Cherkasy city, Ukraine (Cherkassy)

The capital city of Cherkassy oblast.

Cherkasy overview

Cherkasy (Russian spelling “Cherkassy”) is a city and administrative center of Cherkasy region of Ukraine. The city lies on the high right bank of the Dnieper River, along the reservoir created by Kremenchuk hydroelectric station.

Cherkasy has railway station, river port and airport. It is an important cultural and educational center of the region.

The population - 285,000 (2012).

Phone code - +380 472; postal code - 18000.

Cherkasy city flag

Cherkasy city flag

Cherkasy city coat of arms

Cherkasy city coat of arms

Cherkasy city map location

Cherkasy history

The territory occupied by present day city was inhabited over 4,000 years ago; a lot of archaeological monuments prove this fact. First records of the town in chronicles refer to the events of 1395 as well as in letters of the Crimean khan Mengly I Girey.

From the 14th century, it was a part of the Great Lithuanian Principality, and, in 1532, was besieged by the Crimean khan’s troops. In 1536, there was a revolt against Lithuanian power and, in 1569, it was passed to Poland.

From the 14th to the 17th centuries, the town faced several attacks of Horde and Crimean troops. In 1793, according to the first partition of Poland, Cherkasy was included into the Russian Empire.

More Historical Facts…

Originally, the town was located along the river Dnieper, in the lowland. At Lithuanian merchants’ expenses a bridge was organized on which merchants coming to the town had to pay taxes (called “myto”) to trade with local merchants.

Wood-sewing mills were also located there and inhabitants of the town lived there. At present, this district is called Mytnitsa.

Gradually the town grew and stone buildings came into being. The town started developing and, by the early 20th century, a lot of industrial plants were located in Mytnitsa.

When electricity reached the town and general plan was created, it became possible to construct plants not only on the river Dnieper, but also in other parts of the town which were formed later and located on the hills.

As railway and steam-ship transportation developed, the industry started developing too. Most of the plants were located along the Dnieper River, for the sake of convenient transportation of raw materials and goods.

At the end of 19th - early 20th centuries, the city grew rapidly because Moscow-Odessa railway crossed the Dnieper river there. The architecture developed intensely with various forms and styles complimenting each other.

Soviet power was established in 1918. In 1954, the city became the capital of Cherkasy region.

In 1995, Bohdan Khmelnitsky statue was erected on the main street of the city - to the 400th anniversary of the hetman who was born in this region.

Cherkasy views

Cherkasy Plumber Monument

Cherkasy Plumber Monument

Author: Garik Rybalchenko

Cherkasy city view

Cherkasy city view

Author: Olena Buyevich

Cherkasy former hotel

Cherkasy former hotel “Slavyanskaya”

Author: Lyuda Erdman

Cherkasy sights

During its whole history Cherkasy was destroyed and rebuilt again a lot of times. Only few buildings of the 19th century survived.

The system of streets and squares location in the old part of the city is one of the few remaining monuments of city-building art of the 19th century in Ukraine.

Architectural monuments

There is a unique architectural monument in Cherkasy - one of the first hyperbolic constructions in the world - a beautiful open-work water-tower made of steel.

Hyperbolic water-tower was designed by the great engineer and scientist Vladimir Grigoryevich Shukhov. The tower is located on the territory of “Vodokanal” (water utility).

Scherbina House (Wedding Palace). It was the most luxurious mansion of pre-revolutionary Cherkasy. In Soviet times, it was known as the “Palace of Happiness” because it was city’s registry office.

The house was built by entrepreneur A. Scherbina in 1892. From 1970 to the present day, the building is used as the Wedding Palace. Lenin Street, 3.

The building of former hotel “Slavyanskaya”. It was constructed in the late 19th century by means of an entrepreneur Skoryna in a modernist style with elements of pseudo. In Soviet times, it was a hotel “Dnieper”. Today, the building belongs to “Ukrsotsbank”. Dashkevich Street, 20.

