Holidays in Ukraine - February

State days off are marked with a *.

February 6th - The International Day of Bartender (St. Amand’s Day)

Ukraine together with a lot of other countries celebrates Bartender Day on February 6. It is not an accidental holiday because February 6 is the day of St. Amand celebrated by Catholic Church.

St. Amand was propagating Christianity on the territories of France, Germany and Belgium. Today, these areas are the largest wine-producing regions of Europe. And St. Amand became the protector of wine-making, bartenders, wine-makers and restaurant keepers.

Ukraine is celebrating this day with various contests and performances.

Bartender Day

Ukraine holidays of February - Day of Barkeeper

February 14th - Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Ukraine only from the end of the 20th century. St. Valentine’s Day usual emblems are red roses and so called “valentines” that appeared in the 15th century. A lot of beauty contests and concerts are one of the features of this day in Ukraine.

Valentine’s Day

Ukraine holidays of February - St. Valentine's Day

February 15th - The Day of Commemorating Battles Participants on the Foreign States Territories

This day appeared after the Soviet army had left Afghanistan on February 15, 1989. It is the day of commemorating wars participants.

Thousands of Ukrainian servicemen were carrying their international duty in Iraq, Egypt, Ethiopia, Chile, Vietnam and other conflicts since 1991.

Battles Participants Day

Ukraine holidays of February - Battles Participants Day

February 21th - The International Day of Native Language

According to All-Ukrainian general census of the population (2002), 67,5% of Ukrainian citizens named Ukrainian as their native language. Ukrainian language had a lot of problems during the time of its existence.

Poland and the Russian Empire neglected and tried to forbid it, the Soviet power was trying to abolish it creating so called “united Russian language”. Ukrainian language was returned to life after Ukraine received independence in 1991.

Native Language Day

Ukraine holidays of February - Native Language Day

February 23th - The Day of Motherland Protector

During the times of the USSR, February 23 was the day of the Soviet Army and the Soviet Navy.

Veterans of wars and servicemen receive greetings this day as the protectors of native lands.

Motherland Protector Day

Ukraine holidays of February - Motherland Protector Day

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