The traditional cuisine of Ukraine

The cuisine of Ukraine - traditional soups

Starters characterise Ukrainian national cuisine as a full one in terms of nutrition quality. A wide range of soups, recipes of which include majority of available ingredients, enrich nutrition and beneficially effects human digestive system.

Ukrainian cuisine starters are first of all soups like borsch. Each region of Ukraine has its own borsch recipe. The most popular are Kyiv, Lviv and Poltava borsches.

Although it is not a unique major dish of Ukrainian national cuisine. Such soups like kulish, borage, yushka meat soup, fish soup (ukha), okroshka and slumgullion are also popular. And each of these soups has a lot of variations.

A lot of soups are prepared on the basis of popular types of meat and vegetables. The most popular meat basis is pork, while beet-root, legumes, potatoes and carrots are the most popular vegetables.


Ukrainian soups - Borsch

Ukha (fish soup)

Ukrainian soups - Ukha (fish soup)


Ukrainian soups - Okroshka

The cuisine of Ukraine - afters

Ukrainian national cuisine afters are delicious and nutritious. Some afters have penetrated into world cookery, for example vareniki and halushki, eaten with great pleasure all over the globe, especially where there is Ukrainian Diaspora.

Besides all that we want to mention such Ukrainian cuisine afters as meat balls, roast meat, diverse recipes of cutlets, polyadvitsa, krucheniki, smazhenina, zazivanets, mazuryky and loads of fish dishes. A lot of afters are made from potatoes: deruny and knydly, for example.

Particular attention should be paid to starchy foods. Ukrainian cuisine prepares great quantity of pies (pirogs) and slozheniks. Another special dish is holodets (aspic), prepared according to different recipes all over Ukraine.


Ukrainian cuisine afters - Vareniki


Ukrainian cuisine afters - Halushki


Ukrainian cuisine afters - Cutlets


Ukrainian cuisine afters - Krucheniki


Ukrainian cuisine afters - Deruny


Ukrainian cuisine - Holodets

Whortleberry pie

Ukrainian cuisine - Whortleberry pie

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