Brovary city, Ukraine (Brovari)

The city of Kiev oblast.

Brovary overview

Brovary (also spelled “Brovari”) is a city situated in Kyiv region of Ukraine, about 12 km from Kyiv. The city name “Brovary” means “brewers”.

It is an important economic center of the region. Such industries as chemical, machine building, construction and woodworking are developed there. Near the city, there is a large Coca-Cola company plant producing soft and carbonated drinks.

Population - 99,200 (2014).

Area code - +380 4594; postal codes - 07400-07409.

Brovary city flag

Brovary city flag

Brovary city coat of arms

Brovary city coat of arms

Brovary city map location

Brovary history

The first record was made in 1628. At that time, it was a small settlement with 46 peasant and 68 Cossack houses. Peasants mainly worked in the field, richer Cossacks were busy in wine-making and brewing (Polish “brovarstvo” means brewing, this fact apparently gave name to the town).

At the beginning of Ukrainian people’s war of liberation, in 1648-1654, prince Vishnevetsky fortified the settlement and concentrated a large armed group there. But being attacked by peasants’ revolt it had to leave the town. Documents of 1787 say that 487 Cossacks and peasants were living in Brovary.

More Historical Facts…

In 1817, a post station was constructed. In 1836, construction of the road connecting Brovary with the left bank of the Dnieper River began. From 1868 to 1870, Kyiv railway station was situated in Brovary. In 1897-1898, the population was 4312.

Soviet power was established in 1918. In 1933, construction of an airport started and, since 1935, the airport began operating as the central airport of Kyiv.

On June 25, 1941, Germans bombed the airport. In 1941-1942, there was a German camp for Soviet captive soldiers in the town.

Brovary was liberated on September 25, 1943, it was almost completely destroyed - only 138 houses out of 2174 were not destroyed. The status of a city was granted in 1956.

Brovary became more known on April 20, 2000, when the house on Nezavisimosti Street was destroyed by a rocket “Tochka-U” of “ground-ground” type which was launched from Goncharovsky army training ground in Chernihiv region. As a result, 3 people died, 5 were injured.

Brovary features

In the 40s of the 19th century, Brovary was several times visited by Taras Shevchenko, this fact is reflected in his works. On May 19, 1861, the procession which followed poet’s coffin stayed here, it was met by students and intelligentsia of Kyiv.

A lot of outstanding Ukrainian sportsmen, world and Olympic champions, were born in this city or graduated local school of Olympic reserve. Among them are as follows:

  • Klichko, Vladimir - boxing;
  • Bagach, Alexander - shot putting;
  • Kalashnikov, Andrey - Greek-Rome wrestling;
  • Pintusevich, Zhanna - track and field events;
  • Lisogor, Oleg - swimming;
  • Kuznetsov, Victor - track and field events.

Present day Brovary is a center of Ukrainian show making. It also plays an important role in developing of Ukrainian sport activity.

Brovary views

Brovary city view

Brovary city view

Author: Semenov Andrey

Brovary view

Brovary view

Author: Gennady Pimakhov

Brovary scenery

Brovary scenery

Author: Andrei Ninichuk

Brovary sights

“Terminal” Water Park. It is the only water park in Ukraine with a transparent sliding roof. On 4 floors of the complex there are 5 swimming pools, jacuzzi, SPA-area, saunas, 9 water slides, a large children’s area, bars and restaurants, recreational areas.

The longest and fastest slide “Master Blaster” has a length of 200 m. There is a wave pool of 550 square meters. The shopping and entertainment center “Terminal” also has a karting center, bowling, ice arena, fitness center, movie theater, several bars and restaurants.

Kyiv Street, 316. Opening hours: 10:00-22:00 (Friday, Saturday - 23:00).

The Museum of Local History. The museum is housed in a modern building in the center of the city. In six exhibition halls, collections about the nature of the region, its history and ethnography are presented. Historical and archaeological exhibition is devoted to the times of the Cossacks and Taras Shevchenko.

Among the events of the 20th century, the liberation struggle of Ukrainians from 1917 until the end of World War II is described in details.

Separate showcases are devoted to the period of collectivization, the famine (Holodomor) of 1932-1933, the work of an outstanding teacher Makarenko in child labor colony #5 in 1936-1937. Various works of local artists, models of destroyed churches are also presented.

Gagarin Street, 6. Opening hours: 8:00-17:00 (break - 12:00-13:00), days off - Monday, Tuesday.

The Church of the Nativity of the Virgin. This wooden church was built in 1827 on the site of the old Cossack church. In 1861, the bell tower was added to the architectural ensemble. In 1880, the church was reconstructed.

During the Soviet regime, the church remained active for a long time and was closed only in 1960. In 1988, the church was opened again. Brovary district, Gogolev village.

Brovary hotels

Hotel “Landhouse”. It is a modern hotel of entertainment center “Terminal”. Kyiv Street, 316. Contact phones: +380 44 200 13 34, +380 44 200 13 35.

Hotel “Sport”. It is an old hotel located in the center of the city. There is a parking. Gagarin Street, 28. Contact phone: +380 4594 5 41 97.

Hotel “Pyramid”. The hotel is located in the central part of the city, on the Kyiv-Chernihiv highway. Main services: parking, Wi-Fi, taxi, billiards, sauna, laundry, cafe-bar (Ukrainian and European cuisine). Kyiv Street, 211. Contact phones: +380 4594 4 84 14, +380 44 383 87 34.

More Hotels…

Mini-hotel “Penthouse”. It is located in Torgmash district of the city, near the road Kyiv-Pryluky. Main services: cafe, billiards, parking, sauna. Krasovsky Street, 14. Contact phone: +380 4594 4 69 06.

Mini-hotel “Vesta”. The hotel is located at the entrance to the city from Kyiv. The distance to metro station “Lesnaya” is about 6 km. Main services: parking, bar, laundry, kitchen. Kyiv Street, 22. Contact phone: +380 44 222 58 58.

Mini-hotel “Vensky”. The hotel is located on the outskirts of the city near the pinewood. Main services: restaurant (European cuisine), parking, Wi-Fi, playground. Schors Street, 141. Contact phones: +380 4594 4 42 23, +380 4594 4 42 24, +380 4594 4 42 25.

Brovary city, Ukraine photos

Brovary attractions

Brovary monument

Brovary monument

Author: Tsurikov

Brovary church

Brovary church

Author: Vladimir Prokhorenko

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