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Children Landscape Park – One of the Must See Places in Kyiv

Peizazhna Alley is a recreation area in Kyiv created on the site of the old defense walls of the Upper Town. In 2009, Children Landscape Park was opened here – one of the most impressive and unusual places in the city. It is a great place for both kids and adults where you can take a lot of nice pictures.

The alley starts from the observation deck near the National Museum of History of Ukraine. It was laid in the early 1980s to allow tourists enjoy the views of Podil and the Dnieper from the height of the historic Upper Town. Peizazhna Alley in Kyiv on Google Maps. Photos by: Alex Cheban.

Children Landscape Park, Kyiv, Ukraine, photo 1

bizarre park in the center of Kyiv

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Frozen Fountain in the Center of Kharkiv

The Department of Public Utilities of Kharkiv created an interesting winter attraction in Shevchenko Garden – an ice fountain.

Shevchenko Garden is a park located in the center of Kharkiv, between Sumska and Klochkivska streets, Svobody Square and Rymarska Street. Photos by: gatta_bianka.

Frozen Fountain in Kharkiv, Ukraine, photo 1

unusual ice installation

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The monument to Darth Vader was unveiled in Odessa

In Odessa, on the territory of the plant “Pressmash”, the world’s first monument to Darth Vader was unveiled. The author of the monument is the local artist Alexander Milov.

The opening ceremony of the monument was attended by the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet himself. He was accompanied by Chewbacca and imperial stormtroopers. Photos by:

Darth Vader monument, Odessa, Ukraine, photo 1

Darth Vader in Odessa

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Abandoned river tram on the Desna River

In a quiet backwater of the Desna River, near the village of Rozhny in the Kyiv region, you can find an unexpected thing – a real river tram.

According to local residents, the owner of the “river tram” is a former chief of waterways. One day, he decided to build a floating dacha and bought a couple of pontoons.

Abandoned river tram, the Desna River, Kyiv region, Ukraine, photo 1

unusual floating dacha

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Due to the bad Ukrainian roads SUV lost all four wheels

A shocking accident occurred in the Dnepropetrovsk region. Because of the bad Ukrainian roads SUV lost all four wheels!

According to witnesses, the car was traveling on the road, but due to the poor state of the road car’s suspension was under constant overload.

After several hits the car just lost the front wheels and drove into a ditch. After that, rear wheels could not bear the weight of the car and fell off too. Fortunately, the young driver was not injured in the accident.

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Giant fish inhabiting the Pripyat River in Chernobyl

This is what happens to the inhabitants of the river just after a few decades, if the river is not disturbed by people, and perhaps due to the excessive radiation.

The Earth without man would have been quite a busy place, and the Chernobyl zone as a whole, and in particular the Pripyat River, is an interesting object for such studies.

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Incident during the loading of an air defense radar

The following incident happened somewhere in Eupatoria during the loading of all-round surveillance radar 9S15 used with S-300 air defense system that provides defense against ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and aircraft.

Target detection range of the radar is 250 km or 155 miles, simultaneously it can detect up to 200 targets. But with all these abilities it is a huge and hulking vehicle as you can see below.


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What if Kiev will be standing on the water?

It will be a magnificent view of fantastic Kiev city like this one occasionally created by Oleg Stelmakh.

Kiev standing on the water

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Kid’s thematic park “Lukomorye” of Sevastopol

Lukomorye is not just another children’s entertainment center. It is a small country of fairy tales for children and their parents, each visit is an unusual, fascinating journey into the wonderful world of childhood. Children’s play complex includes numerous attractions and theater.

Kids thematic park Lukomorye, Sevastopol, Ukraine view 1


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Tret – an amazing parkour dog from Ukraine

Wonderful video about one mighty Ukrainian dog :)

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