Ukraine travel and tourism facts

Tourism in Ukraine

Ukraine is the country with well-developed tourism, annually visited by more than 20 million tourists (21,4 million in 2011) mainly from Eastern and Western Europe, USA and Japan. Mass tourism to Ukraine dates back to the middle of the 19th century.

The sphere of tourist interests in Ukraine includes both active rest and sports tourism (e.x. rock craft and ski mountaineering), and informative travelling, where the subject to learning is old-line archaeology and religion of this country.

Touristic travelling round Ukraine can also profit to health. Different health resorts situated almost in every region of Ukraine have been known at all times. Also Ukrainian cuisine is extremely diverse and delicious.

Traveling to Ukrainian cities

Kiev - the historical capital of the Kiev Rus and contemporary Ukraine standing on the Dnieper River. Kiev is often called as “the mother of all Russian towns”. There are various ancient cathedrals and monasteries, wide boulevards, beautiful views and diversity of cultural institutions in the city.

Lviv - medieval “old town” and unique architecture with Polish and German elements.

Odessa - the Black Sea Port, a lot of beaches and unique mixture of different cultures.

Yalta - health resort at Crimean Peninsula Southern coast.

Sevastopol - the Black Sea Port, Russian and Ukrainian navy harbor.

Chernigov - an ancient city with numerous ancient Russ architectural monuments.

Dnepropetrovsk - an old-line city with numerous monuments, interesting museums and Europe longest quay - 23 km.

Kharkov - comparatively young city, the first capital of the Soviet Ukraine with unique architecture, numerous monuments, cinemas, theaters, museums.

Ukrainian views

Ukrainian medieval castle

Ukrainian medieval castle

Author: Ankela Taka

Ukrainian beautiful nature

Ukrainian beautiful nature

Author: Andrey Jitkov

Ukrainian architecture

Ukrainian architecture

Author: Wolodymyr Lawrynenko

Ukrainian landscapes

Crimea - tropical climate, famous sea resorts and mountain landscapes.

Carpathian Mountains - mountain landscapes with skiing and hiking possibilities, mineral water health springs.

The Azov Sea coast - beach resorts.

The Dnieper River - cruises, beach resorts, fishing, surfing.

Visas to Ukraine

Citizens of Russia, CIS countries, European Union, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Japan do not need visa for less than 90 days stay in Ukraine.

Photos and pictures

Ukrainian sceneries

Ukrainian architecture scenery

Ukrainian architecture scenery

Author: Marek Zdziechowski

Ukrainian architecture view

Ukrainian architecture view

Author: Vladymyr Bysov

Ukrainian coast of Black Sea

Ukrainian coast of Black Sea

Author: Oleg Gromovoy

Ukrainian scenes

Carpathian Mountains

Carpathian Mountains

Author: Andriy Chmelov

Ukrainian wooden church

Ukrainian wooden church

Author: Oleh Kindiy

The questions of our visitors

Pip asks: Do you know how much Ukrainian currency we can take in to Ukraine. I read somewhere is was no more than 1,000 of their own currency, but up to 10,000 USD. Thank you.
Expert's answer:
You have almost the right info, cash per one person, regardless of age, that you can have (subject to oral declaration) is the equivalent of 10000 Euro. Also, I would recommend to bring your Visa/Mastercard instead of cash, it is safer and there are a lot of ATMs in Ukraine nowadays.
George W asks: What are the top 5 most visited Ukrainian cities for foreigners?
Expert's answer:
The most popular places among the foreign travelers visiting Ukraine are Republic of Crimea, Kiev, Odessa and Odesskaya oblast, Sevastopol, Lviv and Lvivskaya oblast.
Sid asks: I am from England, how much money can I carry from UK to Ukraine as a tourist?
Expert's answer:
You can take the sum of up to 10,000 Euro in cash without filling up special documents. But you can take your card with you with any sum you want. There are no problems of getting cash from it on the territory of Ukraine.

The comments of our visitors

Donald Griffin
Thank you
Thank you so much for your help, I have really been enjoying your site and appreciate all the information you reveal here! I have hopes of visiting your beautiful country in the next six months and the articles and information you provide will help me prepare for this trip.

David Cleveland
your web site
I have found your site to be very useful and easy to use. The information was very useful,I will be visiting the Ukraine in February and am looking forward to it very much and will also be hiring a personal guide if I can find a good one.

Long live Ukraine

2008 I decided as a women of 50 along with my 33 yr old son and 18 yr daughter to search for my deceased fathers family who reside in a small village in the region of Ivano-Frankivsk. Not speaking the language and having no idea of the type of people or standards we would encounter, we set off from London overland by coach.

We arrived in Lviv coach station which is something out of the 50's I truly thought we had made a mistake to make this journey. After settling in our hotel which I have to say was more than comfortable we explored the city.

Lviv offered something for the different age groups in our party. The truly amazing opera house, serene yet opulent churches cafe culture which is just as good as Vienna and an array of lovely people. At 3.00 a.m. in the morning I felt far safer than walking around the city of London. Be warned the month of August can be exceedingly warm.

The next day we travelled to Ivano-Frankovsk (which again did not let me down) where we were met by our village family and taken to their home. Hospitality is foremost in Ukraine, food was truly organic, Vodka drunk in copious amounts tastes far superior to what we have in the U.K.

Would I go back, yes, yes, yes , in fact this year will be my 4th visit to such a magnificent country with its splendid forest, lakes, medieval towns and cities and the most welcoming people ever.

Long live Ukraine

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