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Sea-beaches, firth curative mud and mineral springs attract many tourists to come to Odessa, where the resort zone stretches for tens of kilometers along the Black Sea side.

Arcadia is one of the most popular recreation and resort districts. This territory hosts many sanatoriums, rest houses, hydropathic establishments, resort polyclinics, tourist camp, hotels and numerous restaurants, constellation of nightclubs and other places of entertaining working 24h/day in the holiday season.

Odessa beaches

The majority of beaches are sandy and sand is imported. City line beaches apart from “Luzanovka” are fixed with bank protection structures. Odessa’s beaches have stretched on tens of kilometers. Among them we may name the following:

  • “Luzanovka” in the Kotovskiy residential area;
  • “Lanzheron” in the T.G. Shevchenko Part region; Ukrainian largest all-year dolphinarium and seaquarium “Nemo” was opened nearby in June 2005;
  • “Otrada” in the Pirogovska Street region;
  • “Delfin” in the Shanpanskiy lane region;
  • “Arcadia” - one of Odessa’s visiting cards, near this beach starts the 6 kilometer pedestrian and bike “Healthy Highway”; unlike the majority of other beaches Arcadia boasts an easy and comfortable slope;
  • Beaches of the Middle and Big Fountains (Sredniy and Bolshoy Fontan) stretching from the 7th till 16th Fountain, where a well-known beach “Zolotoy Bereg” (Golden Coast) is situated;
  • “Chernomorka” beach in the same-name village; this beach is situated beyond the Odessa gulf; the temperature here in the swimming season is usually 1 C lower than other beaches;
  • beaches of sanatoriums and rest houses property.

Odessa resorts and sanatoriums

There is a group of balneo-mud, balneo-climatic and climatic seaside resorts situated in Odessa itself, in its suburbs and also to the West from the Dniester river along the Black Sea coast area.

The following are practiced therapies: silt therapeutic mud, sea and artificial mineral baths on the sea water, sea bathing, sun and air baths, ampelotherapy.

Main resorts of Odessa are:

Balneo-mud and climatic:

  • Arcadia,
  • Kuyalnitskiy,
  • Lermontovskiy,
  • Kholodnaya Balka;


  • Bolshoy Fontan,
  • Zatoka,
  • Luzanovka,
  • Primorskoe,
  • Chernomorka;

Mud and climatic:

  • Lebedevka,
  • Sergeevka,
  • Kuyalnitskiy mud resort.

Vacationers can do both in Odessa - repose and have medical treatment.

Right at the Frantsuzskiy boulevard you can find world famous V.P.Filatov Institute of eye diseases and tissue therapy and some sanatoriums.

Odessa city, Ukraine photos

Odessa beaches views

Odessa warm sea

Odessa warm sea

Author: Irina Tkach

Odessa Arcadia beach

Odessa Arcadia beach

Author: Oleh Kindiy

Odessa Otrada beach

Odessa Otrada beach

Author: Oleg Gromovoy

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