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P. Sor. asks: First question: Is it true that the bus ticket to Warsaw from Donetsk via Russia, costs about 600 Euro? Second question: A person from Donets does need an international passport to be issued from the Ukrainian Embassy in Warsaw in order to travel in Europe? Thank you in advance.
Expert's answer:

In short, this is not true and looks like a typical example of scam. Residents of Donetsk can go by bus only to Russia, for example, to Rostov-on-Don (the ticket price is about 13 Euro). From Russia, it is possible to fly or go by bus to Turkey.

A Ukrainian citizen just needs a valid international bio-metric passport to enter the EU without a visa, usually it is issued in Ukraine or via Ukrainian embassies/consulates abroad. It can't be done in Donetsk or Russia.

As we receive similar requests almost every day, our advice is not to send any help to a person in Ukraine, especially in parts of Ukraine controlled by Russia (in this case, in our experience, the chance that this "person" is a scammer is close to 100%), before you are absolutely sure that this person is real.

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