Human rights in Ukraine

Ukraine citizens rights

Ukraine is a democratic republic. Citizens elect their President, Parliament (Verkhovna Rada), city mayors and deputies of local regional and city councils by means of direct ballot vote.

The Constitution of Ukraine sets 40 hours working week, and guarantees the right to annual vacation. Ukrainian Constitution and laws warrant that Ukrainian citizens can not be disadvantaged or prosecuted for their political convictions or nationality.

Also, Ukrainian citizens are guaranteed freedom of belief. The Constitution assures lodgement and property immunity. Citizens can not be taken in custody or arrested other than by the court decision or sentence. Legislation guarantees and practically assures freedom of speech and press.

The Constitution of Ukraine

The Constitution of Ukraine

According to majority of analysts and human rights defenders, some laws, decrees and instructions regarding Mass Media, education and culture passed since 2004 and until now are discriminating Russian language and Russian-speaking citizens, which make up about 50% of Ukraine country population according to different polls.

Ukrainian protests against discrimination of Russian language (the poster says “We are for Russian language”)

Russian language discrimination protest

Ukraine children rights

Free school education is provided to children under the Constitution of Ukraine, regardless citizenship and parents’ income. Together with free public schools, fee-paying gymnasiums and lyceums exist, where parents pay for education of their children.

Government subsidizes day-nurseries and kindergartens where kids stay at the day time while their parents are working. Thanks to budget funding, most of the families can afford to pay the stay of their kids there (with the food price included).

According to the legislation, children reach their full-age at 18. Since this age, they possess all civil rights: vote at elections, commit any transactions, contract marriage without parents’ permission.

Ukraine companies have the right to employ children 16-18 years old only if they provide him/her with such conditions as shortened working day and annual vacation longer than usual. Juvenile labor at hard, dangerous and harmful factories is banned. Employers breaking this norm are the subject to criminal responsibility.