who were the first in the region to master winemaking. The monument depicts a man dressed in national Hungarian clothing and working at a wine press.

Vynohradiv town, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine, photo 1

walk the streets of Vynohradiv


Fastiv is a town with a population of about 45 thousand people, located in the western part of Kyiv Oblast, about 75 km from Kyiv.

In 1903-1911, in Fastiv, instead of a wooden Catholic church that had been rebuilt several times, a stone Catholic Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, much larger in size, was erected in the Romanesque-Gothic style, designed by the architect Wladyslaw Dabrowski. Catholic Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Fastiv on Google Maps. Photos by: Maxim Ritus.

Catholic Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Fastiv, Ukraine, photo 1

beautiful asymmetric church

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Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure through the heart of Eastern Europe? Look no further than Ukraine, a country brimming with a rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty waiting to be explored. Ukraine multi day tours offer a remarkable way to delve deep into the soul of this enchanting nation. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to the wonders of Ukraine’s multi-day tours and highlight some of the best Ukraine tour packages available.

Explore beautiful Ukraine


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Traveling to Ukraine, January 2024

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, it is currently not safe or advisable to travel to the country for tourism purposes. The US Department of State has issued a Level 4: Do Not Travel Advisory for Ukraine, citing the war, the risk of shelling and missile attacks, and the widespread presence of landmines. Additionally, many tourist destinations and facilities are damaged or closed, and essential services may be disrupted.

Russian invasion of Ukraine began on 24 February 2022, and at 2024, the war has been going on for two years now. But you can still support Ukraine both now and in the future… so put down your phone and the Red Stag casino games and let us start doing some planning.

Chernihiv, Ukraine


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The war that began and is still ongoing in Ukraine has impacted the way of life for ordinary Ukrainian citizens, the way they live and work. For those living in Ukraine the upcoming winter New Year’s holidays are not likely to be celebrated in the same way as others are able to do around the world. Everyone is hoping for a miracle and a turn-around in the current situation so that people in Ukraine can return to a normal way of life.

This is the second year that Ukraine will be celebrating the New Year whilst at the same time being involved in a full-scale war. But it is still possible. It just needs more intricate and strategic planning. There are still places where families, including children, can celebrate the holiday together and we explore these below.

New Year decorations in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2020
Photo by Dmytro Pidhrushnyi on Unsplash.

celebrating the New Year in Ukraine

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The medieval fortress in Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi looks especially picturesque from a bird’s eye view, when you can see the entire complex.

The thickness of the walls varies from 1.5 to 5 meters, the height of the walls and towers – 5-15 meters. The basis of the fortress complex is the Citadel – the most fortified part of it. Akkerman Fortress on Google Maps. Photos by: Maxim Ritus.

Akkerman Fortress from above, Ukraine, photo 1

fly over the fortress

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Polonina is a treeless area of the upper belt of the Eastern Carpathians, which is used as pasture and for haymaking. The flora is similar to the flora of the lower tier of alpine meadows. The local population refers to the pasture above the upper edge of the forest as polonina, in contrast to pastures within the forest zone.

The following photos were taken on the pastures of Chortka and Stanimir located in the southwestern part of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast in early October 2023. Photos by: Sergej Palko.

Early autumn in the pastures of the Ukrainian Carpathians, photo 1

beautiful autumn in the Carpathians


Maybe you won a jackpot playing with an Everygame Casino no deposit bonus or are looking to build new business relations in the recovering economy, there can be multiple reasons to travel to another country. Whether you’re traveling for pleasure or business heading to a new country always brings a mix of excitement, curiosity and a hint of nervousness.

While in the current situation Ukraine is not a very high place on most peoples lists the country has a lot to offer once they win the war, and things return to quiet. In this blog post we’ll provide you with ten tips to help make your visit to this country as smooth, as possible.

Kyiv, Ukraine


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The Greek Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, built in 1904-1909, is one of the architectural attractions of the small town of Sokal with a population of about 20 thousand people located about 85 km from Lviv, in the very north of Lviv Oblast in western Ukraine. Cathedral of Peter and Paul in Sokal on Google Maps. Photos by: Maxim Ritus.

Cathedral of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in Sokal, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine, photo 1

beautiful stone church

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