Army of Ukraine - Navy

Ukrainian Navy

Ukrainian Navy is aimed to defend sovereignty and state interests of Ukraine in the sea, neutralizing naval groups of enemy in its operational zone alone and together with other forces of Ukrainian army, assistance to Ukrainian land army.

The operational zone of Ukrainian Navy includes water areas of the Black Sea, Azov Sea, Danube, Dniester and Dnieper rivers.

The emblem of Ukrainian Navy

Ukrainian Navy emblem

The main tasks of Ukrainian Navy

  • creation and maintaining of combat powers on the level sufficient to detain sea aggression;
  • neutralization of the enemy naval forces;
  • destruction of enemy transportation;
  • support in landing of amphibious forces and fight against enemy amphibious forces;
  • maintaining of beneficial operational regime in the operational zone;
  • defense of its bases, sea communications;
  • protection of submarine space within the territorial sea;
  • protection of merchant fleet, sea oil and gas industry and other state activity in the sea;
  • assistance to the land army in their operations;
  • participation in peacekeeping operations.

Corvette type ships

Ukraine Navy Corvette type ship Ukraine Navy Corvette Pauk class ship

Slava class cruiser

Ukraine Navy Slava class cruiser


Ukraine Navy frigate

Foxtrot landing ship

Ukraine Navy Foxtrot landing ship

Zubr military hovercraft

Ukraine Navy Zubr military hovercraft


Ukraine Navy minesweeper

Rocket boat

Ukraine Navy rocket boat

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