The origin of Ukrainian cuisine

The formation of Ukrainian cuisine

Ukrainian cuisine was formed by the middle of the 18th century. Ukrainian national recipes were significantly influenced by neighboring Polish and Belorussian cuisines.

Such a late formation is related to the late formation of present Ukrainian ethnos. Old Russian cuisine impact on Ukraine is hardly observed as a result of Tatar-Mongol invasions, when the connection was lost for a considerable period of time.

Ukrainian cuisine enjoys honored popularity among other Slavic. Many dishes like vareniki and borsch are now considered as international.

Present Ukrainian cuisine traditions were formed in the 19th century. Today, we can see some specific distinctions between cuisines of Volyn, Poltavschina, Zakarpatye and Bukovyna regions. Thus Ukrainian cuisine is united by several common principles of choosing food and cooking.

The cuisine of Ukraine has also imbibed some traits of German, Hungarian, Turkish and Tatar. For example, the father of well-known vareniki is Turkish dish dyush-var. Ukrainians borrowed German technique of meat chopping and Ukrainians call it farce.

Ukrainian Borsch

Ukrainian national cuisine - Borsch

Ukrainian Vareniki

Ukrainian national cuisine - Vareniki

Ukrainian cookery was also influenced by politics of early national-hood formation period of Ukraine.

Versus or athwart Turks, who don’t eat pork due to their religion, Ukrainian Cossacks were fond of this meat, moreover they have created a cult out of pork’s fat. But, at the same time, they have fully refused to eat truly “moslem” dish - eggplants.

Ukrainian cuisine is marked by often use of eggs, powder and vegetables. Most popular vegetables are - beetroot, legumes, carrot, pumpkin, corn and tomatoes.

Ukrainian cuisine folk recipes actively use such spices and flavor as garlic, onion, caraway, mint, angelica, chilly pepper, savory, cinnamon and bay leaf.

Salo (pork’s fat)

Ukrainian national cuisine - Salo (pork's fat)

Pirog with cabbage

Ukrainian national cuisine - Pirog with cabbage

Ukrainian dinner is served

Ukrainian dinner is served

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