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Forged Figures Park in Donetsk

Forged Figures Park is a park in Donetsk with forged sculptures. The park was opened in August 2001. The international festival of blacksmith art held annually in Donetsk has the same name.

Traditionally, all forged figures made during the festival remain in the park as a gift to the city. The park has about 220 compositions of metal art. It is located in the Voroshilov district of Donetsk, in the park near the city executive committee. Photos by neo7777vitaha

Forged Figures Park in Donetsk, Ukraine, photo 1

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The Park of Forged Figures in Donetsk

The Park of Forged Figures is a park in Donetsk with sculptures forged from metal. It was opened in August 2001 and has the same name as the international festival of blacksmith art held annually in the city.

By tradition, the works made for the festival remain in the park as a gift to the city. Nowadays, the park has more than 200 objects of metal art. You can walk on different thematic alleys: zodiac signs, architectural copies, alley of masters, alley of superstitions, alley of fairy tales, etc. Photos by Andrey Kirnov

Forged Figures Park, Donetsk, Ukraine photo 1

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Good luck to all Euro 2012 participants!

The European Football Championship 2012 begins today. The championship is hosted by two countries: Poland and Ukraine. The opening ceremony will be held in Warsaw (Poland).

Tomorrow the first Ukrainian matches will be played: Germany Vs Portugal at the stadium “Arena Lviv” in the city of Lviv and Netherlands Vs Denmark at the stadium “Metalist” in Kharkov.

Euro 2012 mascots, Poland and Ukraine 1


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The power and beauty of Donetsk

Donetsk is one of the largest city of Ukraine, important railway and highway junction, industrial center of the country. The city will host several matches of coming Euro 2012.

Within Donetsk there are 22 operating coal mines which waste heaps are located close to inhabited districts. In central part of the city there is a large metallurgic plant.

Heavy air pollution in Donetsk is partly compensated by a lot of greenery and flowers. Over a half of the total city territory is occupied by greenery.

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The song and dance group “Donbass” is a card of Donbass region. The group is the winner of numerous international and local folk dance festivals and contests.

They are ready to respond to the invitation from all over the world and arrange an unforgettable concert. The address: Ukraine, Donetsk city, Savchenko Str., 42. Email: The site of the group: