Holidays in Ukraine - January

State days off are marked with a *.

January 1st - New Year Day*

New Year Day celebration is very similar to the same in Russia because Ukraine was the part of the USSR till 1991. This Holiday is the state day off and the happiest event for all citizens and kids in particular.

Children’s matinee are held everywhere with bright performances and sweet presents, different concerts with participation of Russian and Ukrainian pop-stars also find wide range of spectators.

New Year Day celebrations

Ukraine holidays - New Year Day celebrations

January 6th - Epiphany

The Baptism of Christ holiday or Epiphany, which is on the same level with Easter and is the most ancient Christian feast. It is dedicated to Baptizing of Jesus Christ by John the Forerunner in the Jordan River.

January 7th - Christmas*

The most important meal on the table in this evening is kutya (coliphia). By the end of the supper, kids bring the meal to their godparents and parents are preparing to evening worship. After that family gathers again at the table to eat the jolly dinner which is not lean any more.


Ukraine holidays - Christmas

January 13th - The Old Style New Year

Girls’ divination deserves a special attention. If to come out at midnight one can feel the new year banishing the old one.

The Old New Year Day

Ukraine holidays - The Old New Year Day

January 19th - Baptism of our Lord (Epiphany)

The Baptism holiday finishes the Christmas season lasting from 7th till 19th Jan. According to Bible, Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River waters so it gave the second, folk name to the holiday. Epiphany ends up the list of New-Year-Christmas feats.


Ukraine holidays - Epiphany

January 22nd - Collegiality Day

Ukrainian National Republic was created in January 1918, and Western-Ukrainian National Republic was established on the territory of Austro-Hungarian Empire. December 1918, the leaders of two republics signed the uniting agreement in Fastov. January 22, 1919, this agreement was announced in Kiev on the Sophia’s Square. This public holiday symbolizes the unity of Ukrainian lands.

Collegiality Day

Ukraine holidays - Ukraine Collegiality Day

January 25th - Students’ Day (Tatiana’s Day)

January 25, 1755, Shuvalov (the favorite man of the Russian Empress Elisabeth) endorsed the Moscow University project (the first university in Russia). He timed this event with the name-day of his mother Tatiana Petrovna. “I present you the University”, - he told her on January 12 (January 25 according to the new calendar style).

Students consider the celebration of this holiday as their sacred duty and brace it with different concerts and exhibitions.

Students’ Day (Tatiana’s Day)

Ukraine holidays - Student's day (Tatiana's day) Ukraine holidays - Student's day (Tatiana's day)

January 26th - Customs officer international day; the day of supervision and auditing service of Ukraine.

Customs officer international day

Ukraine holidays - Customs officer international day

January 29th - The Day of Firefighters

This holiday was set in order to support the work of Ukrainian firemen.

Firemen Day

Ukraine holidays - Firemen day

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Simon asks: When are school holidays in Ukraine in 2016?
Expert's answer:
In the 2015-2016 school year, summer school holidays will begin on May 27 and will last until September 1.

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