Kropyvnytskyi city, Ukraine

The capital city of Kirovograd oblast.

Kropyvnytskyi overview

Kropyvnytskyi or Kropyvnytsky (former Kirovohrad and Elizavetograd) is a city and administrative center of the Kirovograd region of Ukraine.

The city is standing along the upper Ingul River, where the latter is crossed by the Kremenchug-Odessa railway. It is an important railway and highway junction of Ukraine.

Population - 293,000 (2013).

Area code - +380 522; postal codes - 25000-25490.

Kropyvnytskyi city flag

Kropyvnytskyi city flag

Kropyvnytskyi city coat of arms

Kropyvnytskyi city coat of arms

Kropyvnytskyi city map location

Kropyvnytskyi history

The town was founded as St. Elizabeth’s fortress to defend the southern borders of the Russian Empire from Turks and Crimean Tatars in 1754. In 1775, it became a town of Elizavetgrad and developed as an agricultural center.

In 1918, an armed uprising guided by Bolsheviks took place in Elizavetgrad and the Soviet power was established in the town. It was renamed Zinovyevsk in 1924, Kirovo - in 1936, and Kirovograd - in 1939.

Today, the city retains its function as an agricultural city. In addition to food-processing industries, it has one of the most important agricultural-machinery works in Ukraine.

In 2016, it was renamed in honor of Marko Kropyvnytskyi (1840-1910), a Ukrainian writer, playwright and theater actor who lived in the city.

Kropyvnytskyi features

The climate is of moderate continental type with mild winters and warm (sometimes hot) summers. The average temperature in January is minus 5.6 degrees Celsius, in June - plus 20.2 degrees C.

The city was visited by many outstanding personalities, such as A.S. Pushkin (1824), A. Mitskevich (1825), F. List (1887), A. Fet (in the 50s of the 19th century).

Kropyvnytskyi streets

Kropyvnytskyi city street

Kropyvnytskyi city street

Author: Ivan Grab

Kropyvnytskyi street view

Kropyvnytskyi street view

Author: Eugene Prudky

General view of Kropyvnytskyi

General view of Kropyvnytskyi

Author: Demchuk I.

Kropyvnytskyi sights

Architectural monuments

The Fortress of St. Elizabeth. The remains of defensive walls of the fortress of St. Elizabeth. Despite the fact that after the Russian-Turkish War of 1774 the fortress lost its strategic military importance and was disarmed, unique earthen fortifications survived to this day.

There are several old guns and partially preserved barracks on the territory of the fortress. The regiment of General M. Kutuzov was stationed there at the end of the 18th century. Also, the Eternal Flame memorial can be found there, placed at the military cemetery of those who were killed during the Second World War. Ushakov Street.

Cadet Cavalry School. The complex of buildings of the former Cadet Cavalry School was built in the middle of the 19th century. It was one of the Russia’s largest military schools.

The buildings are located around the present Cavalry Park. In the past, it was the site where military parades were held. The complex is run by Ukrainian military. Ordzhonikidze Street, 2.

Kropyvnytskyi museums

The House of Barsky (Local History Museum). The house of the merchant D. Barsky is a vivid example of the early Art Nouveau style. Today, it houses the museum of local history founded in 1883.

There are 4 exhibitions devoted to the history and nature of the region. The exposition is based on the antiquities collection of the private collector A. Ilyin: archaeological finds, paintings and icons. Lenin Street, 40. Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 (Saturday - 10:00-15:00).

The House of Shpolyanskiy (The Art Museum). The museum is housed in a building constructed in the Art Nouveau style in the end of the 19th century. The problem of establishing an art museum in the town was raised by local intelligentsia in 1870, but the real work began only in 1921.

Five halls of the museum have exhibits obtained from collections of the Hermitage, the Tretyakov Gallery, Kiev museums of the Russian and Ukrainian art. Also, some works of famous local artists are presented. Karl Marx Street, 60. Opening hours: 8:00-17:00 (Saturday - 9:00-17:00), day off - Sunday.

Elvorti Plant. The plant is one of the oldest and largest agricultural machinery factories in Europe, specializing in the manufacture of seeders. It was founded by English brothers Robert and Thomas Elvorti.

The success of the plant, where, before the Revolution, more than half of Elizavetgrad population was working, contributed to the development of the town.

In 1994, after restoration and complete overhaul, the museum of the plant was opened. Today, it has more than 3,500 exhibits. Ordzhonikidze Street, 1. Opening hours: 8:00-16:00, days off - Saturday, Sunday.

Kropyvnytskyi pictures

Kropyvnytskyi chapel

Kropyvnytskyi chapel

Author: Sergiy Filippov

Kropyvnytskyi park

Kropyvnytskyi park

Author: Drozdov

Kropyvnytskyi architecture

Kropyvnytskyi architecture

Author: Krivenko

Kropyvnytskyi churches, synagogue

The Greek Church. The stone church of the Blessed Virgin of Vladimir with a bell tower was constructed by the Greek community of the city. Originally, this place was occupied by a wooden church built by Greek merchants in 1766. The church was rebuilt in 1898. Today, it is the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin. Karl Marx Street, 72.

