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Exploring the World of Progressive Jackpots: Chasing Big Wins Online


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Polonina is a treeless area of the upper belt of the Eastern Carpathians, which is used as pasture and for haymaking. The flora is similar to the flora of the lower tier of alpine meadows. The local population refers to the pasture above the upper edge of the forest as polonina, in contrast to pastures within the forest zone.

The following photos were taken on the pastures of Chortka and Stanimir located in the southwestern part of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast in early October 2023. Photos by: Sergej Palko.

Early autumn in the pastures of the Ukrainian Carpathians, photo 1

beautiful autumn in the Carpathians


Ukraine has a rich and interesting history. Ukraine is a country of great traditions, and a burgeoning academic landscape. The scholarly scene is expanding. There are modern technologies, online resources, and interactive learning methods in Ukraine. The Ukrainian nation is trying to become a global leader. It is putting a lot of effort into building a research culture at universities.

Research Culture in Ukrainian Universities


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