Tsybulsky House (Museum of Kobzar). This historic building locate in the center of the city was built in the middle of the 19th century. In Soviet times, the museum of one book - “Kobzar” by Shevchenko - was opened there. Khreshchatyk Street, 217. Opening hours: 9:00-17:00. Days off - Monday, Friday.


Local History Museum. Cherkasy regional museum is housed in a modern building, built in 1985 in the historic center of the city near the Hill of Glory (Castle Hill).

Thirty halls of the museum offer sections about nature of the region, archaeology, ethnography, history of the region in the 14th - early 20th century, modern history from 1917 to the present. In total, there are about 12 thousand exhibits. Slavy Street, 1. Opening hours: 10:00-17:00. Days off - Monday, Friday.

Museum of Art. The exposition is formed from the former private collections of Count Bobrinsky, Princes Lopukhins, Belokopytovy. Cherkasy historical-pedagogical museum of T. Shevchenko received the collections in 1918.

The department of arts and crafts introduces the folk art of the middle Dnieper people. The second section has the icons of the 17th-19th centuries, portraiture of the 18th - the beginning of the 20th centuries. Khreshchatyk Street, 259. Opening hours: 10:00-17:00. Day off - Monday.


Castle Hill (Hill of Glory). The memorial complex with a monument “Motherland” is located at the top of the former Castle Hill. At this point, ancient Russian fort, remains of Cherkasy fortress and Holy Trinity Church were situated.

In 1977, all architectural and archaeological sites were completely destroyed during construction of the monument. From the top of the hill you can see beautiful panorama of the Kremenchuk water reservoir.

Monument to the Dumpling (Varenik). It was the first monument in Ukraine honoring traditional Ukrainian dumpling (“varenik”). The monument appeared near the hotel “Rosava” in 2006.

The sculpture is a Cossack Mamai eating the dumplings. Behind his back there is huge crescent-shaped dumpling. The height of the monument, made of ceramic, is 2.5 m. Frunze Street, 29.

Monument to the Plumber. The monument was erected at the entrance to “Vodokanal” (water utility company) in honor of its 90th anniversary. It is the only professional occupation monument in the city. Nearby, there is a fire hydrant of the Russian Empire times. Vatutin Street, 12.

Cherkasy scenery

Cherkasy Buddhist temple

Cherkasy Buddhist temple

Author: Sergey Kosenko

Cherkasy jet fighter

Cherkasy jet fighter

Author: Sergey Levickiy

Cherkasy Bohdan Khmelnitsky monument

Cherkasy Bohdan Khmelnitsky monument

Author: Olena Buyevich

Other places of interest

Puppet Theater. Cherkasy Regional Academic Puppet Theater is located in the central part of the city, in a building that is an architectural monument of the 19th century. The building is decorated with mosaics with the heroes of fairy tales. Lenin Street, 4.

School of Music. The building of Music School of S. Gulak-Artemovsky was built in 1903 as a men’s gymnasium. The author of the project was great Kiev architect of Polish origin V. Gorodetsky. In the second half of the 20th century, after the construction of a modern extension, the building became the home of a music school. Zamkovy descent, 6.

Park of the 50th anniversary of October. This park is a monument of landscape architecture founded in 1967. It is located on the banks of the Dnieper River on the territory of 49 hectares. There is a system of ponds, from which water cascades and waterfalls down to the Dnieper.

The central element of the composition is a pond with a statue of a mermaid. In the park, there are over 70 species of exotic trees. You can see the scenic views of the Dnieper from the “Bridge of Love” constructed over the ravine. Palekha Street, 2.

More Places…

Light and music fountain. The fountain located in the park near the regional administration was opened in 2008 after ten years of inactivity. Shevchenko Boulevard, 185.

Face wall (The wall of Cherkasy persons). It is a 35-meter wall decorated with photographs of more than four thousand residents of the city, as well as portraits of famous people of the region: T. Shevchenko, B. Khmelnitsky, V. Symonenko, the former mayors of Cherkasy, champions of Ukraine, Europe in various sports.

