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Palanok Castle Overview

Mukachevo castle is a valuable military-architectural monument of Ukraine. The castle was erected at the crossroads of ancient trade and military routes that led from Poddunaysky land to Kievan Rus, and from salt mines of Semigradiye to the Czech Republic, Moravia and Poland.

The purpose of building the castle was to protect and control the trade routes. The exact date of construction is unknown.

Archaeologists think that people were living on the Castle Hill since prehistoric times. Initially, a small fortified settlement was built, and then it was replaced by various wooden castles of Slavic tribes leaders.

Palanok Castle Origin

In the 9th-10th centuries, various fortifications were constructed there to protect the borders of Kievan Rus.

Improvement and reconstruction of the castle dates back to the reign of Podolsky Prince Fyodor Koryatovich. During the years of his reign in Mukachevo (1396-1414), he managed to turn a small castle into a strong fortification, and made it his residence.

The castle consisted of Predzamcha and the main courtyard, where there was a square residential tower (donjon). All the houses and outbuildings were surrounded by a dry moat and a stone wall with four round towers (three of them survived until today).

After the death of Fyodor Koryatovich, the castle belonged to numerous owners. In 1629, the commandant of the castle John Balling held major repairs and strengthening of the castle as evidenced by the inscription on a stone slab preserved in the upper left wing of the castle.

In 1633, the castle was bought by Transylvanian Prince Dierd I Rakoczi. With the help of two French engineers, reconstruction of the old castle began. A lot of improvements were added during all 78 years of the dynasty of Rakoczi.

Palanok Castle Buildings

That is why we can see a complex of various buildings on this place today.

A high palisade of thick oak logs was called Palanok, hence the name of the castle.

On the hill of 68 meters height, year after year, century after century, various buildings were constructed and improved forming 4 separate lines of defense by the beginning of the 18th century.

For centuries, the walls of the castle were under sieges of numerous conquerors. But only a few of them could capture it. The fortress survived several sieges. One of them and the most memorable lasted almost two and a half years - from the summer of 1685 until the winter of 1688.

In July 24, 1711, after the defeat of Ferenc II Rakoczi, the castle again passed into the treasury of the Austrian Emperor. In the 18th century, the castle lost its military significance and, in 1789, it was turned into a prison for political prisoners.

In May 2, 1848, insurgent people seized the castle and freed the prisoners. In 1897, the prison was abolished. The castle was abandoned for a long time. In 1922-1926, it was partially renovated and was used as military barracks.

In Soviet times, Mukachevo castle became a museum.

Today, it is one of the main sights in Zakarpattia region of Ukraine.

Mukachevo city, Ukraine photos

Palanok Castle in Mukachevo

Inner view of Palanok castle

Inner view of Palanok castle

Author: Alexander Bankevich

General view of Mukachevo castle

General view of Mukachevo castle

Author: Andrey Dmitriev

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