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Phil asks: Is it safe to travel to Pavlohrad and surrounding areas. We hope to fly from Kiev to Pavlohrad and then take a taxi to my father's ancestral village in Oleksandrovka. Which airline is best to take from Kiev to Pavlohrad?
Expert's answer:
It is safe to go to this part of Ukraine. You can't fly from Kyiv to Pavlohrad, there are no such flights available. But you can fly from Kyiv (Boryspil Airport) to Dnipro located about 77 km from Pavlohrad. There are at least two places in this area with the name of Oleksandrivka. The first one is located near Dnipro, the second one, which looks completely abandoned, is located near Pavlohrad. You can reach both of them by taxi from Dnipro.

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