The wall is set in an urban recreation area “Valley of the Roses” in 2011. If you move away from “Face wall” a few meters, then the smiles of citizens form the phrase “Mi - Cherkasy!” (“We - Cherkasy!”). For the winter time, the authors of the project move “Face wall” to one of the city’s museums to protect it from frost. Gagarin Street.

Cherkasy Regional Philharmonic. The building of philharmonic was constructed in the central part of the city in 1955, in place of pre-revolutionary hotel. By the quality of the acoustics local philharmonic hall is in the third place in Ukraine. In 1957, famous Ukrainian Cherkasy Chorus was organized there. Khreshchatyk Street, 196.

The Zoo. It is located in south-western district of the city. On an area of 4 hectares a lot of rare species of plants are growing.

The zoo has over 200 species of animals. The total number of animals living there is about 500 (including birds and reptiles). Smelyanskaya Street, 132. Opening hours: 9:00-19:00 (winter: 10:00-17:00).


St. Michael’s Cathedral. The cathedral is the largest church in Ukraine (up to 72 meters in height). It was built in 8 years on the project of the Archbishop of Cherkasy and Kanev Sophroniy in the Byzantine style.

The cathedral can seat up to 12 thousand people simultaneously. Also, there is a plan of constructing the bell tower taller than 100 meters. Ilyin Street, 212.

Trinity Cathedral. In 1991, the cathedral was restored near Zamkovy Hill where the main Orthodox church of the city had been standing in the past. Wooden Cossack Trinity church was built in 1671 and was reconstructed several times.

The stone church was built in 1863 on the territory of former castle. In 1961, the church was demolished because of the construction of the memorial complex “Hill of Glory”. Slavy Square, 10.

White Lotus Temple. Europe’s largest Buddhist temple “White Lotus” was founded in Cherkasy in 1988 and built in 1990. Its prototype is a famous Buddhist temple in Laos.

According to local legend, during the laying of the foundation ancient stone was found. It was the Buddha wearing a mask of a warrior. The tours are conducted on Sundays at 12:00. I. Franko Descent, 4.

Cherkasy hotels

Hotel “Ukraine”. The hotel complex is located near the central part of the city in a pinewood close to the Dnieper River. Main services: two restaurants (European cuisine), bar, bowling, sauna, free Wi-Fi, billiards, gym, parking. Lesnaya Street, 1. Contact phones: +380 472 32 10 52, +380 472 32 10 53, +380 472 32 10 54.

Hotel “Dnieper”. The hotel was completely renovated in 2000. Main services: restaurant, bar, billiards, sauna, fitness center, laundry, Wi-Fi, beauty salon. Frunze Street, 13. Contact phones: +380 472 36 01 99, +380 472 36 01 96.

Hotel “Apelsin”. Modern and comfortable hotel-restaurant complex “Apelsin” (“Orange”) is located in the center of Cherkasy. Main services: restaurant, fireplace, billiards, Wi-Fi, laundry, parking. Frunze Street, 145. Contact phones: +380 472 37 74 61, +380 472 37 97 78.

Hotel “Rosava”. The hotel is located in the center of the city. There is a monument to Ukrainian dumpling nearby. Main services: restaurant, billiards, sauna, parking. Frunze Street, 29. Contact phone: +380 472 45 03 21.

Motel “Beloye Ozero”. This country motel is located on the outskirts of Cherkasy, at the entrance to the city from Smila. Main services: restaurant (Ukrainian and European cuisine), sauna, massage, billiards, tennis courts, parking, gas station. 14th km of Smila Highway. Contact phones: +380 472 38 63 95, +380 472 15 53 36.

Cherkasy city, Ukraine photos

Cherkasy churches

Cherkasy St. Michael's Cathedral

Cherkasy St. Michael's Cathedral

Author: Sergey Levickiy

Cherkasy church

Cherkasy church

Author: Anatoly Babak

Cherkasy unique water tower

Cherkasy Shukhov water tower

Cherkasy Shukhov water tower

Author: Byelopolskyy

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