The Church of the Intercession. This blue church with green domes was built in 1824 on the site of the wooden church of 1787 by means of the merchant P. Shchedrin. The church was constructed in the neo-Russian style of religious architecture. Also, some architectural details of the 17th century were used. In 1932, the church was closed. It was returned to believers in 1988. Frunze Street, 14.

More Churches…

The Cathedral of the Transfiguration. Holy Transfiguration church was built in the classicism style as the main Orthodox church of the city after liquidation of Trinity church, which was standing on the territory of St. Elizabeth fortress. It is an architectural monument. Preobrazhenskaya Street, 22.

The Main Synagogue. The large brick building in the Moorish style was built in 1853 and renovated in 1895 (architect A. Lishnevsky). At that time, the Jewish population of the city was about 25 thousand. After the World War II, the synagogue was closed, the building was in disrepair.

At present, the synagogue was restored and returned to the Jewish community of the city. The historical museum “Jews of Elizavetgrad” was opened there. Dzerzhinsky Street, 90/40. Opening hours: 10:00-15:00, days off - Monday, Saturday.

Other places of interest

The Guardian Angel of Ukraine. The monument “The Guardian Angel of Ukraine” was erected to the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Christ and the 250th anniversary of the city. Around the base of the column, there is an inscription: “God bless Ukraine”. Karl Marx Street, 2.

The Arboretum. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations of local residents. This park area with a total area of about 45 hectares was opened in 1958. On the first stage, 50 different species of trees and shrubs were planted there. In 1972, the park was classified as the park-monument. In 2001, after a period of desolation, the parkland began to revive.

In 2008, the arboretum was recognized as the best park in Ukraine. The park is known for its 100 thousand tulips blooming in late April. The entertainment area of the park has 44 rides. Also, there are 2 cafes and 2 restaurants. Pravda Avenue, 28.

Kropyvnytskyi hotels

Hotel “Aeropol”. It is a new modern hotel located in the commercial and cultural center of the city, near the main bus station and the airport, 10 minutes from downtown.

The hotel was opened in January 2010. Main services: restaurant, conference hall, taxi, Wi-Fi, laundry, sauna, parking. Poltavskaya Street, 20/7. Contact phones: +380 94 938 22 19, +380 522 27 02 19, +380 522 32 17 13.

Hotel “Reikartz Kropyvnytskyi”. This business-hotel of Belgium hotel group Reikartz Hotels Resorts is located in the central district of the city. Main services: restaurant (European and Ukrainian cuisine), gym, Wi-Fi, excursions, laundry, airline booking, parking. V. Chornovola Street, 1-D. Contact phones: +380 522 37 44 68, +380 522 37 44 65.

More Hotels…

Hotel “Catalunya”. It is a high level of service hotel located in the carefully restored historic building in the center. Main services: restaurant, pizzeria, sauna, pool, billiards, parking. Karl Marx Street, 21. Contact phones: +380 522 24 25 36, +380 522 24 43 77.

Hotel “Elizavetgrad”. This comfortable hotel (opened in 2008) is located in the historic center of Kropyvnytskyi near the fortress. Main services: pizzeria, bar, billiards, bowling, movie theater, Internet, supermarket, parking. The 50th anniversary of October Street, 1-a. Contact phone: +380 522 33 04 86.

Hotel “Europe”. A nine-storey building of the hotel is located in downtown. Main services: restaurant, night and panoramic cafe, billiards, fitness center, laundry, parking. Karl Marx Street, 13/16. Contact phones: +380 522 24 68 09, +380 522 24 35 31, +380 522 24 96 54.

Hotel “Tourist”. The hotel is located in the center of the city near the fortress. The rooms are not renovated. Main services: restaurant, night club, billiards, fitness center, shops, parking. Ushakov Street, 1-a. Contact phones: +380 522 24 46 80, +380 522 29 33 32.

Hotel “Zirka”. This new European standard hotel is located in the center, near the railway station. Main services: restaurant (European and Ukrainian cuisine), bar, taxi laundry, Wi-Fi, conference hall, parking. Gagarin Street, 1-a. Contact phone: +380 522 35 40 82.

Mini-hotel “Dvorcoviy”. The hotel is located close to the center of the city in the building of 1837. In 2009, the building was completely renovated. Main services: restaurant, laundry, translator-guide, airline and train booking, beauty salon, Wi-Fi, parking. Frunze Street, 16. Contact phone: +380 522 27 48 96.

Mini-hotel “Maria”. This new private hotel can be found near the center of Kirovograd in a three-storey building. Main services: cafe, sauna, laundry, parking. Komarov Street, 33. Contact phones: +380 522 33 12 04, +380 522 27 07 13.

Kropyvnytskyi city, Ukraine photos

Kropyvnytskyi views

Kropyvnytskyi architecture

Kropyvnytskyi architecture

Author: Maxim Kubkin

Kropyvnytskyi railway station

Kropyvnytskyi railway station

Author: Krivenko

Kropyvnytsky sights

Kropyvnytskyi local history museum

Kropyvnytskyi local history museum

Author: A.Bidenko

Church of the Intercession in Kropyvnytsky

Church of the Intercession in Kropyvnytsky

Author: Michael Frentzen

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